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Secret: backed by Google's Nest holding a large budget this year we are busy doing what?

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REVIEW: The former employee said, Google / Alphabet's smart home company Nest has & ldquo; almost unlimited budget & rdquo ;. However, after two and a half has been into the arm, Nest to produce results only turned over four times the number of employees, but the achievements of five hundred million dollars a very slight acquisitions, as well as a change of name of the product. Nothing more.


Although Nest's CEO Tony & middot; Fadel (Tony Fadell) was not dismissed by the company, but the impression is so. Recently, Nest with Google Alphabet parent company issued a joint statement, he said Fadel will instead work as a consultant. Nest and Fadel are caught into negative public opinion. In the past few months, the media exposed Nest & ldquo; a large number of employee turnover & rdquo; message. Nest also need to deal with shelling from their own side & mdash; & mdash;? Dropcam company's co-founder, has left Greg Dufy (Greg Duffy) said publicly release its accusations. There are even rumors that Google hopes to suspend cooperation with the Nest on a particular project. In addition, Nest also experiencing close its consequences Revolv intelligent home services. Alphabet and probably all know Fadel's Nest & ldquo; competence conversion & rdquo; does not look good, so he chose to publish news on Friday afternoon & mdash; & mdash; many companies have chosen to publish negative news at this time, in order to reduce people's attention to this .

For Google will Fadel removed Nest this action, there seems to be no room for rebuttal. When Google in January 2014 acquisition of Nest, people think that Google's rich resources and strong financial help Nest takeoff. Nest from the acquisition of the initial 280 employees increased to 1,200 people. In Nest become & ldquo; Google system & rdquo; the first year of membership, which uses Google acquired online resource camera startup Dropcam, sold $ 555 million. In addition, it acquired the smart home brand Revolv, turnover has been a mystery. Duffy represents Nest has & ldquo; almost unlimited budget & rdquo ;. Go Alphabet's Nest last, the same as Google.

Although Nest dispersed daughter, but still failed to bring any substantial progress. Nest's smart thermostat and smoke alarms, all before being acquired by Google has been created. But two products at Google (and, later, Alphabet) failed to achieve significant upgrade of asylum. Dropcam year after the acquisition, Nest introduced the Nest Cam & mdash; & mdash; product features and Dropcam almost exactly the same. Being Google / Alphabet into the arm of two and a half later, Nest to produce results only turned over four times the number of employees, but the achievements of five hundred million dollars a very slight acquisitions, as well as a change of name of the product. Nothing more.

Google can not keep up the speed

In fact, product marketing Nest is the biggest weakness. If you carefully study the report associated with the Nest, you will find that it's 1200 employees are not able to tinker with the advent of the product.

In 2015, Nest has released a & ldquo; Nest Sound Team (Nest Audio Team) & rdquo; job posting. The team's role is to & ldquo; to create products Nest sound system & rdquo ;. Industry observers believe that the team's goal is to develop a smart bluetooth speaker. In any case, Google's Google Home Before the birth of the product had to fight lying on the ground. Google Home is a similar to the Amazon Echo hardware products, including Bluetooth speakers and voice assistant. According to Information Network (The Information) reported, Nest learning that Google's R & D program, has proposed two cooperate, but rejected by Google. We do not know the specific reasons, but may be related to the internal Nest in Google's reputation related.

The report also exposed a home security system Nest produced, codenamed & ldquo; flint (flintstone). & Rdquo; the system will use Nest leading low-power networking standard & ldquo; Thread & rdquo ;. The smart home is like listening to the name of the system under development will also include two of the Nest product: Access a sensor & ldquo; Pinna & rdquo ;, as well as a presence sensor & ldquo; Keshi & rdquo ;. & Ldquo; The Flintstones & rdquo; projects have hatched inside the Nest three years, the report referred to the project was to overthrow the weight several times, a former staff even called it the & ldquo; Tombstone (tombstone) & rdquo ;. The report also cited Nest and former employees as saying Fadel is & ldquo; flint & rdquo; the failure of the culprit. The original words & ldquo; Fadel mind always wavering, no matter what time or how the introduction of smart home products design, he has no registration number. & Rdquo;

& Ldquo; The Flintstones & rdquo; probably Nest speed to keep up with Google is another example. Information Network report referred to Google's OnHub routers some & ldquo; flint & rdquo; to achieve this functionality. Google even added a router in dormant & ldquo; Thread & rdquo; radio equipment. This is Google developed its own, does not seem to patiently wait for the Nest.

Nest is yet another example of failure Dropcam, Nest inherits all the results of the company, but did not achieve any progress. Dropcam developed a named & ldquo; Tabs & rdquo; sensors, able to monitor the activities of people switching gate & mdash; & mdash; this number make it a smart home devices. The product of the advent of the summer in 2014, but terminated the Dropcam Nest plan to protect their & ldquo; Pinna & rdquo; sensor. Information mentioned, Nest thought their products than the & ldquo; Tabs & rdquo; advanced a lot, but more than in the past year and a half, Nest product has not yet come out. Dropcam has also plans to develop a Webcam & mdash; & mdash; outdoor version of its most popular products, but has also been Nest rejected.

Even according to their own standards Fadel, Google also did not make the acquisition of Nest really took off. Bloomberg interview shortly after the acquisition, the impact of Google Fadel was asked for its acquisitions. & Ldquo; Google blessing so that we can be more quickly understand the world, & rdquo; Fadel said, & ldquo; Our products will be exported to 96 countries, this is now we can not do. We can see these products are connected to form a network, the result certainly will not be fast. For us, join Google means more abundant resources, our products come out faster. & Rdquo; before the Google acquisition, Nest products for sale only in three countries. After two and a half to join Google, Nest territory increased by only four countries.

Nest existing product performance is not satisfactory. Information Network reported that: & ldquo; 2014-year sales performance than Google and Nest is expected to be less. & Rdquo; Recode's Nest also reported that 2015 sales target is not reached.

Alphabet shame

In addition to developing new products, difficulties suffered, Nest has always manufactured its own public relations crisis for the parent company.

In April 2014, when the acquisition was in the past few months, Nest because of malfunctioning smoke detector was forced to Withdraw. The product of & ldquo; waved Close Alert (Nest Wave) & rdquo; feature may be triggered by a fire. May 2014, at the urging of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Nest launched a nationwide recall of the product. Once the consumer or product upgrades & ldquo; waved Close Alert & rdquo; function is canceled, either directly obtain a $ 130 refund. Nest smoke alarms in cancel the feature back on the shelves.

We rarely see a company employee publicly criticized their own products. But in February 2015, Google employees, LiveJournal founder Brad & middot; Fitzpatrick (Brad Fitzpatrick) did. He uploaded on Nest smoke detectors bad experience video in YouTube. In the video, I do not know why smoke alarms continued to & ldquo; & rdquo ;, screaming can not be restored to the muted. & Ldquo; do not buy Nest smoke alarm. & Rdquo; Fitzpatrick remind users on social media. & Ldquo; they are always false alarms, barking, is simply a pile of waste. If you feel tired, pause the video or to silent. & Rdquo; he said. & Ldquo; but you have no way of shutting down Nest smoke alarm. & Rdquo; this player reaches half a million videos have been several media reports. The Google employee in the video at the end of the smoke alarm was able to throw the fridge noise isolation.

Information Network in March 2016 reported on Nest new product, referred Nest CEO Tony & middot; Fadel predecessor Dropcam CEO Greg & middot; Dufy contradiction scores. It reported that before leaving Dufy Nest, told Fadel expressed & ldquo; I think you control the way the company and tyrant indistinguishable, so that the company stuck in a quagmire, difficult. & Rdquo; report also mentioned that Fadel had publicly insulted an employee Dropcam, expressed their & ldquo; and we think completely different & rdquo ;, said Dropcam & ldquo; not only are a small team, or a totally inexperienced team . & Rdquo; in fact, Dropcam Nest is older than the previous years.

In April 2016, Nest claimed that he will close the service support Revolv smart home system. Revolv Nest was acquired in 2014. Revolv is a collection of Z-wave, Wi-Fi, Insteon system. Nest has never developed with the same functionality. After the service shut down, angry consumers who obtained a value of only $ 300, you can not upgrade the bricks. A day later, Nest issued a statement that the company is negotiating with customers to determine the best solutions and compensation. Now, Nest Revolv for users to purchase products provide a & ldquo; refund the purchase List & rdquo; service.

At the same time, one claiming Nest engineer on Reddit users post, said the company & ldquo; die & rdquo ;. The users for us to portray a scene of confusion within the company Nest: & ldquo; employees in the corner asleep in the bathroom crying. Those senior engineer can know that the atmosphere is not right, we can only try to make up for the capacity of the general staff vacancies. & Rdquo; the authenticity of the article we are difficult to trace, but it does spread on the network, Nest brings considerable negative impact.

Recode a report that Tony & middot; Fadel Google on April plenary session of the several negative news responded. Although the meeting was not seem smooth & mdash; & mdash; has passed after Google employees in the company's internal information area on Nest leave rude comments. Post content that: & ldquo; we want to make a mess Nest day stop there. & Rdquo; someone else made a Simpsons movie screenshot boycott, along with word & ldquo; sell Nest & rdquo ;.

Nest is sold: the controversial smart home company?

Nest's confidence has reached an unprecedented low touch, Google seems to have given up on the Nest wait. The main branch of Alphabet has his own research and development of products such as Google OnHub, Google Home, etc., into the field of intelligent home. So Nest go from here? Alphabet will come to the rescue it? Nest will be sold it?

Fadel was succeeded by Malvern & middot; Fa Wozi (Marwan Fawaz). Fa Wozi is now technical consultant security company ADT, and his duty might help & ldquo; flint & rdquo; series of products available as quickly as possible. Alphabet has been reported that pressure has been applied to the Nest, it requires the introduction of this year & ldquo; flint & rdquo; series.

Before entering Google, Fa Wozi responsible for Motorola's & ldquo; Family Business & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash; set-top boxes and cable network sector, it was in 2012. Under the leadership of Fa Wozi, Motorola & ldquo; sectoral final acquisition price of $ 2.35 billion was Arris; family business & rdquo. In Fa Wozi's LinkedIn page, he described for his job at Motorola is just & ldquo; enterprises processing and communication Arris merger transaction & rdquo ;. Fa Wozi personal description of his department in the Google home six months short term, are suggesting Alphabet sale willingness Nest is growing.

Are Fa Wozi is preparing a plan to sell Nest? Does he go on the grass Nest inserted a piece of & ldquo; For Sale & rdquo; brand? Fadel mentioned Alphabet into & ldquo; & rdquo ;, financial austerity and plans for a subsidiary to a major cleaning. Robotics company Boston Dynamics has to be sold by Andy & middot; robotics sector Rubin (Andy Rubin) seems to have single-handedly built in crisis. Are Nest has been brought to the guillotine?

Nobody can say exactly Alphabet intention, after all, it has many subsidiaries. We only know that some companies will decline.

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