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12 thousand of the layoffs, Intel why tens of millions of dollars into the sports industry?

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1.21.2 万的裁员计划后,Intel 为何以数千万美金大举进军体育产业?

Text: point brother

Not long ago, the other side of the ocean in the sports sector, there has been a big news.

Last month, Intel announced the global summit held in Santiago on its Intel capital (Intel Capital) to form a new sports group (Intel Sports Group), investment in sports vertical project.

On the day of the summit, Group Intel breath announced a total of $12 of investment in 38 million technology startups, most of which are linked to sports.

Science and technology sports marriage, Intel has long been covered

As early as before the establishment of sports groups, Intel's science and technology products and sports are inextricably linked.

In sports broadcast, Intel in the last season's NBA all star weekend, the application of its technology company Technologies FreeD Replay broadcast technology.


And Intel is not only in the NBA all star to try to apply the FreeD technology, also in the 2016 super bowl on the field of the technology to test the water, and its VR technology with. And with the increasingly sophisticated technology applications, which will be widely used in sports.

In addition to the innovation of science and technology 360 degree dead sports broadcast, Intel had also developed a Curie data recording chip, and combines it with skis or other wearable devices together with real-time recording, analysis and display of various parameters in motion.


In the broadcast, this technology can help the audience with an intuitive way to interpret the data and the performance of the athletes. And in sports, training, Curie technology is also able to provide athletes with a strong reference data.

Similar to the Intel, Curie sports data services also involved Red Bull limit challenge and all kinds of extreme sports events. Through the combination of GPS, data tracking and other technologies to achieve the technological upgrading of events. In addition, in the field of sailing, racing, sports helmets and other areas, Intel has a scientific layout.

Invest a number of start-up companies, Intel value?

In the list of the 12 companies listed on the investment of Intel's capital, it is half of the sports science and technology company in the name of Intel sports group. The 6 companies together with Sports Group Intel, but also inadvertently revealed Intel in the sports of several major layout.

  • Sports visual science and technology

CHRONOCAM is a technology company located in France, Intel fancy this company, is because of its new visual technology. CHRONOCAM through the study of human visual perception, to simulate the human eye on the high-speed moving objects to capture, in order to create a more sensitive, accurate and response time of the visual sensor.

In sports, CHRONOCAM sensor can be applied to capture the transmission of high-speed objects, such as racing, sprint, ice hockey and other projects, this technology can enhance the visual experience of the audience when watching.

Not only that, the human visual perception principle CHRONOCAM can also upgrade the UAV equipment in sports broadcasting in the autonomous mobile tracking, and other functions, if this technology can be widely used in sports broadcasting in Intel, then Sports Group will undoubtedly become a giant in the field.

  • Sports chip technology

In the ecological circle (ID:Eco_Sports) prior to the sports science and technology articles, we repeatedly referred to wearable devices in the next 10-15 years the huge market. And Intel's investment in sports layout, but also further confirms this view.

Currently, CubeWorks for wearable devices to build chips are mandatory limited to 1 square centimeters. Products in the market to fight a price war and functional warfare, the future of wearable devices 2 trend will be lightweight. After the injection of Intel, CubeWorks is also considering the use of this chip to develop a subcutaneous motion sensor.

  • VR Technology

In addition to the investment of a traditional VR technology, InContext Solutions, Intel soldiers spotted the coup, a company called Dysonics VR hearing.

Dysonics is a 3D hearing technology start-up company, its products through 8 microphone built-in 360 degree sound recording and playback, and collected from the arena voice changes will follow the user's head movement, provide a more realistic sound in the VR scene, the VR broadcast experience further upgrade.

This is before the Dysonics and the existing FreeD holographic imaging technology and the existing holographic imaging technology seamlessly together, forming a complete set of VR2.0 broadcast solutions.

  • Sports health data

Kinduct is a sports technology company in Canada, its core product is collected, and analysis for athletes and ordinary people of all kinds of data in the sports show, sports achievement promotion, protection of body function, make a scientific reference for health.

20 teams currently working with Kinduct

Compared to other start-up companies, the company's business has matured, Kinduct users from the team to the individual. In North America, the four major league, Kinduct has more than and 20 partners.

And another sports data company called K4Connect is more emphasis on ordinary people, the elderly and even the physical health of people with disabilities health data monitoring, management, and provide the corresponding rehabilitation, exercise program.

Large scale into the Bureau of sports, Intel gourd sell what medicine?

The Intel high point into sports, which in the gourd what medicine to buy it? Deep grilled Intel development trend in recent years, circle brother (ID:Eco_Sports) to find the reasons for these three points.

  • PC market industry saturation

In terms of Intel itself, with the saturation of the PC business, whether in terms of revenue or net profit in terms of operating income, Intel, there have been a certain degree of decline. The main processor business is blocked, so that Intel had to open a 12 thousand layoffs, in order to reduce the company's operating costs.

Annual sales of Intel 1999-2015

Net income of Intel 1999-2015

Compared with the Intel hardware market unable to get up after a fall, the data center business in recent years has maintained a double-digit revenue growth of two, while the sports big data industry is booming, let Intel see the potential of this market.

  • Intel strategy change

As the biggest driving force for business growth, the data center business in 2016, the pace of development has slowed down, its revenue rose only 5%. Since the fourth quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, an increase of 11% and 9%, respectively, the revenue growth of the business sector is continuing to decline.

Precisely because of this, Intel in the strategic adjustment, to conduct a more in-depth business transformation, in order to seize the opportunity of the Internet industry in the next round of revolution. Sports science and technology as a huge market segments, is bound to be the focus of the Intel to take care of.


  • The need for a one-stop solution for sports

It can be said, Intel plans to build from the transmission, from the hardware to the data of one stop to enhance the sports event experience solution, is the industry's new round of technological revolution precursor.

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