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Mobile Unicom Telecom cancel long distance roaming the truth

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China Unicom, the media refers to drag the back, the official statement said yesterday, China Unicom since October 1st to further cancel the group unified package roaming charges. So far, the three operators have publicly stated that will cancel roaming charges.

Three operators to cancel roaming charges

China Unicom said that over the years the introduction of the 3G and 4G packages basically long city man integration of tariff packages, and there is no charge for long-distance and roaming charges. Since October 1st this year, the company will further cancel the group unified package roaming charges. The company can Chinese Unicom according to local conditions to carry out some promotions, the total fee is unified group package more preferential.

Prior to this, China Mobile and China Telecom have to cancel roaming charges. Yang Jie, chairman of China Telecom group, said in July 15th, the company will gradually cancel long-distance roaming charges this year, and will take the lead in the implementation of the full traffic billing, that is, the phone, SMS converted to traffic, unified billing.

A month later, China Mobile also has a similar expression. Li Yue, CEO of the company in the interim results conference said that China Mobile has since July stop selling contains long-distance roaming the new package, and is expected by the end of the year cancel all sales long-distance roaming packages, and gradually promote the integration of national tariff.

Roaming charges have become "chicken ribs"

In fact, for three major domestic carriers, the traditional voice business revenue decline, the flow of income instead and the rapid growth, voice service under the guidance of the long-distance and roaming charges has gradually at "chicken ribs" embarrassing situation.

Mobile roaming charges began in 90s, is a product of the era of 2G. At that time, as long as consumers in the field call will be deducted from the relatively high roaming fees, dubbed the "fossil expenses". Until 3G, 4G era, operators have begun to take the long city man in one package, and through a variety of preferential policies to promote the transfer of users to 4G.

With the continuous upgrading of technology and network, the explosive growth of 4G users, the rapid decline in roaming costs, the traditional voice business income has lagged behind the flow of income, to cancel roaming charges has become a trend. To move, as an example, according to China Mobile's interim report, the total number of 4G users reached 4.29 billion, 4G penetration has reached 51.2%; on the flow of the first half of the income reached 19.5 billion yuan, an increase of 26.7%. For the first time in more than traditional business income.

Not only that, globally, the roaming fee has been cancelled a trend which cannot be halted. It is reported that there is no roaming charges in Japan; the European Union decided to cancel mobile phone roaming charges between Member States from June 2017; Russia, India and other countries are also planning to cancel roaming charges.

Cancel limited impact on Performance

Independent telecommunications analyst Fu Liang had pointed out that the current long-distance roaming charges in China Mobile's voice business probably accounted for 20%, equivalent to about 7% of the overall revenue. In this case, the cancellation of this cost will have a certain impact on China Mobile's revenue and profit margins.

And Li Yue in the performance report at the meeting said that due to the speech business still accounts for 37% of the overall revenue, the cancellation of long-distance roaming charges for China Mobile has risk, group plans two years to eliminate risk, future will expand the national tariff integration plan.

China Unicom has been the media that the delay is considered to be because of its pressure. China Unicom in recent years, revenue and net profit growth is weak dilemma. 2015, China Unicom annual profit of 10 billion 560 million yuan, down 12.4% over the previous year. Before the day, China Unicom released the first half of 2016 results notice shows that the first half of 2016 net profit is expected to decline by about 80% year on year.

Fu Liang told the media that, on this basis, China Unicom has also joined the ranks of the full stop long-distance roaming charges, will further pull low revenue and profit margins, is the three largest operators in the pressure of the largest.However, China Unicom does not think so. China Unicom chairman Wang Xiaochu believes that the abolition of long-distance roaming charges is a trend of things, the cancellation of the impact on China Unicom's revenue is not.

Wang Xiaochu pointed out that before the promotion of 3G when many of the mainstream package has been canceled long-distance roaming charges. At present, only 4% of China Unicom users still have a long distance roaming charges, the cancellation of long-distance roaming charges on the impact of China Unicom's income is not large. Both the monthly tariff decline, or roaming fees cancelled, Unicom view is the trend of the times and China Unicom in the future development is aimed at fractionize user group, the fees will be more targeted, driving the company's business development.

In this regard, the communications industry analyst and journalist exchange that roaming charges in the operator's revenue has accounted for more than small, are now operating flow, many users long-distance use micro letter like tools. Therefore, the abolition of roaming fees make a no substantive impact on the operators. In addition, now the implementation of a lot of packages have been implemented in fact no roaming charges.


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