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Auction Commissioner exposed Insider: Baidu Promotion bit reduce costs soared 3.5 times induced

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Although the West Wei event ended, but Baidu PPC promotion is still affected. Recently, the anonymity of Baidu bid Commissioner claimed that the "China Business News" reporter, the original bid to promote the bid 10 yuan can be ranked in the first position on the left side, but after May 24, you need to bid 35 yuan Home came in, instant promotion costs increased by 3.5 times.

Our reporter learned that May 24 the same day Baidu adjustment notice issued to promote information, the main results are adjusted from the original amount of information on each page of the promotion of 18 plummeted to the following four. So, to reduce the amount of information Baidu to promote what impact will its customers? Whether Baidu's revenue will be affected by a decrease in the number of promotion sharp fluctuations? Our reporter on the auction Commissioner, promotion of enterprise, Baidu bidding and other agencies on the chain conducted a comprehensive investigation.

Marketing costs soared members cited dissatisfaction bid

Wei after the West incident, had slightly secretive bidding industry surfaced. Affected by the event medical bidding mostly shelves, many medical competition commissioner facing unemployment, other industries are also affected to some extent bid. The May 24 Baidu to promote the adjustment of a paper notice, bidding for the entire industry is like a punch.

From May 24, every business promotion information page number not more than four.

In the education and training industry do bid Commissioner Han Bing (pseudonym), told reporters exclaimed: & ldquo; after the Western Wei event, work bids Commissioner getting harder and harder. & Rdquo;

After the beginning of May the west Baidu Wei outbreak, a joint investigation team stationed in Baidu. May 9 investigation team announced the rectification requirements, in addition to the requirements of full and immediate rectification Baidu medical category of commercial promotion, but also explicitly requested in its May 31, 2016, article by article for business promotion information raises eye-catching logo, and be risk warning; strictly limit the proportion of business promotion information, each page shall not exceed 30%.

After the outbreak, Baidu began to promote the consolidation of medical bids, two other rectification requirements, but also has on May 17 and May 24 honored. Recently, many friends exclaimed in Baidu search page fresh and clean a lot, then before this is what happens then?

Reporters found that, after the promotion of Baidu search page position can be divided into left and right sections, above and below the left side of the search results can have a promotion place, up and down the left side before rectification promotion bits add up to a maximum of up to 10, on the right Usually there are 8 bits promotion, and caught in the middle position to promote the natural result of retrieval is generally 10. That is, until the rectification of which about two-thirds of all search results Baidu paid to promote, only about 1/3 of the content of the natural search results.

May 31, correspondent to & ldquo; tumor & rdquo;, & ldquo; Dermatology & rdquo; & ldquo; mechanical & rdquo; and other criteria in the Baidu search found search results business promotion from 2 to 4 range, up to four.

In fact, the so-called PPC is actually highest bidder of the game, who will be able to bid higher or top surface. It is worth noting that the promotion of bits from 18 to four dips, a decline of more than 3/4, which means before the originally home business promotion, more than three quarters after rectification will be out of business promotion Home show, companies will We had to raise prices to compete for the remaining four home location.

Han Bing told reporters: & ldquo; Promotion bit later reduced our previous core keyword prices 50 to 60 yuan may be able to ranked first in the home, recently bid had risen to more than 120 (yuan) a. More than doubled. & Rdquo; another bid Commissioner buffalo (a pseudonym) sighed and said: & ldquo; the original 16 (dollars) words, now 26 (Yuan) positions yet. & Rdquo;

Reporter investigation found that although each industry PPC keyword prices ranging from a few cents to several hundred dollars, but after Baidu to reduce the number of promotion, there was a general keyword prices go up, an increase of some 350%.

Bidding strategy: holding the slow death of large enterprises small enterprises

& Ldquo; enough to go & rdquo; & ldquo; wolf little more meat & rdquo ;. Han Bing and other auction Commissioner described the current business situation. At the back of the business desperately want to press forward, business day is not better than the top surface. & Ldquo; Although the click prices, but clicks and almost before, the most important is obviously not as good as before the conversion. & Rdquo; technology companies responsible for an unnamed person on the "China Business" reporter revealed, feeling now doing PPC is not a glorious thing.

Han Bing told reporters, after the Western Wei event, web consulting lot less. & Ldquo; old recently said that many sales calls less these days. And now the bad market, among peers malicious clicks more, click on one hundred and eighty ten gone, we feel bad. & Rdquo;

Although the unit price of keywords generally improved, but the reporter's investigation, the current medium-sized enterprises to promote the total consumption changed little.

Han Bing where education and training is a little not small businesses throughout the country, many cities have campuses. He disclosed that the company spent on PPC's daily consumption of about 1 million, the company and Baidu signed annual contracts, the annual consumption of 300 million.

According to Baidu statistics, there are currently more than 623,000 businesses use Baidu promotion, including both listed on the GEM of the major companies, including many small and medium enterprises.

Baidu to promote a customer service agent told reporters, Baidu promotion agents operating by the majority, only Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other small parts of the city where they are doing is Baidu. SMEs in general by the Baidu customer service or agency responsible for customer service, enterprise spending limit is not fixed; and medium-sized enterprises from Taikehubu responsible for general sign annual contracts specific amount.

Winning network public relations senior manager Li Yingjie told this reporter, winning network and Baidu signed package price throughout the year, in addition to the packaging content bids as well as creative writing, brand area, Baidu intimate and other commercial products, which accounted for 60% of the bids proportion. & Ldquo; Baidu promotion recently made adjustments, but our costs substantially no increase & rdquo ;.

& Ldquo; Baidu signed by fruit trees and is 100 million-year promotional contract, including SEM (PPC), DSP, CPC and other forms of trafficking. & Rdquo; because fruit marketing director Zhou Qing told reporters: & ldquo; we are now in keyword prices from 0.5 to 10 per month, serving relevant, highly specialized, so much competing products, to reduce the bit Baidu promotion we are not affected. & Rdquo;

Insiders said that the most affected are in fact SMEs. & Ldquo; count our competitors, how also more than four ah! & Rdquo; buffalo represented, keyword prices, large companies can burn, but some of the smaller budgets of small businesses will be eliminated. He said: & ldquo; in fact, only a small family place to promote competition, in front of three large positions using automatic tendency bid ranking, small farmers raise $ 1, 30% put up big, small farmers is difficult to compete too big. & Rdquo;

Baidu when adjusting also aware of the impact that may arise, the customer service requirements to guide customers aware of Core Words bid may be more intense, there is the strength of the bids, bids may increase the core words.

The results of the auction rules reform is actually big business money stoned small businesses. & Ldquo; Our current strategy is to pin down the big companies, small businesses slow death. & Rdquo; Han Bing told reporters.

& Ldquo; Baidu promotion reduction effect increased bit difficult competition, driving up prices. SME sales function-oriented, if up too much, some companies may turn to do from the media, so content; large companies started to keep the price may rise up, feel the effect until after the price up is not very good, they also do not vote, the bid will have ecological dynamic balance. & Rdquo; China Electronic Commerce Association Network Integration Committee of Experts Marketing Research Center Tangxing Qualcomm said in an interview with this reporter said.

Business model or clinical exams

Baidu to promote adjustment policies came out, broke the news on the web: As Baidu to promote the reduction of the amount of information, affecting the income of Baidu bid, Baidu is considering SEO (search engine optimization) fee.

SEO is based on natural search engine ranking system on site within the enterprise through external adjustment and optimization, and improve their natural rankings in search engines to get traffic. Understanding is simply the natural result of the search user.

Baidu public relations staff, told reporters, he said the rumors are rumors broke. & Ldquo; Baidu search results included natural and sort algorithms have a stringent procedure is automatically calculated and arrangement, without any influence of third-party companies, Baidu does not provide any SEO service, but will not pay for the introduction of so-called SEO services. & Rdquo;

He said rumors spread is actually based on the promotion of Baidu Baidu revenue adjustment will have an impact. Adjustment promotion model of what will have much impact on Baidu it?

Tangxing through said Baidu bid adjustments to revenue relatively large, second-quarter revenue would be difficult to achieve. & Ldquo; On the one hand, before the medical and pharmaceutical (network marketing revenues) accounted for a large; on the other hand, Baidu bid suffered national regulators, the business model of the future can not withstand scrutiny. & Rdquo;

Statistics show that the main profit comes from Baidu search services, search engine business through PPC sales model implementation. Baidu 2016, a quarterly show, the total revenue of 15.821 billion yuan, an increase of 24.3%, of which network marketing revenues of 14.931 billion yuan, accounting for revenue ratio of 94.4%, an increase of 19.3%; and expects second quarter revenue ~ 20.58 billion yuan to 20.11 billion.

Newspaper reporters had previously reported that medical-related advertisers accounted for 15% to 25% of Baidu's total revenue in 2014, 2014, Baidu average revenue from each customer's network marketing is about 59,400 yuan. This time, after the rectification promotion, the promotion of basic medical-related shelves, small and medium enterprises in other industries also face cleaning on Baidu revenue is quite substantial.

Baidu public relations department sent a letter to the reporter on the above issues, but as of press time reporter Baidu did not make a positive reply to this question.

Wei been accused by the West of event marketing 360 searches previously said, abandoning the medical impact of commercial promotion of income is not small, but also did not disclose the specific amount of loss.

It is noteworthy thing, occasion marketing Sogou search and search for 360 in the West Wei event, in the near future to promote the rectification pace is not the same.

May 24 Baidu to promote the reduction of the number, 31 May reporter survey found that Sogou search has been followed up, 360 search has not been followed. Reporters in Baidu, Sogou and 360 search respectively enter the same keyword & ldquo; financial statements & rdquo; & ldquo; rubber seals & rdquo; like Baidu and Sogou business promotion number only on the left side 3-4, and 360 search results in the left top eight marketing, here are three promotion, on the right there is 6 to 8 promotion.

Reporters sent a letter to the promotion of the number of issues 360 searches, 360 searches Zhu PR person in charge, he told reporters that the current 360 through the search has not found any medical business promotion. For the amount of information the search business promotion, the company has developed adjustment program will be announced soon after the clear.

Search engine business promotion faces became pale sky, the industry believes that the West Wei event is actually a need to make adjustments in the warning Baidu profit model. Tangxing Tong told reporters: & ldquo; business model flow has ended, the Internet-based business opportunities in Baidu Trades business model has been played 15 years ago, the entry value Baidu traffic has declined. The business model is now into the community, small groups, internal flow of information and marketing. & Rdquo;

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