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Father Python's talk about the future of Python

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In early June, the father of Python Guido van Rossum today PyCon US Congress were named & ldquo; Python Language & rdquo; speech. Recently, he was interviewed by IT media Infoworld, and talk about the future of Python. We take a look at the future of Python Guido father is how to see it.

Python applications in the field of mobile computing

Guido: move to Python is still a hard nut down the platform, but not a big difficulty browser platforms, because Python is actually run on all brands of smart phones. You just need to know how to find people to build a mobile version of Python on the line.

Standard CPython source code can be compiled into almost can run on Android and iPhone binaries. There are a lot of people moving in this effort, continue to contribute to the patches. But the rate of progress than I want to be slower. But then again, I personally do not develop mobile applications, so I do not have much power their own participation. But I am very happy to see progress in this regard.

Python alternatives JavaScript?

Guido: This is not our goal. Because of structural problems browser platform, it is difficult to compete and JavaScript, the most is to translate Python into JavaScript. But usually, the program translated run than native Python programs more slowly than similar programs written in JavaScript even slower. It was now trying to translate Python into JavaScript, Python runs in the browser.

View of WebAssembly

This may make it possible to run Python in your browser. If it replaces asm.js, it basically means that JavaScript is no longer the only language used on the Web platform, but rather becomes something like this assembly language. This is a bit like Python, you write Python code, the underlying Python interpreter actually using C language. At compile time, it will translate the Python code into machine code, which also involves a certain intermediate assembly language.

If we can not eliminate JavaScript in your browser, perhaps we can make JavaScript be anything you want to run a unified object language translation in the browser. In this case, perhaps Python and other languages ​​such as Ruby and PHP, can be efficiently translated into the underlying JavaScript.

WebAssembly fact, Python developers is an opportunity. I believe that in the future there will be a trial period, those who prefer development tools people can have the opportunity to explore what is the best way to run Python on top WebAssembly. After they successfully tested and start promoting, we can and Python developers, he said, & ldquo; You can now use Python to write a browser client app & rdquo ;. But now is not the time.

Python performance improvement

Guido: Python 3 performance has to keep up, and much faster than in 2012. In addition, like Python PyPy implementation. There are new versions of the Python interpreter is also trying to increase speed.

In fact, the performance of Python and not as bad as people say, but also because most of the Python C language, a lot of things that can be done as fast as C language. I still think, Python for most things, it is fast enough.

Although no new features to Python 3 in order to improve the speed, but we have so many aspects of the language becomes faster: for example, the reference count bit faster than before. Mainly optimizing existing code, but as a user, it is difficult to notice the difference.

And if you are in urgent need of a Python program to enhance the speed, you can try PyPy. It is mature enough, it is worth trying.

Python Why popular?

Guido: mostly easy to learn, easy to use, and the community is open and helpful.

Python development work

Guido: Currently, well over five years, mainly other people in promoting Python development. I occasionally carry out some guidelines to determine whether it is worthwhile to accept some new ideas, usually when the design is to add a new syntax. In the development of the standard library, I rarely intervene. Sometimes I have to stop to let everyone discuss their compromise.

My idea is to get communities to be self-perpetuating, so I can finally retire or at least a long vacation. I hope that the future will absorb the language or languages ​​other new ideas in other areas.

Finally, I would like to talk SciPy and NumPy. These two teams are promoting the use of alternative Python Matlab. Our alternative is open source, and better, they can do. They are led to the Python I've never imagined fields. They developed a work like Jupyter Notebooks, you can use the interactive Python in your browser.

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