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Mecha party because we love Jin Feng: iPhone, and a Android plug in

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Beijing in July 20th to remind people about two years ago, a year there is no sign of the storm swept across the whole city, to the people left an indelible memory. Two years later, the storm once again attacked the city, heavy rain at underground, do not know from which direction the blowing, umbrella don't play what role, just get out of the house less than five minutes I was completely drenched and heave rain, but for me, no matter what difficulties have no way to stop me to find an answer, because this thing is really amazing.

And 20 km away, as a product of the company's technology company in the holy land of Beijing 751D

An hour later, I got soaked through the conference site, a huge tank has been filled with people, many people like me have been wet, I think a lot of people like me to find the answer, this sounds like a magic answer.

Everyone would like to know, how they are doing to put a Android operating system into the iPhone, but also to do the dual system while online dual sim dual standby.

1, "an impossible product."

The fusion of multiple operating system this is not what happens in a hardware, even once incompatible PC and Mac in the narrow boundaries between each other. Now, the installation of macOS is not what strange things in the Windows system, in the Mac install Windows although a little off lattice, but also has is a common thing. A variety of operating system, regardless of its market share in the end how much it has its strengths and weaknesses of.Windows users may love macOS system is concise and fluent and just perfect user experience, Mac users will envy Windows ecological prosperity.

However, people who a little understanding of digital hardware all know, the relationship between Android and iOS two operating system monopoly has never been so harmonious, so both exist in a iPhone which is almost impossible, they are two totally different in nature, extreme iOS closed, others want to come must be to comply with stringent requirements, conditions become part of the ecological system, but apple can produce the perfect combination of hardware and software like iPhone dream products; Android free, it opened a cut welcome others with its collision sparks, imagination and geeks attribute partners laissez faire, but also have to face are too fragmented and cannot be unified in reality.

Whether it is the installation of Android in iPhone, or install iOS on Android devices like Arabian Nights. Of course this operating system transplant can do magic God, but the operation is not trivial, complex ordinary mice can control the market situation of Android now, this kind of thing not a virtuoso too.

More importantly, in the iPhone to install a true

At the scene, the reporter depth of original experience of this product, also know this magical event secret. In simple terms, you can understand the Android system is a common application on the iPhone, after opening the "App iPhone" mecha, added a new Android from the system. As you can see, the Android system is very complete, call system, communication system, application market, mobile phone settings are preserved, and can be implemented in the Android system call, send SMS, using a network connection. In the process of the experience, the system is very smooth, and the use of a Android not what two.

After in-depth experience you will realize the chopper, this product get to a lot of people's pain points. In my own case, what I can not go out, but you must take two mobile phone charging treasure, a large capacity, there is a iPhone charging line two. A hand machine for severe Internet, a focus on work, and stretched electricity is really iPhone maximum user pain, had to take a charge treasure than mobile phone but also huge heavy winter travel, is very inconvenient. Fortunately, in the summer, the boys pocket simply plug is not so much equipment that can only endure.

Although iPhone is now some of the problems caused by the above conditions, such as can not be dual sim dual standby, can not install two WeChat, the battery is not durable, storage space is too small

2, "mech is not to recommend Android to iPhone users is good, but let iPhone user experience better."

In addition to the realization of dual system, but also for the realization of iPhone mech dual card dual standby, expansion, charging, iPhone management and other features. With the General Dual SIM card is different, in support of the mech software ecosystem, allowing users in the same department through different mobile phone system, double WeChat and other social software, to achieve double the number at the same time, also has the dual social identity, bid farewell to use two mobile phone cumbersome and inconvenient. Armor can also provide extra storage space for iPhone, iPhone will support the video in a photo onto the mecha. In addition, the built-in battery is powersuits to iPhone to provide additional power, increase 7-10 hours talk time.

The Jin Feng believes that now many business people in the use of iPhone at the same time will then use a backup machine, because the iPhone has some inconvenience, but due to the use of iPhone good experience over the shortcomings of iPhone. The spare machine may be another iPhone idle, there may be a the Android machine, so when going out to carry two phones and a charging treasure, the operation is very complex, is not easy to carry. "" mecha can basically meet all the above requirements.

From the release of the day, began to hit the shelves in a machine import electricity supplier, and iPhone 6S 6S iPhone adapter Plus "mech" priced at 999 yuan and 1099 yuan. The party k-found said the price is already very very "conscience".

A few days after the conference, is very sensitive to the new media technology to give a high evaluation for managing this product, a lot of peers that can challenge the mecha "in iPhone with a Android operating system" which is already a very geeky thing, because this kind of an impossible across itself you need a very large hole in the brain to phase out the solution, after thousands of failures, need to study a variety of apple a number of provisions strictly need to bring a trivial, proficient in Android operating system. In every possible play can think of a suitable solution and the product to do out of this thing itself is very magical.

Wall flower wall incense also, although this is just a mecha to domestic products on sale, but the overseas media also found some mainstream technology and reported the mecha, comments on the article also see users are given a high evaluation also expressed surprise, I even found on the YouTube of an American network do not know how to red get two sets of armor and made a video evaluation, this video when I see there have been millions of hits.

When receiving a lot of praise mecha inevitably received many questions, in the original report powersuits after the article was published, many channel users have also expressed doubts, most are concentrated in this product is not essential, also sell so expensive, why not buy a Android mobile phone and so on.

3, "I think it is very normal for these negative opinions."

Released more than a month after the peak strength in mecha, the party in his office, I have to answer the questions of users at the same time, his simplicity also makes me a little surprised, because a lot of digital hardware products CEO will deny the outside of the product problems and suggested that competitors play tricks.

He added, like this kind of mech iPhone accessories is the first to appear, should say is a completely different category with all previous products, equivalent to the definition of a new brand, and it is designed specifically for iPhone.At the time of the design of this product has been aimed at the needs of users with a specific,First, he must be a double card or dual social such needs, so users in today Chinese users inside is quite huge. The Ministry has published a set of numbers, is only in the eastern region of China, has a dual card dual standby, dual social needs of users reached 40 million. The other part the target population is powersuits geeks including some industry users and game player, mobile phone game player.

With this product in the end is not useful, rather than look at the user how to treat such a product, look at it in the end is what problems have been resolved. Such products like mecha itself has a strong pertinence, it first for iPhone users, and there is a dual sim dual standby dual social needs the group of iPhone, and there is a demand for a deeper level of iPhone users (including higher storage capacity and battery is more durable). In this regard, the party k-found again said frankly, it is not just about the needs of these needs, it is not said to call a kind of all need to function, it is according to the needs of specific user groups, we do not think it is a popular product, it is a relative positioning is the subdivision of products on the market. But because China base today is too large, so the market is still Is valuable, and it is worth doing it well, is our judgment.

For the party k-found and mecha team, dual system is not their goal, nor is their purpose, the real challenge is, through such technical capabilities, they can go through the dual system is a good solution to these problems existing at the present stage. IPhone bring Android to go, in order to solve the problem of iPhone that is, the user pain points and needs. To solve the problem of Dual SIM card through Android, to solve the social problems of double account, solve the power management and optimization problems, solve the problem of expansion, and even solve iPhone management problems, such as how to iPhone to do some cleaning, do the management of files, even how to custom ringtones, these are millions of iPhone users want to solve the problem in Baidu.

Now, every iPhone user can use the machine to solve the long-standing problem. "The best way to buy a Android mobile phone" for true iPhone users and not solve the problem, but through the iPhone itself to make some innovative move. But there is a real need to face, this is a product for iPhone users can get iPhone users really?

4, our expectations of the product in the first month is not high.

At this time, the party k-found once again showed his frankness, he said as back in the first generation of products, at the same time, it is a completely new product, we will feel the market awareness, user awareness and understanding of the product, may need a little time, so we didn't do too much expected, only about dozens of K. So in the channel above did not dare all spread out, only in the official website and a mecha proprietary platform for sale, and the market for the products of the reaction "down, from the first month of the situation, I think it should be said that in line with our expectations."

But the party k-found also think this expected some conservative, from the beginning of this month, plan sales in mecha more channels,Especially after the new sales boom in sales of iPhone can promote the wave of iPhone accessories. At this critical moment, the mecha also need to do a lot of publicity to let more iPhone users to find and use this product.

"We may need more ground measures."

How to make a "demand" into tangible sales figures is a problem for all new products to good use, in the case, if the work is a good market performance is very important. For large manufacturers, they can increase the number of marketing budget to lay a lot of advertising and development a broader sales channels to achieve this goal, but for an Internet technology company, is also the preferred online platform they are most familiar with.

There is no exception for the mecha, Party k-found revealed that in the first week of sales, with fast and small mecha about 8 thousand calls, we have to consult such problems. And then they found a lot of problems, only online display is not enough, may need more landing form. Is offline channels and target users in close contact, to allow users to personally try turned out to be like this. Because there is no same a product on the market to allow users to contact, and make a comparison. The user does not have a concept of "like this.

As a kind of "commodity", was keen on online sales of digital products are increasingly realizing the importance of the line, millet mobile phone and decline of OPPO/VIVO and the rise of HUAWEI confirms this kind of trend, "because when similar products more and more rich, rely on a relatively go online it is interesting, but not when the actual take things to make a comparison and reference, it is difficult to achieve the direct sales" party Jin Feng said, "you still have to admit that the channel line is very helpful and the value for the product can be intuitive to pick up so when we went to see. Do next powersuits sales of the line, we will take this part of the line to do solid, this part of the channel" and the help line.

Last month at the ChinaJoy show, also deployed a large booth mecha, when I accidentally came to their booth when they found a lot of tourists in the experience of mech. And my fellow friends before the media reporters also with questions to experience a fruit powder, as he was to resist the Android system in iPhone products, ten minutes later, he admitted that in the experience of real machine exclaimed "mecha really useful", and it is a "very imaginative solution".

5, "we have a very, very beautiful road."

Indeed, any experienced powersuits users will ask, how is this achieved? Is such a system in the end will not damage iPhone?

According to the "original" mecha to reporters, the mecha's first iOS/Android dual system technology and innovation of virtual mobile operating system based on graphics rendering technology, cross machine separation, reconstruction of the system architecture about Android system 70%, by 64 independent 8 core processor and iPhone, double GPU mech rendering, realized iPhone seconds switch, perfect symbiotic dual system. Android system can mecha in the form of APP in iPhone, supports a key heat switch, more support background cleaning. Play the game in the mecha, watching movies and television, don't worry about switching back and forth any blocking system, dual system at the same time the team Daguai or chat with each other are extremely convenient. In addition, the built-in APUS mech Launcher provides personalized simple user interface and rich set on the basis of Android5.1.

Party k-found also told me, "now" mecha has done everything in apple is permitted to do, "" a lot of mech ability to use or authority or comply with Apple's requirements, but it is also the largest volume the most difficult place. There are a lot of problems, for example, "mecha" need to get the message to the iPhone by some way, transmit Android messages to the iPhone protocol, the architecture level in both sides is completely different, so only the whole architecture of the Android protocol used to re reconstruction, adaptation and adaptation of iOS. Android installation will not bring too much burden to the iOS system, the power is very low, not the impact of system and life.

One of the questions I was interested in was how they had thought about it in this way, just as many of the friends of the media said, "a big hole in the brain".

The party k-found said, when in the middle of 2014 is the first prototype, but was thinking method using pure software, and we now see the realization of the principle of relying on the hardware is a relatively large difference. "But when the time to make this demo frankly speaking, I didn't know how to go the product, we do not know where the product, so after we put it in the side, we focus to the virtual PC above Android products to do, and push it out."

By the end of 2014, the product of the problem has once again been raised, and need to take into account as well as the Android moved to iOS in the end be able to solve any kind of problem, so that the problem of users in the end there is no demand.

After a large number of user surveys show that the needs of users with dual system does not have what relation, the user's attention is how to solve iPhone problems through dual system, as mentioned above, the dual system is also not a goal, not to allow iPhone users to use the Android system really. It is a good solution. In other words, Android system itself is a named "App" mecha in the iPhone, the App is a Android operating system looks like appearance, to solve the iPhone cannot realize the dual card dual standby dual WeChat's shortcomings.

In fact, the mecha appear before the world has a dual card dual standby iPhone method for some help, for example, commonly referred to as the "apple peel" like product, but the product itself has a lot of defects, it can only make a phone call, send text messages, but can not solve more problems. "A mobile phone number corresponding to the fact is your identity, even corresponding to an identity in the network above. At the same time you through this mobile phone number can be extended from the expansion of many applications, such as the two social needs. So we found that many users demand more progressive step."

In solving the dual system on this issue, the party k-found proudly think that from the above scheme in terms of architecture or speaking words, "we wade a very beautiful way, because we spend time is relatively long, regardless of its stability and scalability, we present the whole framework should it is a very very proud of the framework, of course it will have many flaws."

In fact, I itself for the future fate or mecha are most worried about from the Apple Corp itself, rather than the mecha products. Apple Corp is actually a very fickle business, you can do today may be tomorrow will be "illegal", and products like the iPhone itself is in constant optimization, for example and in the latest release of the iPhone 7 series, the Apple Corp abandoned 16GB version of the iPhone version of "iPhone", let the beggar has more storage space, but also do not rule out that Apple will suddenly solve the problem of low iPhone battery capacity, and may also launch dual card dual standby function, for these now the armor products, it is fatal.

For I fear the party k-found also stressed again, priorities and objectives of the chopper is certainly not to customize the ROM, but how to pass through the system can provide more valuable help and services for iPhone users, as long as the principle of holding, mecha will have their own survival, "iPhone change, we also in turn, we will constantly improve their own optimization,.IPhone launch any new features, you can better overlay mecha software algorithm, then enhance the ability of hardware function, this is our pursuit of the future performance of.IPhone can be more play out, let him experience more extreme."

6. "Water is too deep in the manufacturing sector."

In the party Jinfeng office, put a lot of iron man's peripheral products, he is a man of steel and iron, as iron man of iron I can easily think of the name "mech" whether is a tribute to iron man, but it was a ruthless denial.

"Because the armor is actually a borrowed words, it is a Japanese word. But the mecha itself usually refers to human beings, but is the thing people wear on the inside can be operated. Whether it is inside the EVA, or in the matrix, those who operate those mecha, it can wear in the body, but it actually magnify your ability, and this product is" mech "such a" dress "enhanced ability of iPhone, so that iPhone has more possibilities."

However, the words come back, but also the official iron man's coat to enhance the Toni

But in a real iron man is not an easy thing, the hippocampus play mecha fusion company has been committed to the operating system, has been doing "soft" things, and made the cross "hardware" also encountered many unexpected difficulties.

On the day of the conference, the party k-found said he had tried to demonstrate this mecha Luo Luo said that this product, you can get something pretty. I want to say is old really want to do a thing will be easier, but really put him "do it" is not easy, look back at the year of first generation hammer mobile phone production when fate is not know, R & D Kaner Kaner, really is a "mass production" Kaner, especially for start-ups.

The party k-found recalls, "the first one is from the entire product development process challenges, beginning when doing the hard stuff, we found that this challenge comes from not to say that our ability is not enough, but closed from iPhone, which itself is a closed, so we found we need to do a lot of work on this side of the Android, from the top to the bottom of a large amount of work, to adapt to the transformation of Android iPhone. indeed encountered many challenges in this process, from graphics to audio to Bluetooth, is connected to the data path, to drive to drive some of the underlying data, all what we can say through a hole, which is behind the real product development stage. To start mass production, it was found that this is a huge challenge, especially for just entering the industry startups, Because it's hard to hold on to the supply chain.

"In the supply chain, frankly speaking industry water is too deep, do software for speaking and doing hardware is completely two different modes, he should first consider the question is everything there is the cost of any plastic, is a pile of plastic residue on the inside there is also the cost of so. In the whole supply chain, manufacturing industry will do everything possible to reduce the cost. But he may for you means the quality decline. Plus you are small, so it is very difficult to have the right to speak. You do not have the right to speak of the situation, you can only make a compromise choice in many things above, even Luo also have to face such a reality."

No matter how deep the water industry, mech has set foot inside. As a new generation of iPhone sale, powersuits second generation products also began to develop. "Compared to the first generation, second generation in fact we do more to change and improve. Whether in the whole ID structure, including the performance. We have made a relatively large increase."

7, another iron man

In the movie < iron="" man="" 3="">, Toni

I want to Party k-found, the mecha, iPhone is the need to protect the "lose things".

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