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iPhone even if you have iCloud Why so expensive?

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iCloud storage Apple launched a cloud storage service that allows users to upload content on the Apple device to the cloud and call at any time on any device. Beginning August 31, Apple provides this service for the greater storage options, expanded to 2TB, $ 120 / month. However, users do not buy how, obviously spend so much money to buy Apple hardware, why you can not enjoy more free space?

iPhone贵就算了iPhone贵就算了 iCloud为什么也要那么贵?

Additional 2TB program to the point it makes more free space

After registering iCloud users get 5GB of free storage space, and then if you want to get more space on the need to pay for. Original Apple provides 50GB, 200GB and 1TB three options, and now added a higher 2TB program.

According to the current version, 2TB solution mainly for photography enthusiasts, there are a lot of users, even professional photographers will select the iPhone to create their own photographs, but the phone itself is stored and can not meet all the needs, so under the requirements of a considerable number of users, Apple added 2TB solution.

iPhone贵就算了iPhone贵就算了 iCloud为什么也要那么贵?

The upcoming Apple iPhone 7 as dual cameras, meaning that the photo data is larger than before, inevitably you need more storage space, in order to meet the next generation of iPhone mobile phone storage capacity to enhance the take-off, with the intention to expand Apple iCloud capacity go lane parallel strategy.

In addition, the expanded capacity is also made for the upcoming iCloud launch macOS Sierra prepare new macOS for Mac introduced a new Cloud Desktop and Documents folder sharing, these two functions is clearly required to support cloud storage space. From two years Apple action point of view, every year between the Mac and the iPhone better integration seamless. Such as continuous exchange iCloud Drive and so on products and designs allow users to feel the iOS and MacOS more intimate, more seamless, and can do so Apple will integrate a.

iPhone贵就算了iPhone贵就算了 iCloud为什么也要那么贵?

MacBook computers use flash ssd smallest 128G storage. That MacBook storage space is also very tight, so use iCloud backup to assist small Mac storage problems. But look iCloud storage space donated 5G, iPhone two or three backups filled, forcing the user has to pay to upgrade iCloud capacity.

Increase the maximum capacity is good, but the resulting free capacity after the user opened iCloud account is still 5GB, light extraction fees not to mention free, apparently regardless of domestic and foreign customers were happy. Technology blog The Tech Night Owl in a commentary article pointed out, its maximum capacity will be increased to iCloud 2TB, Apple is better to increase the user to Get a free space. By contrast, Google's Google Drive Get 15GB capacity every month, if there is a free iCloud 15GB capacity can be used, it is really very happy. Of course, Google Drive files are also expensive to pay, say, $ 99.99 / month for 10TB file and high of $ 299.99 / month for 30TB file, but this does not affect free + paid two user options.

Hardware and service charges reasonable or unreasonable to separate

In our concept of ordinary users, iPhone, iPad, Mac and iCloud devices belong to Apple products, users now spend money to buy Apple hardware, then you should get a reasonable and satisfactory software and services, such as iCloud.

In fact, free of charge to users 5GB capacity simply not be called a true free, because when you buy the device had to pay anything for it. With respect to a new Mac, or the price of the new iPhone, Apple to give consumers free cloud storage space seem even worth enough plugs teeth.

iPhone贵就算了iPhone贵就算了 iCloud为什么也要那么贵?

More importantly, love the Apple ecosystem of users, but often do not have a device, in addition to Mac series, iPhone series and iPad series that many people, the author himself as an example, an iPhone, an iPad Pro for professional and learning, an iPad mini for home entertainment and leisure. But this good several devices simultaneously share a single iCloud space, yes, on that little bit poor 5GB, sync photos may look gone.

Apple why not consider a slight change of iCloud strategy does give us each device allocated 5GB of iCloud space? If you have an iPhone, you get 5GB of space, if you have an iPad, then this device also has 5GB of cloud storage space. If you have a Mac, you may also get 10GB of space, so users have more than one device free space, so that they will not face in the course of grasping lapel see elbow dilemma anytime, get better service experience, Would not it be more perfect?

iPhone贵就算了iPhone贵就算了 iCloud为什么也要那么贵?

But now because of the limited space iCloud, users can not only make full use of the convenience of this service, most users see on the iPhone again pop-up "your iCloud storage space is insufficient," the prompt patience to clean up space, after tossing back and forth more people just disable directly to iCloud, and even a lot of people after the activation of new devices without more consideration, first turn off iCloud say. Whether Apple at the press conference to talk about the improved iCloud talked for iCloud and made a number of how many efforts, this part of the people it is no good to turn off is turned off, the user does not care so much.

Why Apple's cloud service charges high? Because of the high costs

Of course, choose $ 6 per month 50GB storage solution also can accept, but iCloud cloud or by domestic and foreign rivals cloud thrown by a large margin, one problem is the price, the other is Apple's cloud service technical problems. For good manufacturing hardware Apple, cloud services can be said to have been part of this weak link, you encounter iCloud, App Store ventilation problem because you do not really always in China, sometimes because they themselves sucks.

Currently, Apple in use Amazon, Microsoft and Google cloud services, this situation is probably very rare worldwide. The Information According to previous reports, Apple was willing to spend money to buy a competitor's product, the main reason behind this is that it is difficult to deal with their own needs huge iOS user base to cloud services, some of the software level issues by Apple problems.

For Apple, it has more than enough money to purchase servers, network devices, storage devices These cloud services require hardware infrastructure, but provides a stable and reliable cloud computing services in addition to the hardware, but also need to control these hardware software. Frustratingly, now able to purchase solutions on the market can not meet the size of the data to be processed apples, and over the years, by selling hardware Apple has accumulated in this area and not as Google, Facebook Internet companies.

Result of which is that Apple had to rely on the purchase of rival cloud computing resources to provide cloud services for their users, the cost of spending we can imagine, since the high cost, the charge can not expensive? Apple can release free memory to the majority of users? It must not ah.

to sum up

It is reported that internal Apple now has at least six and cloud infrastructure-related projects being developed. Before these projects to be successful, Apple cloud services probably will not get rid of dependence on other Internet companies, and iCloud will probably still remain highly controversial, subjected to various despise.

Look at Google, Microsoft, Amazon's cloud services, from many aspects of public cloud, private cloud, the application layer, an intermediate layer and the like are to provide a solution, and has a strong and stable background data, which are currently iCloud can not be compared of. If Apple really want to start from iCloud, the cloud made of the future, there is still a long distance to go.

Steve Jobs once said that "Apple views itself as a software company", software, power control technologies and services will determine the future of a company's ability to stand on top of the Internet world. Global clearing, building good ecological network technology is clear and objective way, after the foot to the task, to lay the foundation, to benefit not just iCloud.

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