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Why Alipay must do social?

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Alipay more recently made a major revision, version 9.9, in terms of strengthening the social life a lot. I had the honor to be invited to participate. Although there is no official version of the currently open, but there have been numerous media articles disclosed updates. A friend of this revision is to describe slightly joking: Alipay toward WeChat another step.

Before I also wrote a number of articles on social Ali doing, a point of view the most interaction with readers encountered that is not recognized by Ali to do social networking, especially not endorse Alipay socializing. One of the most common view is: & ldquo; Alipay to concentrate on doing a good purse, wallet if I chat with friends will be very strange & rdquo ;.

Indeed, based on the user's perspective, the existing products on the market carry out their duties, have to meet all needs. Alipay powerful feature-rich, do not follow the social micro-channel grab market thing. How to grab that too? And now pay Alipay not doing very good, it should continue to focus on it, then certainly ought not to fail.

However, I did not agree with this view.

To do based on the user's point of view the product, perhaps in traditional industries, but in the Internet industry is often very dangerous. Because there will be no innovation, we can not dig out the potential demand, the result is that most people can not go beyond the intended product. Even if the user believe their past experience, will become a firm fans of innovation, user expectations and stick to the product manager will have pocketed bitter betrayal.

Why Alipay must do social?

But in my opinion, not only Alipay must go social, but also a considerable advantage in the social achievements on this road.

Alipay before saying why it is important to socialize, you need to define two types of Internet products. Although these two types of products in the industry are common pattern, but the situation faced by operators and rules are quite different.

One is content-based products, including Taobao, Tencent QQ, micro letter. Taobao is the content from the content business, instant messaging is the exchange of user-generated information. Operator intervention is automatically generated large amounts of information such as instant messaging products do not need to be able to form a natural product is optimal; and Taobao is a way to generate this content requires a lot of human operators, once the formation of scale, can be considered a very stable product form.

In addition to the social, human operators to maintain the way two types of content in recent years has become the operator of large data content very important tool, here is a typical product of such news headlines today read the product. So we can understand the contents of products is the product itself that is carrying platform of content, user value is the content platform.

There is also a functional product is the product itself contains specific features, users simply to use this function while using the product. Product operators often need to do content maintenance, technical maintenance can just do the most typical example is Baidu.

Content and feature different products are a very important operational standards on content that is how long users want products to use as long as possible, and functional products the user is considered finished, the faster use of the user experience as possible Functional Description . So the content of natural products have an advantage is that there is more abundant flow of resources available. The functional products are more contradictory & mdash; & mdash; the better the product, churn faster.

To solve this commercial conflict, Baidu's practice is to occupy the upstream flow distribution. Although the product itself is not enough to leave the contents of the user, but the distribution of traffic this thing is very profitable.

If neither a functional product content into products, not to occupy the upstream traffic, then it is dangerous. The reason why the mobile Internet era of Baidu will face difficulties this reason & mdash; & mdash; flat flow, we are all native APP, on an equal footing, no one can not truly flow upstream.

Social sharing is an effective way to change the flow Alipay Terminator role

Alipay from the core product form is typical of functional products, and more sadly, and Baidu this traffic upstream products, the payment traffic levels almost final & mdash; & mdash; user consumption, the phone screen an trouble. So no wonder that most users pay for treasure do social attitude is negative. They do not want to complete the payment function beyond what other interference.

However, in this case Alipay able to do nearly 50% market share, apparently content with the products Taobao inseparable. Shopping in Taobao can only use Alipay, which is equivalent to a secure job, as long as the traffic does not fall Taobao, Alipay nothing to worry about what their own trouble.

But in the Internet industry, in fact, no real iron rice bowl. Industry changes so fast, no one says no will come out tomorrow, a disruptive product. Even without considering the micro-channel pay for such competitors, Alipay can not sit back and relax. Once the Taobao platform access other payment instruments without a stable flow input, perhaps crashing Alipay will fall from the altar. (Not to mention the future completely impossible things happen, after all, Ali Baba and ants gold dress two companies.)

How to change the flow rate at the end of the passive situation, to achieve operational flow again it? The answer is social sharing. The consumer payment behavior becomes social sharing of content, increase user activity, and this is a major new version of Alipay product ideas. At this point, there are also a large number of living micro-channel information sharing circle of friends, in the innate consumer information resources, but also did not compare Alipay.

Social Alipay is an effective way to maintain and organize the content

In fact, since mobile payment treasure app since its launch, it has to forward content products. Not only have to pay the bill, pay utility bills and other payments related to the business, and even hospital registration, entrance examination results can be achieved with this type of query to pay does not matter in business Alipay. Also recently on the line to report a traffic violation for cash reward function, people simply address him Guards.

This time there is a problem, is the content overload. Various features are not present in the snatch Alipay comfortable interface resources, on the one hand affect the user experience, it also allows a large number of functions can not be perceived by the user, let alone to use. If you go as a path, it will fall into the product development bottleneck.

Solve content overload, the most direct way is to do a good job content classification index, coupled with the search, which is similar to Taobao style. However, this method does not seem to fit Alipay. Because although its content is far from Taobao so much, but the scope is also widely than Taobao. Guards wonderful future will be a variety of functions. In this case the conventional method does not allow those unfamiliar popular user features to be found and used.

In fact, there are two common methods to solve the content overload. One is the large data, the other is social. So we can see that this revision will pay big treasure home most of the interface in the form of the flow of information presented, is to give operators and big data social operators leave space. What the user sees is no longer stereotyped but thousands of thousand faces.

Big Data very big on speaking, but in practice often not be so easy. Especially Alipay this much content (as opposed to large data is rarely) coverage is very wide product data sparse content recommendation will make people crazy effects. Alipay simply is not enough data to support such a rich content recommendation, for example, it does not know this when you find an illegal vehicles can come and take the reward.

Thus, social Alipay has become almost the only practical and effective way to maintain and organize the contents of the. Or use the examples given above functions, a violation report found that can receive a bonus, he would share the news to friends, let us work together to make money.

In summary, social Alipay strategic significance lies in two things:

First, the change Alipay flow end position, the formation of new content;

Second, the overload content effective organization, improve the user experience.

It can be said Alipay change the original functional product positioning, we must rely on social means. Here social is not like a lot of people understand it, it is considered a social chat, as long as the relations between the user and the maintenance of the relationship between behavior, we can be considered social.

Alipay do talk about social success?

Do social success factors generally have three points:

1, a large user base;

2, successfully established customer relationship;

3, the effective maintenance of the customer relationship.

Alipay installation is large, although not micro-letters, but from the point of view of the order difference is not large. Pay higher acceptance in urban areas of e-commerce and mobile phones, the pay is covered with micro-channel can be a high. Therefore, in this point the user scale Alipay no pressure. 10 points, I can give 9 points.

Established user relationship that is quite difficult. Prior to the fall in the social sector products, die in this step of the majority. Products can be installed in various ways to promote the amount put up, but it is difficult to encourage users to take the initiative to & ldquo; Add a friend & rdquo ;. The result is that many people have installed, but the relationship between them and no friends, naturally, could not interact.

Frankly, Alipay is still not a good solution to this problem. But the author is relatively optimistic on this issue, because the mobile Internet era, users add a friend's threshold has been greatly reduced. The most direct relationship has contacts can be acquired product, the location information is also built on the basis of relationships. For Alipay, the advantage in terms of data more obvious than other products, for example, can know the two cars driving the same type of people (because of auto parts bought on a treasure) live in the same area, it is recommended to their friends relationship possibility of reaching very substantial.

In addition, Alipay in Wufu similar activities also achieved some success, although in my opinion this activity compared to the effect that it should get far worse. It is believed that improved, similar ideas have a lot of space to play. Where users establish relations on this point, we can think about the future prospects for Alipay hit 8 points (now at most 4 points).

Third, maintain client relationships, which is probably the most difficult to do social. If you have a large user base, but also established a social relationship, but there is no effective maintenance, and that this relationship is dead, the product also live well. Content for maintaining social relationships and social relationships need to fit. For example, for workplace social relations, then use the workplace to maintain news and recruiting information. For social strangers, strangers need privacy, gossip and potential reach & ldquo; deeper & rdquo; the possibility to maintain friendships.

That return to Alipay, to maintain what the relationship, which is very critical. From the 9.9 version, the direct consumption of content is to share information. Information sharing and consumption are mainly social relationships fit two, one is a close friend of the reality of the relationship, the other is the interaction between the star (or net red) and fans. Both of which are currently Alipay and easiest to establish social relationships do not match. So at this point, I can only make three points. If Alipay social road unsustainable future, I believe is lost at this point.

Count, out of 30, it gave a total of 20 points, barely passing. But scoring is just a supposition. Ultimate success of a social strategy, or to see how to pay their own operating treasure, others to scoring in fact changes nothing.

The author here to give Alipay to mention a small suggestion in solving this problem on maintenance of social relationships, in fact, there are many other methods. The most simple and effective way is a social game. The game is not one of the most critical content of social relations. Between friends can play, you can play between strangers.

Because once the happy network social games and popular, but also because there is no follow-up to successful social games and decline. Alipay have enough resources to play a game. For example, the simplest of backgammon, in fragments of time with friends the next game, winning can get a red envelope or a blessing, a blessing to lose lost. Similar & ldquo; bet & rdquo; pay and social attributes are best adhesive. If it is operating properly, not necessarily reproduce the happy network popular event.

Finally, I want to answer the title question, is not a social Alipay Ma obsession actually does not matter, but it is bound to pay for the product development of fate. Some people do not social interest dictates, but the product's strategic requirements.

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