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Foxconn to on-line 40,000 blue-collar jobs are also robot-end stability?

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Intelligent manufacturing is the core of China's manufacturing and the main direction of 2025, industrial robots are an important foundation for intelligent manufacturing take-off. "Intelligent manufacturing" concept for so long, but the controversy has been continuous. Smart manufacturing on the global development of the status quo, the intellectual-made upgrade also stuck in the "machine substitutions" of the initial stage.

Looking back, after a short period of three to five years of explosive development, there are "certain influence" of the robot company or has reached 700-800, around the robot industry park is also a large number of emerging. In the highly competitive domestic robot industry, many companies want to help "smart manufacturing" the rapid development of the outlet, but the reality is that domestic enterprises in the key parts of the robot is also heavily dependent on imports. So, smart manufacturing in what areas there are opportunities for development? What bottlenecks need to be broken? A new round of industrial revolution calls for the development of robotics, robotics enterprises transformation and upgrading of the road and how to go?

During the National Day, foreign media DigiTimes reported that Foxconn General Manager of Technology Development Committee Dai Jiapeng to the CNA news agency revealed that more than 40,000 robots have been fully involved in the company's production process. Subsequently, on Foxconn will lay off 60,000 people rumors everywhere. But is this really true? In this regard, the "Daily Economic News" reporter spent nearly two weeks on the Foxconn factory in Kunshan and part of the robot industry park after field investigation found that tens of thousands of layoffs is not a fact, but the intelligent robot in the manufacturing industry more widely To application is an irreversible trend.

In fact, along with the rising labor costs, many areas not only did not lay off, but there has been labor shortage. In this context, "machine substitutions" may be a big trend, accompanied by, and "manufacturing" industry towards the "wisdom made" transformation and upgrading of industry, whether we like it or not, this is The process is quietly evolving.

Baochibaozhu, a monthly salary of less than 3,500 people

Take the high-speed rail from Shanghai Hongqiao Station, 20 minutes to arrive under the Kunshan City, Suzhou City. Kunshan in mid-October, the summer heat gradually disappeared, autumn wind. As a Foxconn second landing site in the mainland of Kunshan plant, Kunshan plant is producing precision molds, notebook computers, industrial computers, LCD TVs.

"Daily News" reporter walked around in Foxconn factory surrounded by a few on the road, a rare line of blue-collar workers traces, to noon, nearly 12 points of rice, or the evening of 67 points, wearing uniforms, Thousands of workers poured out of the factory gate, the streets were lively.

And the day here almost can not see the silhouette of the scene in contrast, in the factory gate, every day in a fixed three time points there will be some noise: by the labor companies and intermediary companies through various means of temporary recruitment convened to organize, A group of about 20 to 30 new tactics "blue-collar workers," and when they are neatly arranged two columns, the labor company's "Foreman" they will be sent to the Foxconn face to go.

"We recruit people every day, very simple, I give you a form, you fill in the above information, 1:00 pm I take you into the factory test." Certainly no problem, will stay to work. Package room and board, wages about 3500 yuan. Foxconn factory in the door, fifth, the perennial to the Foxconn transportation services into the "labor leader" rush to press the unannounced visits to fill in the form and produce ID card information.

Reporters continue to inquire, "Foxconn machine substitutions, Kunshan region to lay off 60,000 people, then I will not be cut after hiring ah? & Rdquo;

Fifty-one quickly said, "nonsense, blind talk." I am here people are not enough to move it, but also layoffs? "Small five side, said to open the WeChat, so that journalists to see his hand to organize the management of several WeChat group for Foxconn recruitment. "You see, this group of people, 3 pm, I want to take them into the plant, you have to hurry to, I introduce you to a good post." & Rdquo;

Foxconn factory gate not far from the 100-meter crossroads, the reporter also saw a number of recruitment workers set up tables and chairs and temporary temporary recruitment bar, the intermediary said that the loss of a large blue-collar workers, their recruitment is not easy.

Previously, the continent's human cost has been lower than the robot, so Foxconn in the mainland has maintained nearly a million people in the scale of employment. However, labor costs are rising, young people gradually dislike the boring production line work and other factors are changing the situation, prompting many companies in the production of automation invested heavily.

In order to once again confirmed "machine substitutions" in the end there is no external rendering as turbulent, "Daily Economic News" reporter also keep in front of the factory, to a number of engineers out of the factory gate, a Zhu told the engineers Reporter, "Kunshan factory is a robot to replace, but no matter how much the robot can not do without people. We Kunshan factory has been a robot, has been part of the realization of automated unmanned production. To say the alternative, 1000 robot Chengsi most of the 100 people instead of not more than 10%; personnel are actually natural loss, because the reduction of production capacity and the relocation. Robots can only do some simple, repetitive movements, the assembly is uncertain about the robot, rely on manual assembly, can not do without people. & Rdquo;

Cyclical lack of labor, rising labor costs, industrial relocation, as a typical Taiwan-funded enterprises, Foxconn is also facing the same external environment. Reporters noted that in recent years, a larger shortage of labor in southern Jiangsu, Foxconn is also often encountered cyclical shortages, higher labor costs, large-scale production after the offer reduced. In a number of pressures for the local transformation, Foxconn began to use robotic technology, reduce labor costs.

So far, although it is unclear how many "Foxbots" are being used to assemble Apple products. But in a recent interview with Taiwan media, Dai Jiapeng, general manager of the Foxconn Automation Technology Committee, said that Foxconn could produce 10,000 robots a year, and that these robots would have the potential to replace human labor in the future. He also said that in addition to manufacturing robots, Foxconn does not rule out the acquisition of other robotic manufacturing companies. In addition, Foxconn also plans to produce medical robots.

Subsequently, the "Daily Economic News" journalists to the Kunshan Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department to verify the layoffs 60,000 people say, Propaganda Department staff told reporters that this argument is very inaccurate. Foxconn factory in Kunshan, the number of employees is indeed the highest from the previous reduction of 11 million people to the current less than 50,000 people, but a reduction of 60,000 is not temporary, but the natural attrition formed in these years. There is a robot replacement is also a gradual replacement, Kunshan employees to reduce most of the production capacity because of the current transfer to the central and western regions, Kunshan side orders are gradually reduced.

Machine substitutions trend, may also be worth the candle

Benefit from successively OEM Nokia and Apple and other mobile phone giant, Foxconn has become the world's electronic foundry king. However, by Apple "exploit" suppliers, smart phone market slowdown and other factors, Foxconn profit margins, survival difficult, these are really the pain of Foxconn's heart.

It is reported that Foxconn has deployed 40,000 robots in the mainland factories, these robots were assigned to the production base in Zhengzhou, Kunshan and Jia Shan at the same time the computer / peripheral plant has also been a lot of installation. In a recent interview with Taiwan media, Dai Jiapeng, general manager of the Foxconn Automation Technology Committee, revealed that he and his team of automated robots have successfully led the development, installation and use of more than 40,000 robots in the past few years. He also said that in addition to some parts, such as servo motors and reducer, these robots are basically Foxconn's own production. The future, in addition to manufacturing robots, Foxconn does not rule out the acquisition of other robotic manufacturing company. In addition, Foxconn also plans to produce medical robots.

Industry insiders predict that by 2030, the number of Chinese labor force will decline from 806.3 million in 2015 to 758.2 million. However, cutting costs, improving production efficiency, and the ever-shortening payback period for investment robots seem to be the decisive factor.

Foxconn machine replacement plan, Foxconn Kunshan factory from a dry Liu Yang (a pseudonym) told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, in the labor shortage and rising costs and other factors under pressure, Foxconn is certainly Hope to make up for vacancies through robots and get rid of unsustainable cheap labor force dependence, but the use of the robot is still limited, the robot can only be competent for a simple mechanical front-end assembly line operation, and to the iPhone assembly screw this Robots are in need of flexibility and precision, and robots are not yet competent. They lack flexibility and accuracy, and their maintenance costs are high, with less than 50 percent of the robotic replacement processes.

"The production of high-precision products require some stability better, more sophisticated equipment, need some higher level of automation equipment." As the robot stability is very good, but also sophisticated products, and labor-intensive industries are in the low-end industries, therefore, Foxconn's transformation is to consider the high-end industries, Foxconn & lsquo; Robot Substitution & rsquo; I think it is mainly to improve the competitiveness of science and technology and labor productivity from two angles to consider, not only from the rise in labor costs to consider. "Asian Manufacturing Industry Association, the International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Industry Alliance CEO Luo Jun told the" Daily Economic News "reporter.

It is noteworthy that, compared with the traditional human, industrial robots, the biggest advantage is efficiency and low cost. If a factory requires three mature welding workers, then the factory cost of 216,000 yuan per year cost of industrial robots according to the ten-year life of depreciation (including maintenance costs) to calculate the annual cost of about 50,000 yuan, it can be drawn, In the same benefits, the cost of industrial robots is only 23% of labor costs.

"In the short term, the cost of switching robots is higher than the cost of traditional manpower, but in the long run, the cost of one-time investment is relatively large, to the back 3 to 5 years will be able to recover the cost, so, from this perspective , One-time use of the robot or cost-effective. "Luo pointed out.

But on the other hand, the "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that the 2017 iPhone added two new supply partners: Qi State Science and Technology and Wang Silicon Technology.

In this regard, the tiger sniffing network famous writer Wang Xinxi commented that Foxconn through a large number of robots, or just a simple robot-driven production line, may not be able to adapt to the future of Apple's higher quality requirements. Because the introduction of a large number of robots to replace the assembly line workers, which means that Foxconn need to keep a long time and followed the original robot corresponding to the production line, but Apple's quality and quality requirements are constantly changing and upgrading.

Wang Xinxi said that for a follow-up to the current smart phone leading orders for the foundry, the staff than the current level of intelligence is not high robots have greater flexibility, once Apple's new requirements for parts of the case of change, Can quickly equipped with different staff to adjust the production line, follow-up demand changes. "Skilled workers and high-quality industrial workers are the core strengths of Apple's suppliers, only they can respond to the urgent needs of change, enhance the technical standards to meet the impact of innovation needs." If the robot can easily replace the human production of iPhone, that wealthy apple why not build their own robot factory to mass production? Foxconn's value and where? This is worth a good reflection of Foxconn. & Rdquo;

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