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Mobile VR:Google is highly fragmented to dominate the political arena?

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How many versions of the mobile VR, you may not be the number of the number of. Below is a screenshot of the app platform of a VR polymerization can be seen in the choice of equipment, there are dozens of VR phone box optional. And this is just the phone box products, there are a large number of VR machine is emerging. So many vendors, almost every one would like to build their own platform, see how serious the fragmentation of mobile VR.

Fortunately, Google may be working to resolve this problem, according to leaked before the news, at the Google I / O conference to be held, Google will release Android VR system may even have a VR integrated machine. Google to do things, it is possible to develop standards for mobile VR, thereby promoting a more unified ecology.

Before further discussion of Google's approach, we look at the fragmentation of the status quo and hazards.

Fragmentation of mobile VR

With a high degree of standardization of smart phones, VR phone box and one machine is still in early development, so still flourishing. This can be said to be open Android All flowers bloom together. ecological characteristics has been, it has a lot of harm.

For example, here is a chart is a named VR rally phone VR game screenshots, when I carrying cardboard second generation wants to play, but found that it needs to handle to play. In fact, some helmets with a handle, and some are not, but with the handle is not equipped with a mutually compatible handle.

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The handle is only on the one hand, there are differences in the optical design of all kinds of helmets, which can lead to the appearance of the VR application in certain helmets. In addition may also encounter a variety of other small problems, such as some of the application can not be used in the two generation Cardboard Click to touch the screen and so on. Overall, the author found that the download of the 5 games, only 2 can be used to play Cardboard two generation smooth.

These are the problem of fragmentation, when the market is so much helmet, there is no uniform standard, the developer can not make their own applications suitable for every hardware.

To sum up, the fragmentation of mobile VR includes the following:

  1. Optical design, such as FOV, the various products of FOV are different;
  2. Input device, some with touch panel, and some use the handle, and Cardboard with a clever transmission touch device;
  3. Tracking system, Dapeng VR integrated machine launched its own space positioning system, oculus also revealed is gear VR development space positioning technology, I believe that other manufacturers will soon follow, every use of technology may have different.
  4. Fragmentation of the phone itself, Android mobile phone itself is very fragmented ecology, there are different screen sizes, SoC and sensors, etc.;
  5. The fragmentation of the software, many of the phone box are supporting the application and SDK, one machine had, even the development of the own Android based VR system and operation of VR application mobile phone comes with natural systems is highly fragmented the.

Two pieces of combination of hardware (the phone and boxes), plus two fragmentation combination of software (mobile phone system and VR vendor software), making the mobile VR became a highly fragmented ecological, various manufacturers staged Jianghu scrimmage, each hope platform to build their own.

This kind of fragmentation mainly reflects on the developer's contention, can personally feel, such as last year on December 21, the author participated in the conference of Tencent VR and will have excellent domestic VR game development team TVR founder Fang Xiangyuan platform support; the next day, the author, in the venture fireworks workshop of the conference, and see the original platform support. Tencent and fireworks workshop are hoping to do the VR hardware platform, the content of the team settled in attracting TVR. And in fact, TVR is currently mainly in the development of content for VR Gear.

In fact, the current cross platform adaptation may not be difficult, there is a team that can be completed in an hour. But if the platform fight the enemy separately in their own way, the more far, future adaptation will become increasingly difficult.

But Google may not be allowed to go their own way, after all, Google invented the Cardboard, mobile VR is also mainly run on the Android system (iPhone also supports Cardboard).

???????????????? VR:Google ??????

By Google to develop mobile VR standard?

Google already in action, software and hardware aspects of the action. Software, the upcoming Android VR is expected will be similar to Android wear and Android TV as the revision of the Android system, operation on one machine; in addition, new Android n system is expected to will join a number of optimization for VR; Google and VR in support of youtube video platform and tilt brush VR application.

Hardware, after Google will VR department independent had Hardware Engineer, in recent days also broke the news that Google will release a VR integrated machine, if true, this estimate is similar to the nexus series products, so as to guide the action of the major hardware manufacturers; in addition, Google is pushing the VR jump shooting device, Project Tango chip plan, with Qualcomm, ARM chip factory cooperation from the chip layer to optimize the VR, and cooperation with mobile phone manufacturers to improve cardboard experience, such as upgrading motion sensors enable more precise, reading more frequently, like gear VR.

Google these actions have three main objectives: to improve the experience of mobile VR, to promote the popularity of VR, as well as to foster a better ecology.

Push VR Android and one machine can improve the status of fragmentation, Google can do a lot of things, such as:

  1. Ready VR certification, as for the certification of PC, the mobile phone for VR certification, through the ability to run through the mobile VR experience;
  2. Input device, to Cardboard development of a handle is a good start, so that the majority of the hardware factory will have to imitate the object;
  3. To N Android built-in ATW and other specialized for the optimization of the VR;
  4. Not open to VR Android, but to authorize the way vendors, as Wear Android.

These are likely to appear in the I/O Google release content. According to Google before the practice, when a new technology appears on the Android platform, the first to do their own, the official may be built in the future of its support up to the system level. Fingerprint recognition is a good example, I/O in last year's Google conference will be added to the system, the VR is estimated to be the same process.

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