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Ma Huateng dialogue Qian Yingyi: the first secret! Originally WeChat was born this way

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In addition, Ma Huateng also gave entrepreneurs a advice: Entrepreneurship in this era, the need to focus on small pain points, and to focus on cross-border.

About WeChat's development, Ma Huateng said that WeChat was originally just a message, but it is fast to make you think it is not a mail. At the beginning of the development of the three teams at the same time doing, such internal benign competition is very necessary, only their own fight to make more efforts, will not let the company lost a large strategic opportunity.

Following Qian Yingyi and Ma Huateng dialogue record (by Tengyun editing):

Everyone here today, everyone in the use of your company's products, this apple, IBM can not do, you can see that you have a very large influence. I want to start with your experience and development. You are enrolled in 1989, chose a computer professional, then why choose a computer professional? What was the impact of the University's experience on your later growth?

Ma Huateng: I come into contact with the computer in the middle school, it became my interest, the more I feel that there is a great difference in the University, and later on the occurrence of more and more interest in the university.

Qian Yingyi: did you have a collective study of astronomy at college?

Ma Huateng: No, at the time, I looked at my spare time, including the information of the United States. I have read all the questions.

Qian Yingyi: are you buying these astronomical books from abroad? Are you interested in astronomy now?

Ma Huateng: Yes, it has always been of interest. May also be affected by my influence, we have a lot of early founders of the astronomical interest, and some people have their own investment to build a personal observatory.

Qian Yingyi: do you have any influence on the interest or knowledge of astronomy to your work or to think about innovation and entrepreneurship?

Ma Huateng: no direct effect. But you like astronomy, you will feel very small, maybe we are in the universe has always been a chance. So what things carefully think, there is no big deal, this to their own setbacks to the stable state of mind, think more open, I think it is quite helpful.

Qian Yingyi: are you interested in science fiction?

Ma Huateng: it's very interesting. Like a science fiction, the imagination is very rich. In fact, the novel wrote the current scientific and technological development, including some of the future development of the direction, forward-looking, can be expected.

Qian Yingyi: science fiction to provide imagination, and there are some industries need to have a forward-looking vision of the development of the imagination. Computer courses in the school to learn what, for the future is very helpful? This area is developing very fast.

Ma Huateng: the computer should be very difficult to test in Tsinghua University, I believe that when I want to test, then it is possible to enter. Learning in college is the foundation of the future growth is very important. But more to rely on extra-curricular interest. For example, at that time the computer room with a computer virus, what is the virus, it is what the mechanism is, we are interested in studying, the virus samples for autopsy, and then understand them.

These are not in the classroom to ask you to learn. The other school teachers will find some projects to do, and some may be out of business cooperation, this is a good opportunity to exercise, the project from the end with the finish, will fully exercise capacity is unlimited for future value, it is beyond you in school textbooks of the East west.

Qian Yingyi: a lot of training is actually outside the course of study, you have the impression that you are on the teacher's class impression deeper?

Ma Huateng: it will be more useful. Some students are not interested in this kind of extracurricular project.

Qian Yingyi: are you learning tyrants?

Ma Huateng: I don't learn tyrants.

Qian Yingyi: what do you do in your class?

Ma Huateng: 10 or so.

Qian Yingyi: a total of more than 10 people, right?

Ma Huateng: more than and 30 people.

Qian Yingyi: pay attention to, more than and 30 people ranked 10 or so, the future can make great things. What did you plan to do with your career in the future when you were at school? Happens to be 1989 to 1993 this time period.

Ma Huateng: Shenzhen is a window of reform and opening up, we have to see someone else's business, entrepreneurial atmosphere here is more concentrated, earlier than other cities.

At that time my brother will do some software so that we can see, I am very interested. I will observe how the revenue of the project, how the demand, how to achieve. In this process, I feel that I should not go to start a business. The reality is cruel, then Beijing, Zhongguancun, Shenzhen Huaqiang North, Zhongguancun Huaqiang North is the past many goods shipped. Huaqiang North are from Hongkong, these materials are imported from overseas, computer products. We have to say that we have to do a computer company, then the computer company is to help others assembly, the parts installed into a computer and then sell, so simple.

Later I found that in North Huaqiang the work of the people, who are not very familiar with the industry, only junior high school culture, primary school culture, but the market is very experienced. We graduated from the University of computer science, may also be unable to do. Later, I said, since the competition, but we still go to the enterprise to exercise, and then think about the entrepreneurial things.

By chance, in a book selling computer bookstore, I met a classmate, he work in motion. Runxun was the largest private telecom companies, do paging station, is a. Because I will write C language, when there is a project to use, I gave him a show, he said it was you. There are more than three months before graduation, I went to practice, working is 5 years, 6.

I like this into the pager industry, we know that QQ is the first to do network pager. Is also a chance coincidence, because I started to do computer and communication.

Qian Yingyi: is the program written by you?

Ma Huateng: this field is the combination of computer and communication, the computer savvy people do not understand the communication, understand the communication of people do not understand the computer and the network, I was in the middle, this is also a favorable condition in our business.

Markov management Cheats: key is to make good use of their advantages

Qian Yingyi: just a few points. I was the first time I heard. To sum up, the first location is very important; second people around is very important, surrounding the business, has a great influence over you; third, cross is very important, do a computer, do you happen to have communication, in between the two, the future decades of development is in combination.

You just said, the beginning of the QQ turned out to be a pager, this history is very attractive to our students. You start from the programmer, and become entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, managers and leaders, which has a considerable span. We all admire good leaders. For example, the first Tencent is the 5 founders, based on mutual trust and cooperation, cooperation is very good, and later you introduce a lot of professional management team, are very good integration. I would like to know, your personal leadership skills and style is how to shape up?

Ma Huateng: I am a typical young programmers, originally did not think I want to open a company, the leadership of what people, more or say I want to do a product, so that many people can use. The first step to survive. How to use my skills to save, this is the most difficult. First of all, you have to think about how to pay for the first year's salary? You can live frugally, previous savings bank. But the founder of the money can not earn back the money? This is the most basic thing.

At that time did not think so much, leadership is not able to attend to these, because the company can go all do not know. Small businesses can do the probability of success is very low, less than 5%, at least 95% of the enterprises will soon die. Great pressure during this period. Including my parents did not think, I am a fool can also open the company, they feel that it is not possible. So the first step I said I want to find some partners, I can make up for the defect. Our first team inside, the 4 is my high school or university students, there is one that we know in the work, is in the telecommunications industry.

I am good at the product, I know what I want, how to achieve, I would like to compare. Zhang Zhidong is definitely learning tyrants, strong practical ability; Chen Yidan is out of the government department, he although the technology is not strong, but he can form a team, the administrative, legal and government reception are experienced.

Qian Yingyi: the complementarity between several people is very strong.

Ma Huateng: right. Including Zeng Liqing is responsible for the market, looks like the style of the boss, we go out we call him boss. I pass my business card, business card, do not write the general manager, and sometimes on the writing of the engineer. I am responsible for the technical realization.

Qian Yingyi: other people's leadership is visible, you can not see, but you actually put these 5 people, as well as the back of the team are very good.

Ma Huateng: the key is to make good use of their strengths. Sometimes companies will be controversial, we will listen to everyone's ideas, and then think of ways to balance their views.

Qian Yingyi: how do you balance it?

Ma Huateng: contradiction is very much. Often the development is not good when the contradiction, we will be different. I think I have one, I mainly listen to you, and then I guide you, let him feel that he is out of the.

Qian Yingyi: This is a very powerful, very leading art, let a person unconsciously accepted your ideas, but also thought it was their own ideas.

Later, the style of the Tencent is also like this, a little more democratic, more diversified, so that different voices come out, I think this is a good thing.

Qian Yingyi: as a leader in the end or you decide.

Ma Huateng: Yes, it's a little bit better. For example, it really can not be said, the hands-on.

Qian Yingyi: did you have to be a student cadre when you were in college?

Ma Huateng: No. Our founder, Chen Yidan is the chairman of the student union, when he graduated, he said in the above, we look at the following.

Qian Yingyi: in the end you can lead him?

Ma Huateng: No, we're working together.

Warned Young Entrepreneurs: think a little bit, only to solve a problem

Qian Yingyi: a lot of Tencent's products are aimed at young people, you are very young after 70, but many of your products is to 80, 90, is now 00 after use, understand these young people by what way, let him love you? I know you have a team in the design, but in the end you need to decide the direction, how can you keep up with the ideas of these young people?

Ma Huateng: the original business when we are young, then grasp the user is no problem, but now older, some of our products used to feel like nothing, but later in abroad very fire, American teenagers especially love. We missed a lot of opportunities, including some of the emerging domestic media, or some of the community business, have missed. Old age does miss a lot of young people's sense of touch.

Now my way is, if you can not solve the problem, you should let the people know to do. You can contact with young users, observe them, and understand their needs. You can also invest in a way to invest in such a business. Third, to allow younger employees to come up more quickly.

Qian Yingyi: do you have any institutional arrangements for the development of special young people?

Ma Huateng: we need more young people, or the courage to innovate some people can appear. We also encourage internal competition internally, you have some very good ideas, you dare to try.

Qian Yingyi: now after 90, 00 in the role of what is inside you? Now executives or 70 after 80?

Ma Huateng: Yes, it's basically 70.

Qian Yingyi: now college students are 95, after a lot of 90, this year, Tsinghua University admission after 00. Your products are especially for young people.

Qian Yingyi: in recent years, the domestic business, especially young people's innovation, entrepreneurship is a climax, I remember the last time the high tide of entrepreneurship is probably the beginning of this century, around 2000. You are the lucky one in the tide of the venture, is now the idol of the young people, how do you evaluate the two pioneering era, what are the current entrepreneurs advice?

Ma Huateng: I feel that now the conditions of entrepreneurship than we had much better, to have funds to funds, to the environment, the environment, and many people. Now several large Internet Co, are in the cloud platform to build an ecological platform, in fact, to reduce the threshold, this is a very good thing. Of course, the threshold is low, business competition is more intense, than when we are fierce, There are both advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the environment is better than our current environment.

Qian Yingyi: in this more intense competitive environment, in the end what kind of way of thinking can allow entrepreneurs to stand out?

Ma Huateng: first, to focus on solving a pain point problem. Every week I get some letters that I can help you achieve. In my opinion he is too big, my advice is: do you want a smaller, to solve a problem.

For example, you can use a mobile phone to solve the problem of parking, to find the problem of parking spaces, or other small problems, such as attendance, school assignments, etc.. There are always some small pain points to make you feel at ordinary times is not convenient, think about can not use the Internet to solve this problem. In this case, you have a follow up in it.

This venture does not need too many people, a person, two people can be resolved, when you think of this idea can be verified through the Internet, and then gradually expanded, I think this is a direction.

Future innovation, including the transformation of the future of many traditional businesses, is often cross-border, and the industry is it will change, not the same. The inside you can catch the opportunity, is a good direction for entrepreneurship.

Qian Yingyi: any business will encounter many difficulties and setbacks, I particularly want to know, you have encountered the biggest difficulties and problems in the business, or the experience of failure is what? Later, how to deal with?

Ma Huateng: Tencent from an early age should have 3 particularly difficult times. One is the product we have developed the first want to sell to operators, we imagine selling a lot of electronic mail system, like selling a lot of sets, then those big ISP, ICP is willing to buy. But later discovered that instant messaging, which is a natural thing, this can be how to sell? And we had to tender. This is the Internet products and traditional products is not the same place, the traditional telecom products a bid finish to go, and you need Internet product innovation continue to maintain, not all go, no one to maintain it died.

Similar difficulties many Internet companies have encountered, I believe that Baidu is also. Search had wanted to give the portal, did not expect that they will become the entrance. Our QQ is not sold out, hit in their own hands. But the user rises, we have no money to buy a server, that it was very hard, a lot of pressure, do not go on to sell.

At that time, some of the early friends helped us to find investors, one is IDG, one is Hongkong PCCW, each to $1 million 100 thousand. Later, they sold the shares to South Africa's MIH.

Investors come in, we did not really find a business model. When investors do not have to worry about the business model, do not know how to make money, the only idea is to sell fattened. IDG has pulled us to see Sina and other Internet Co, began to be interested, but did not look at us.

Qian Yingyi: the first difficulty is not winning the bid, the second difficulty is that people can not see you.

Ma Huateng: IT is between Scholars scorn each other., male light. At that time, Sina technical staff feel that the software they can do a month out, do not buy.

At that time everyone thought it was dead. Our founders also discussed, these discussions are still a role, we do better than foreign products do more suitable for Chinese people to use. At that time, China had several different products, 163, 169, and one product in the south. According to our special China network has done a lot of optimization, we will build a point, and the three is a network, telecom, China Unicom and China education network, allowing them to Internet, we put it together, so the user speed is best, the fastest file transfer. At that time the establishment of word of mouth is our transmission speed is very fast, this is a very big just need to.

We have a chat room, when the chat room on the cold start of the product has a great role in stimulating, we all discussed in the chat room, make friends. Second is our head, personalization is our relatively early innovation. With an innovative solution to a pain point, you may win.

WeChat was originally a mail

Ma Huateng: after a few years ago, Sina micro-blog, began to turn to social networks from social media, when we heard that the school who has a micro-blog do communication between classes, this is a great crisis for us. It began to cast, the first reaction is we have to do micro-blog. But this is very difficult, the same product is no way to beat the opponent, you only find a completely different products to solve this problem. WeChat was born, it is a pure mobile phone mobile communications. At that time, the burden of QQ is very heavy, to solve the problem of PC, but also to solve the problem of mobile phone terminal, a number of internal teams are in development, who first solve the problem who will win.

Qian Yingyi: This is a deliberate design, so that the 3 teams compete with each other? Is this your decision?

Ma Huateng: it is true that there are 3 teams sign up. At that time to solve a big problem, how to play from the PC to move? NOKIA was once a year the market share of 70%, 80% the size of a sudden fall, Android, apple this kind of intelligent mobile phone quickly to replace the traditional functional machine, Internet companies react to survive, not react to die. We are the first to get the ticket, not on board and had not come, this is one of the biggest crisis.

Qian Yingyi: three teams do, basically started at the same time, the last one to win, and then the three team integration?

Ma Huateng: that's the problem with our internal organizational structure. The original group has a number of different platforms in the mobile terminal products, there are QQ, and our wireless division, was separated from the. But this innate structure is not reasonable, and later we quickly dispersed in different sectors of those traditional mobile phones, PC end of the product integration to a department to do.

Another is our QQ mailbox team. We are very early contact phone mail, using a BlackBerry phone, initially only to executives with. Later, we want to be able to develop a software in the QQ mailbox, so that each employee can be very convenient to use the phone mail. So there is a small group of research and development of mobile phone mail. Fortunately there is this layout, and finally came out of WeChat, is the team to do, the first message to the phone side, the client changed to WeChat.

WeChat was originally a mailbox. WeChat is actually a mail, is a quick short message, but it is fast to make you think it is not a mail.

Have the team in, we quickly in the design and development of the speed, so quickly developed, Zhang Xiaolong led the team, including him to grasp the degree of this product is in place, is very good.

Qian Yingyi: I don't understand. Now I understand. WeChat and QQ a very big difference, WeChat is in addition to the public use, the elite and executives are also used, you do QQ mailbox is to consider the use of the habit of executives.

Ma Huateng: the main problem is that when the user data just came out, we think this is a simple QQ. The real start is voice, according to the speech, the recording will go out. This is the same kind of foreign products do not have the function, including such as WhatsApp also did not have or function hidden deep. I found this feature, quickly on the hot. It turned a lot of non mobile phone typing executives into WeChat users.

There is the integration with the phone contacts, QQ user data import, you see a friend of the address book installed WeChat, it quickly installed, and this is the energy of social chain.

Qian Yingyi: I heard that WeChat is the name you want to come out? The name is very good.

Ma Huateng: I didn't think of that. At that time, I think it should be called a letter, then micro-blog is a fire, I think every day, and later in the group that is called WeChat, it is so casual. Project time, the three teams at the same time, Guangzhou QQ mailbox team doing, wireless business group they are doing, the name is called WeChat, but they do not tell each other the progress of research and development. Mailbox team out, the wireless business group is very depressed, their products are later renamed Q letter.

Qian Yingyi: even in a company, it's also a parallel experiment.

Ma Huateng: we later concluded that these internal benign competition is still very necessary. Why do you beat yourself? Often play their own, will be more efforts, will allow the company not to lose some of the major strategic opportunities.

Qian Yingyi: because every innovation has uncertainty, it is difficult.

Ma Huateng: if you don't do it, your competitors or someone in the industry can do it.

China's innovation and competition is fierce, far more than the United States

Ma Huateng: the whole of China's Internet is indeed the most early. Because the United States is the center of the global Internet, product innovation is the foundation of the United States is the first proposed, is a very strong advantage, but also not only the Asian countries behind, Europe is the way. But in the application of the combination to the local market is very different, the Chinese culture is very different. And frankly, the same model in the country, at the same time started very much, when there is an idea out, less than two weeks, there are dozens of teams started at the same time, began to do. The domestic track is very crowded, this is the most difficult, this time often need more innovation. This fierce competition for innovation, far more than the United states.

Some companies have begun to go to sea, you can see the Chinese companies are far more than the United states. You rely on the original model is certainly not far away, two or three months after the start of a different. Add a lot of new, unique, innovative points, you may win the competition.

Taobao, Baidu is also the way to grow up. WeChat there is more innovation, you can see that WeChat has done a lot of things, now overseas also see, sometimes turn to learn, this is because the Chinese competition is fierce, fast iterative product. You can see that WeChat can be used to achieve the whole industry, including the public number, sweep the two-dimensional code and a variety of life services. The street through the sweep of the two-dimensional code can be connected with the various industries, which is the combination of three years ago we started to do, including mobile payments. Three years ago, we started doing, encounter fierce competition of Alibaba Alipay, grow up, quickly open the market to allow more people to use.

Qian Yingyi: this year is particularly interesting, there is quite a lot of articles in the American mainstream media, talked about the Chinese including WeChat, innovation, or even turn to US companies in imitation of Facebook last week joined the takeaway in Facebook. The United States before the APP is a single function, WeChat is a comprehensive function, they are now also starting to add.

One day I saw a walk near Tsinghua, watermelon old lady on the tree for a WeChat to pay two-dimensional code sign, I tell this example for Americans to listen, they will know, WeChat payment functions have much.

This is very interesting, suddenly feel that the United States is very active in the Internet industry, China is also very active. In this competition, this round of innovation in Europe or Asia, the other previously advanced regions do not seem to keep up with?

Ma Huateng: as a whole, China is a little bit earlier than Europe.

Qian Yingyi: Europe is particularly lagging behind?

Ma Huateng: Europe is basically a direct use of the United States products. But we can be pleased with oneself, this is the innovation of application, on the basis of a lot of innovation, the gap is still very large.

WeChat later, the next impact on the world of innovation is what?

Qian Yingyi: in the application of innovation, China is now more ahead, but the basic innovation is not very advanced.

Ma Huateng: the future is like artificial intelligence, but also including automatic driving, robots, the United States in this regard the future of the leading strength is still great. For the next 20 years, 30 years such a long-term technological change, it should be ahead of the layout.

Qian Yingyi: Tencent in this regard what thinking or action? I know that based on cost considerations, before cutting the Research Institute, now like you said, what are your plans for the fundamental research of technology?

Ma Huateng: what's wrong in our past? Engage in a research institute, they and our business group (BG) competition, rushing to do products, do not have the competitive products. We begin to think about the significance and ways of doing independent research. Finally found that doing research or need to close to the battlefield, if and QQ, WeChat these platforms are too far away from the resources, a lot of things can not basically do. So then the research institute is divided into three parts, respectively, to the three BG. A part of the WeChat; and the team, is to do the image recognition; and the team is doing the search, and later sold, they integrate into the background division. Now this team has been valued, because AI is very important, they set up a AI laboratory. We will have a lot of talent in this area in the future.

Qian Yingyi: so, AI, you're also very seriously.

Ma Huateng: in the past, but also to do some, but did not apply to our products, we now need to have the group, the company's AI laboratory, to do some more forward-looking products.

In addition, we find a better way, is to cooperate with universities and other universities. We started in 2011 and the establishment of a joint laboratory of Tsinghua University, which has a lot of innovation from the cooperation with tsinghua. Such as street entrance, we do the street early in the map. Street to license and the person's face blurred, not violations of privacy, will not be able to shoot down the license plate. But how to deal with a large number of pictures? We and Tsinghua research team together, the professor with the students with our team developed, and later to solve this problem. There are a lot of functions are the teachers, students and our team to achieve, including LBS, IP address of the precise positioning and so on.

In fact, there are a lot of black technology in the future, and colleges and universities to achieve cooperation. Not necessarily our own research, to open out.

Qian Yingyi: like Google now do unmanned vehicles, Facebook virtual reality, VR, with their original product is very different. Now you do the innovative research with your products are still relatively related. Tell me about your ideas, do you have a very different product?

Ma Huateng: Yes, I am still very hard to say whether it is successful, I keep this opportunity, but also to encourage internal competition, innovation, or to give them this opportunity. There are some of the companies we invest in, do the business that is as strong as O2O, we do not do, give them to do.

Qian Yingyi: what do you think of the future of the world when you think of WeChat?

Ma Huateng: now I don't know, but I think, every big change, with the change of the terminal. PC to the phone, in fact, because the smart phone up, all of the ecology is not the same. The future, such as glasses type VR, AR. Many VR may everyone to play 20 minutes, dizzy, stand, may not continue to do, but some plug-in AR, may see a face to know your history and relevant information. Similar to the terminal if more and more popular, then the new scene changes, will lead to a huge change in home service. I think AR is a very good future growth of the new terminal.

But it also brings a lot of problems, including privacy issues, there are some occasions may not be allowed to bring a pair of glasses, etc., these will have problems, but the direction is still very good.

Qian Yingyi: this direction is the direction of the future, you have just talked about so much, from the growth experience to the development of many of the details of the Tencent, so that we are very inspired. Another week you will be 45 years old, we congratulate you in advance. In such a node, this year has become the highest market value of the company in Asia, which is the pride of our Chinese people.

Looking back 45 years of life, there is no feeling?

Ma Huateng: we are still on the road, we are still rushing forward, this is a process, we are very lucky, in the development of China's high-speed time can do some things inside.

Internet companies in China or Asia, it should be in the world, some achievements are not easy. The world's top 10 Internet Co, there are 6 of the United States, 4 China, other countries have not, you think about why so? Thanks to China's economy is booming, in the past we talk about the demographic dividend, which is running out, the demographic dividend may not have, but there is a consumer upgrade. Industries are constantly upgrading and upgrading, there are a lot of opportunities.

After we change the family planning policy, 10 years, 20 years after the wave of demographic dividend, you can also catch, to see what changes in demand for the next wave of young people.

Q1: in the large ecological strategy, Tencent investment companies tend to maintain good relationship with the Tencent, from the probability, the Tencent investment enterprises, the development of more successful. I would like to ask pony elder brother, Tencent in the investment is what attitude and strategy?

Ma Huateng: a few years ago, the Tencent's strategy is not open, many businesses have done their own, a lot of failure. We do but people do the electricity suppliers, sold; search is the same. There are many small businesses, we find the competition but outside the company, they are more focused, more aggressive, more creative.

So we are thinking, how to make a variety of species in the tree growth? How to make a big tree into a forest? We want to do ecology, the relationship is in fact equal, we are similar, they are independent of the development of the.

From the open strategy in recent years run out of the situation, the effect is getting better and better. BAT also have a competitive relationship between investment, but we do the idea of eco more open, we do not require holding, will give more support to partners, so that partners at ease in hand. We say the half life to him, hope he grow, entrepreneurs and partners in this very fancy. Then he will give us feedback of products, such as WeChat paid a lot of cooperation, enterprises are using it, it is helpful for WeChat to pay up.

Then what do we do? Do the platform, do the connector. The world is so big that it's impossible to make all the things on their own.

Q2: in the next 3-5 years, or 5-10 years, under the leadership of you, is how deep into the science and technology to connect the public good?

In the last two years we are considering how to do more things in the field of public welfare. We put almost 2% of the annual profit for the support of public organizations, I think this is a very good opportunity to play the role of the network to achieve the value of public welfare. For example, the number of steps in the WeChat campaign, every day you go to the 10 thousand step, you have the power to donate, which is equivalent to donate 1 or 2 dollars.

This money also sponsors to donate, because this is the brand exposed, thus further consultations with enterprises and public welfare. For example, you can use WeChat to send a minute of speech, made a sound book, to the blind.

And an idea that was recently put forward, and it's not yet realized. I have been thinking, how to use WeChat or QQ to achieve some of the emergency function? A disaster, you can use WeChat to get help? People around someone's disease, can not find a person with first aid, and even connected to the nearest emergency equipment, so that it can be started as soon as possible, because a lot of heart disease is often the key to treatment in the first few minutes of the disease. We are installed capacity of the largest software, positioning is very accurate, it may be the only thing we can do.

Q3: I have seen a story before, is China million rich life trend report Research Institute released the report, this report interviewed almost 500 more than the rich, they usually live and rest time less than 6 hours of sleep. What do you usually do?

Ma Huateng: I usually sleep less, you can make up for the weekend. Rest can not be said to be very healthy, the beginning of a few years, a little more exercise, running, climbing, so you see I am now thin, and hope that the future can be more and more healthy.

Q4: young people in the business, it should be entirely based on their own interests to choose to enter any industry, or to more consideration of the reality of the factors?

Ma Huateng: I think it's interesting to be able to do a little bit more fun, but I suggest that you should consider the reality of the problem, because it is the first time to live. When there is no business model, we pick up a lot of web development that we are not interested in a single, thousands, tens of thousands of pieces are to grab, is to make money to support our project. When you slow down, you can take your interest to do it.

Q5: we are doing business on the Internet, and now China's leading Internet Co are consumers of the Internet, we are all in the 2C. But we predict the future of the Internet with all enterprises and government agencies to complete the transformation of docking. I would like to ask is that the future of the Tencent in the strategic balance of corporate Internet and Internet industry? What is the location of the Internet in the ecosystem of the Tencent?

Ma Huateng: the problem is very good, but also we are thinking about the problem. In the past our strengths in communication, just started to do the game when the Tencent did not have this gene, but in fact, many genes need to slowly cultivate. Cloud service is good, including the enterprise version of WeChat, there are more social advertising business, many of which are in the marketing of small and medium sized enterprises to help, help them pinpoint customers, these are all we have to do something in the future, from now on we should reserve the power.

Q6: before you said that China's Internet products, better than the world is actually the application. I want to ask is, WeChat is testing the application, want to change, now re layout has been developed, the development and application of the market is very good, there may be a number of application like public number, WeChat paid such phenomenal product?

Ma Huateng: I don't dare to say it's a success. Outside is really a great hope for this product. But often we expect too high, the results are not very good. So small programs out of the industry as a whole, we feel that this is a very cattle thing.

At a level close to the operating system, we have to think about what your scene is? With what everyone will support, embrace this ecology? Will not be very fire, to the last year to see a joke? I think we still have a very clear understanding. We also discuss their internal flow inlet problem, how they continue to retain users? For enterprises, there will be some problems to be solved.

I want to go further in this respect. Enterprises do not need to buy a domain name, and do not develop APP, and directly in the development of small programs, including cloud services, everything has been resolved.

PS:40 PS more minutes after a student asked, there are a lot of questions to answer. The forum hosts a number of drifting bottles, filled with all kinds of questions collected before. With these drifting bottles, Pony left the hall.

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