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With the support of artificial intelligence, Google's new communications applications Allo can do?

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在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用 Allo 能做些什么?

The British TV series "black mirror > (Black Mirror) in an episode of the imagination in the near future the scene: a woman with her late boyfriend together. In the magic of artificial intelligence, her boyfriend to chat robots a new form of rebirth.

在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用 Allo 能做些什么?

In her lifetime, her boyfriend Ashe (Ash) piously wrote down his observations in an application to things, and record a variety of pictures he saw. After his death, a technology company with the clues he left to develop a chat robot. The robot can imitate his way of speaking. And he talked about topics of interest. In this drama, the future seems so far in the future. However, in the TV series aired a few years later, Google's new Allo communication platform will come out.

Allo is a new communication application supported by the artificial intelligence program, it has recently appeared for the first time in iOS and Android. This is an interesting chat interface. However, it can not only let you through it to chat with others, but also can imitate the way you talk, and be able to follow you the style of writing for your reply.

Last week, the first experience of a Allo. to tell you the truth, it makes you feel surprised about artificial intelligence magic, because the experience is that you can't feel the other daily consumer products. Although Allo may need to seek a breakthrough in the communication application market is already saturated, but we can't deny it to artificial intelligence deep into our lives.

Remember, Google took 18 years to understand what we search through the content, and it has developed 7 models with more than one billion users of the product.Allo is Google.Allo may not accumulate steadily the results will take you to the black mirror such as <> the future, but it is likely to make you the first time a close to see this in the future.

The following is the author and vice president of Google communications products Nick





This conversation may be some dull as ditch water its magic, but there is a dialogue of Nick and I write.

We were in Allo.

在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用 Allo 能做些什么?

Even more impressive is that Allo will be flexible to adjust the tips after you use it for some time,

It will also learn you how people with different dialogue. Therefore, when you give your boss, wife or friend when sending information, it can give you a hint. Different information has appeared in the Google Inbox mailbox products smart reply (according to Google, when people respond to information in 10% cases can choose artificial intelligence prompt information.). However, smooth and timely communication of world is completely different from the blunt email world.Allo can talk with us, can almost real-time conversation with us.

When Fawkes and I in the absence of artificial intelligence to help the situation when chatting, he said to me, Allo intelligent reply function is better for the kind words and basic reply. It may not be possible to suggest something deeper, for example, you want to later fly to another city.

Of course, is not just a smart reply to check your spelling mistakes. They are much more advanced than this. However, Fawkes's meaning is clear: don't expect too much of it, and don't be afraid of this kind of thing will replace human expression. Okay, but I find that I still can not help but take every opportunity to use the intelligent response.

Google assistant

When a member of my team with Google on the Allo message each other, I hope he with more detail about "black mirror > involved in the episode" chat robot boyfriend right back (Be Right > Back). Normally, I will search on Google.

An enhanced version of the built-in Google chat robot assistant function like Allo. You can apply it to any conversation you start in the app in. When I discuss with Fawkes, he advised me to let Allo find nearby sushi. I asked in it, it immediately given 10 options. Fawkes chose the name of a sushi shop, then Google assistant sent a card, it introduces the sushi rating, price, Business Hours and brief introduction. In this card, I can click on some shortcuts to get sushi call the directions or the View menu.

You can also more intimate dialogue directly open with Google assistant. It can tell you the weather, find the dining places, search the Internet, from the information out of your Gmail inbox, play games and so on. It is used in addition to my virtual assistant Facebook M the most useful chat robot. (of course, the development of the the field is not mature; most Chatbots stupid enough to make me want to put the mobile phone and threw it out of the window).

However, when Google assistant to talk with you and help you solve the problem, it is probably the most useful. When I am going to send a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge colleagues, it prompted me to reply to some colleagues from Google to search information about Golden Gate Bridge, including some of the interception from Wikipedia.

Click on the next message, you can get the bridge toll information; then click on the prompt information, you may find the bridge range from Google maps. All this happened in a few seconds, let you feel this is not like

在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用在人工智能支持下,谷歌新通讯应用 Allo 能做些什么?

The launch of Google assistant, in fact to the fact that when we use the mobile phone, most of the time is spent in the application, rather than the Google search engine was supposed to play a role in the web browser. In order to stay competitive in the new field, Google search engine that must exist in a variety of form. In the Allo launch assistant is only a beginning.

Google will also be the assistant feature embedded similar to Amazon Google, voice control products Home Echo and other products, Fawkes said that this product is

Yes, Allo is also a into the already saturated communication application on the market communication applications. However, if you think it is just an ordinary communication application, then you are completely mistaken the introduction of.Allo to begin to interact more closely with artificial intelligence.

In the use of Allo a few days later, I had the love. Frankly, if a company wants to use me after I die before the conversation will I become a chat robot, then I would be transported with joy. Google, I allow you to do so.

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