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An article to teach you how to cash to charge Alipay

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Alipay to charge! When I heard the news, many buddy heart is broken, after all, just know Alipay can make money with us, there are a lot of people put their assets entirely on Alipay and the balance of treasure. After that, you can't turn the money happily.

In February this year, WeChat announced the withdrawal fees, Alipay also playfully declared "we do not charge". Unfortunately, just over half a year, under the pressure of reality, "to provide more and more convenient and safe service at the same time, the comprehensive operating costs borne by Alipay rose faster, now the money even ma I'll heartache, take the risk of offending users that let you pay for myself.

That in the end what case Alipay to charge, how much is the amount of charge? As a boy / girl we eat soil, cash costs how to avoid Alipay? Don't be afraid, after reading this article you will understand.

Alipay cash toll scene

Alipay under what circumstances the withdrawal fees?

Can you see a lot of description and interpretation of the Alipay's policy has been puzzling. 20 thousand yuan of money, the basis of free cash withdrawal is what does it mean? More than 20 thousand yuan of money to how to charge? Transfer to others in the end charge? Why not go to the bank card fee to Alipay is to charge?

In fact, all the charges can be used to explain the scene:All the money transferred from Alipay balance to the bank card behavior of all charges! Whether this bank card is their own or someone else's!

To say that is to say,Transfer all the money from Alipay, a Alipay product to another product behavior completely free of charge! No matter who is the account and the product!

In other words:

1, the money transferred to the balance of treasure, no charge; the balance of treasure to come out, no charge.

2, from his Alipay Alipay to others, not to the bank card fees, fees.

3, this time, next Pharaoh raised a question, Alipay will be able to transfer the bank card ah, if I in Alipay from my bank card to someone else's bank card transfer, charge? A cold voice answered him: charge.

Even if the cash charges, and everyone has a free cash withdrawal of 20 thousand yuan.But the amount is not clear, by year, that is to say, each Alipay account, only 20 thousand yuan this lifetime the amount of free Oh, did not run out.

Free of charge used up and now? Each pay in accordance with the proportion of 0.1%. Every time the service fee is paid at least 1 cents, which is to raise the cost of 100 dollars. If there is less than 100? Or hand in 1 hair.

In addition to the money from their Alipay balance channels transfer to the bank card to charge, all other expenditures using Alipay, including consumer, finance, insurance, mobile phone recharge, utility payment, registration, payment of traffic fines, the use of mobile phone Alipay Alipay to transfer accounts, payments and other services are free of charge.

How can we try to give the Alipay pay?

In fact, even if it is 10 thousand, the fee is only 10, but it is also a small hand to pay less is a virtue of thrift.

There are several possible service charges:

1, do electricity suppliers.

Taobao Tmall Taobao auction sellers, sellers, Taobao home sellers, Amoy, Amoy village partner helper, village partner, 1688 sellers, Aliexpress sellers, Alipay certified businesses, effectively signing Alipay corporate accounts and CDB loan account (not repaid loans state), through the "cash" products will be Alipay within the balance of funds to my bank card is still free.

2, the total number is less than 20 thousand. (This one doesn't seem to be used.

With the balance of treasure 3, much less the balance of alipay.

If the balance of treasure in the capital was transferred from Alipay in the balance, then only the balance back to alipay. But if it is transferred directly from the bank card, you can turn the balance of treasure funds back to the bank card. In this case it is no charge.

4, the use of ants to redeem more free cash withdrawal limit.

After the 20 thousand yuan of the amount of free run, open Alipay "my" personal home page, enter the member center, see ants integral, this score is your Alipay cash free money. Because each point of the ants can be free to raise the money is a dollar, no cap. Want to get ants integral, you will use Alipay for consumption, finance, insurance, mobile phone recharge, utility payment, registration, payment of traffic fines, the use of mobile phone Alipay Alipay to transfer accounts, payments and other services.

5, if you do not like the author is a single dog, there is a trick: close to pay".

If you need to transfer to other bank card, you can consider the opening of close pay for relatives and friends, to pay for their shopping. It saves the amount of direct transfer.

6, also credit card.

Alipay in the balance of the money can be used to direct any bank's credit card, and no additional charges. But it should be noted that, according to the provisions of the central bank, each user has a maximum of 200 thousand free of charge per year, with the balance of payments is required to occupy the 200 thousand amount of.

If you hate him, just give him the money.

Need to transfer to others, can also direct transfers to other Alipay accounts, rather than a bank card account. In this way, he has to pay a fee if he has to pay for it.

Of course, there are many nouveau riche large transfers demand. Although there are a variety of ways to avoid consumption fees, but a transfer millions still have no better way to completely waive the fee. At present, however, many bank mobile banking or online banking is gradually implemented free policy. At present, many banks ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong, China, Zhejiang, CITIC, Everbright, GF, Societe Generale, people's livelihood, peace, Hengfeng, Bohai announced the bank interbank transfer free mobile phone.

In a word, the rich are getting nouveau riche, this collection of articles!


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