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Handedly created Netease cloud music Lei leaving to join Baidu Music general manager

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TechWeb reported July 30 text / Mingyu

After investigation confirmed that NetEase cloud music Senior Director Wang Lei has left to join the Supreme Baidu's music music, the news has been Netease cloud music and music Wo confirmed.


Wang Lei

Intentional, only a media release the news, neither the media nor the entertainment media, science and technology, even Wang Lei hometown Shandong Dezhou News media, the media also revealed that Wang Lei in Baidu Music general manager position.

Shashi Hou Lei leave?

Netease cloud music-related person in charge and Wang Lei wood disclose the specific time to leave, but based on publicly available information to determine, Wang Lei should be from June of this year Netease cloud music separations.

Texas News interview was on June 21, the wording used herein is & ldquo; just assumed office & rdquo ;. The relevant person in charge of Supreme Harmony music sources, Wang Lei joined Taihe music specific message & ldquo; & rdquo ;. did finally announced

Information from the public point of view, Wang Lei was last seen in the NetEase cloud music is the official press release in March 2016, Netease cloud music is related to the introduction of Korean version of "I'm a singer," the exclusive copyright of the audio press release.

Wang Lei is the core of the founding members of Netease cloud music

NetEase cloud music on April 23, 2013 officially released, identity Lei NetEase cloud music senior director debut release.

i called a dark horse: report "Ding Lei, Netease cloud music from the Purple Cow 40 million users talk about" the details revealed Netease cloud music was born: in 2012 Chinese New Year, Ding vacation in the United States, would like to listen to some high-quality music, I found that all Chinese music applications are lower than their demands, so he intends to own one & mdash; & mdash; to meet the needs of their own music applications. After returning home, found when he Netease entertainment channel editor Wang Lei (Note: The truth is Wang Lei Wang to leave the Netease, to iQIYI office), the two chat from the boardroom to the bar, said to do an upgrade Chinese man musical taste music applications, Netease cloud music in between the cups and food and wine prototype fade.

These two names are & ldquo; & rdquo ;, three stone similar age men faint day they drink at the bar, their talk turned out to be & ldquo; Chinese people throughout the musical aesthetic level too low down & rdquo ;.

Probably because Ding awareness of music and love music touched Wang Lei, the remuneration not sure when he gave up iQIYI option, return to his former club to do the best fresh APP. & Ldquo; I really liked the music, if you do the work and music are so closely related, is a particularly good thing. & Rdquo;

In subsequent years, under the leadership of Wang Lei, Netease cloud music as a latecomer, from scratch, users exceeded 200 million with a 3-year period.

Contribution Lei NetEase cloud music how much?

He Ding ideas and experience in the combination of their own music, music in the QQ, Baidu music, shrimp, cool dog, cool I music industry giants such as buildings blaze a & ldquo; & rdquo ;. trail

Wang Lei who "Audiovisual World" "Nanfang Dushi Bao" and other media to write music critic, film critic hundred million words, publishing critics set "Ignore secret, remember that music," "youth finish, to keep the music", etc., he served as Chinese Music Media award, the central people's broadcasting station MusicRadioTop charts and other awards and Hunan Satellite TV "happy Boys" judges. Curated Chuan, Li Jian Beijing concerts and other large-scale performances, has produced or planning Li Jian, Zhao Wei, Mao Ning, Shuimunianhua, Tan Weiwei, Huang Liya other artists albums.

Netease cloud music success and Wang Lei of the music industry experience are inseparable. He mentioned in an interview CSDN: & ldquo; he (Ding) I do find this product, he knows my background, I've done the traditional media, record companies also worked, he needs to have this a experienced people to do such things. Some engineers, in fact, we completely lack such a person, and I asked him why he did not like all music products, like looking for a large IT cow do such a thing, he said he did not want to do music products into a thing of pure technical analysis, he said, in that case just like other products there is no difference, so he let me do it. & Rdquo;

He changed the time on the market, many Music & ldquo; player & rdquo; role. In his words, Netease cloud music & ldquo; not just the product calculated by the engineers, but the music crafted effort & rdquo ;. Specifically, the following main aspects:

1, UI is completely different from other products. Netease cloud music in red with black vinyl with a UI.

2, to achieve differentiation on the content, the artificial introduction of DJ programs and recommended for users to find good music.

3, adding a & ldquo; & rdquo ;, single song broke the past with the most traditional song & ldquo; Chinese male singer, female singer Chinese, Japanese and Korean male singer, Japan and South Korea female singer & rdquo; conduct of classification.

Miss Mingyu diehard powder learned from a number of Netease cloud music, most of them respected Netease cloud music features, is a & ldquo; & rdquo ;, a daily recommendation is & ldquo; & rdquo ;. single song

A user said what song you listened to after, NetEase cloud concert suit your tastes recommend some songs, probably heard a lot, but it really is suitable. There are more users on the microblogging praised & ldquo; & rdquo ;. single daily song

Netease cloud music is recommended with artificial machine Recommended combination. In Lei opinion, machine algorithm is very bad, he made a Teresa Teng's songs alone, can give the recommended four months, the machine to the recommended four Teresa, & ldquo; I say this does not make sense, and I hope may be two of her other two I recommend you to similar artists, such as Feng Fei Fei, Tracy this is correct. & Rdquo;

Single song sharing to grab the humanity & ldquo; love sharing & rdquo; side, whether watching a movie or listening to a single song, the brain can be able to play some sympathy and sentiment, this time people need to tell, We need to share. Netease cloud music through a single simple song sharing feature that allows people to interact with the songs up.

In short, Wang Lei in their own understanding of music made humane, personalized, quality of products and services.

Without Wang Lei of NetEase cloud music will go from here?

Netease cloud music from the existing adjustment view, the & ldquo; not just the product calculated by the engineers, but the music crafted effort & rdquo; should not change, specific to what extent it can be executed to speak.

After leaving Wang Lei, Ding Bo took over its role, and NetEase to a higher title & mdash; & mdash; vice president of NetEase cloud music. Resume watching from Ding Bo, Wang Lei, and he also has the same rich musical experience.

Ding Bo joined NetEase in 2009, served as editor of Netease Entertainment Center, Music Center editor, deputy director of the music center, deputy general manager of Netease music division.

May 2014 Netease cloud music anniversary celebration, Ding Bo and Wang Lei were both present, Netease Ding Bo identity is music editor. Official press releases show several guests attended the event were: Ding Lei, Wang Lei, Zhu Wen (Product Director NetEase cloud music) and Ding Bo. From the name of the sort can be inferred, Ding Bo positions lower than Wang Lei.

July 2015, Ding Bo-ho attended Habitat product & mdash; & mdash; Netease Chinese strategic cooperation conference and good sound national carnival season launch, Netease music channel identity is deputy director.

December 2015 by ZDNet sponsored Phase II was opened salon in Zhongguancun Street Angel geek coffee exchange was held on November 20, the current theme of & ldquo; Those singing and music by Elf & rdquo ;, Netease music Ding Bo, deputy director of the center on Sharon to share.

July 15, 2016, 2016CDEC Events show press release, Netease cloud music Ding Bo, vice president, will attend. (This is after Netease cloud music management changes, Ding Bo for the first time to debut a new identity)

Only adhere to the concept of product is not enough, now the music market has undergone great changes, such as Baidu music incorporated Taihe music, QQ music and Chinese music combined. Of course, this is not a Netease cloud music can be so.

Netease music development process:

April 2013, Netease cloud music released.

November 2013, NetEase cloud music song single number exceeded 10 million.

Netease cloud music song single breakthrough million: Recommended lead single song wave

In August 2014, on-line one and a half times the number of users is about NetEase cloud music touch line 40 million.

December 2014, NetEase announced cloud music more than 55 million subscribers, the recent increase in three months, nearly 50% of total users.

July 2015, Netease cloud music users exceeded 100 million, that is on the line for two years three months the number of users to achieve billions of dollars.

July 2016, Netease cloud music users exceeded 200 million, an increase of over 100%.

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