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Why Baidu's disciplinary executives so much?

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Li Mingyuan things come out, the first time in my mind, is probably two or three years a slow moving cruise on the Pacific.

Chinese tourists are almost full of all the tables, are thinking in this unfettered high seas, big facilities, enjoy the release of long suppressed pride.

Li Mingyuan, in a corner of the table.

His girlfriend, with his shoulder, stared at the card with vigilance. I look at the moment not far from their calm, slightly disappointing expression to see, but a small attempt to mentality, a few rounds down, at least not win much.

Preliminary impression, Li Mingyuan is not bragging, in order to benefit the people gamble gamble. In that day, it was fighting night, won 20 million.

"Blame and resign", not a "I know Li Mingyuan" out, probably because too young, not so much rivers and lakes, we again focus on the "Who is the whistleblower", "Baidu Palace "on.

Scattered information gathered into the portrait of Li Mingyuan, is: 83 years, Scorpio, military compound, love Halle, love football, double to high speed fast.

33-year-old, he is a big boy, no heavy burden on the family Moreover, the vice president, E-Staff positions, interns from the company has deep feelings, common sense should be when the mentality of the family, How can corruption? He also denies corruption in his circle of friends.

But he did personal investment in the "Huang Taiji" and "called a duck", and for the two sites, both with Baidu (take-away) have business dealings, these are public information, until now was classified as " ".

Also vice president, the highest E-staff of Wang Zhan also because of damage to the interests of the company was dismissed, can be seenBaidu in the past the management of the humerus minister is not harsh. Coupled with Liao Jun, Ma Guolin and other general manager of the level of crime, the level of high, the number of as many in the industry can be counted on one's fingers.

May ask a simple question: Do not their salary is not high enough?


This is Baidu salary range, mainly by technology, products, management, etc. into the T sequence, P sequence, M sequence, M from M1 to M5 (each level AB two levels), Li is the only M5, Li Mingyuan in M3B or M4 level.


The table is a technical sequence, the basic verification by Baidu's internal students. T10 is the technical director, T11 is the chief scientist. T9's annual income of up to 250W (including stock awards). It is reported, T5 is M M1A, then T9 probably corresponds to M3A.

If Li Mingyuan's position corresponds to the chief scientist, according to the table of the increasing trend, the annual salary of 350W, far less than we subconsciously "annual salary of millions." Of course, the actual should not be so small.

BAT staff salary difference is not too much, but the executives of the annual salary difference is not the slightest bit.

Sohu former CFO Yu Chu Yuan in 2015 plus all kinds of salary bonus options, subsidies totaling $ 970 million, a total of 65.7 million yuan, more than Charles Zhang.

Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi in 2011 a total profit of 47.574 million yuan, CFO Wu Wei total profit of 6.29 million yuan, vice president Peng Yi Jie total profit of 5.898 million yuan.

Ma's remuneration in 2015 to 32.828 million yuan, Liu Chi-ping to 74.97 million yuan, there are four senior management compensation totaling more than 700 million, the most likely O-level and business group president Xu Chen Ye, Ren Yu and Zhang Xiaolong, 4 average Annual salary will not forget.

BAT which produced more than the rich it?

"2015 Hurun list", Ali, including Ma, Xie Shijuang, Peng Lei, Lu Zhaoxi, including 18 executives list, the wealth of more than 2.5 billion yuan. "2016 Hurun list". Alibaba is still the largest number of companies on the list, with 18 shareholders on the list.

Ma is how to allocate shares? Remove Ma and Cai Chongxin, Ali management holding 1.5%.


Baidu last year, Robin Li holdings of 559 million shares, accounting for up to 16.1%, including Zhang Yaqin, Li Xin, Li Mingyuan and other management and directors holding a total of 10 shares of 0.6%. The average net worth of 35 million US dollars per person.

So there may be such a situation: high-power low-wage. The power is under one person, and the salary is under ten thousand.

With the level of the big brother to meet chat to ask you more than 30 million villas within the ring which piece is good, you said the whole set of five million to buy a set of three North Central. When tens of billions of billions of dollars in your power to decide, do not want to take a scoop is not OK.

Former Baidu Union General Manager Ma Guolin, 80 million bribes for the purchase of Beijing East 4.5 Central Pearl River Roman Garden Jiayuan house. The average price of 6-7W.


Baidu's history can also talk about.


Baidu was founded when there are seven founders, respectively, Robin Li, Xu Yong, Liu Jianguo, Lei Ming, Guo Gou, Cui Shanshan, Wang Xiao, they are also known as Baidu Seven Musketeers.

But starting in 2003, seven swordsmen who left one by one, with the Wang Xiao in 2010, leaving, Seven Musketeers only left Robin Li. Later, the business veteran and professional managers, Ren Xuyang, Ye Peng, Li Yiman, Liang Dong, Shi Youcai, Shen Hao Yu, Zhu Da Chen, Wang Mengqiu, plus veteran Wang Zhan, Li Mingyuan have left.

Now stay in Robin Li side, the first to join in 2004, can be described as "lonely Robin Li." "Latecomers" of the stock will naturally not give too much.

In contrast, today, Ali partners, there are still "Ocean's 18" in 11.

From the situation can also be traced back to Baidu status reasons. Shanxi is also the same, Jia Yue Ting very different, but broad talent recruited as music.

Jia Yue Ting in the creation of music before the dazzling and there is no resume, he is out of the cracks.

Born in Linfen City, Xiangfen County at the foot of Lvliang Shan Jia Yue Ting, graduated from a financial and taxation school in Taiyuan, after graduation assigned to Yuanqu local local tax department. After the resignation of entrepreneurship many times unsuccessful, until 2002 to create Shanxi Xibei Er, only with communication to earn the first pot of gold.

With the help of all the forces, music Watch is gradually up. This may make Jia Yue Ting aware of, willing to share the benefits in order to retain people, to work together. Behind us to see, music as willing to dig people pay, share. Of course, as the plates and funding chain tension, but also forced Jia Yue Ting had to do so, and even pledge their shares to support the ecological subsidiary.

Born in Shanxi Yangquan Robin Li, parents are factory workers, at home, ranked fourth, there are three sisters, is the only boy at home. Online, he was anxious, by the aggrieved argument.

In 1987, Li Yan Yangquan to the first college entrance examination results into the Department of Library Science, Beijing University of information science, from learning Pa to technology to take, all the way downwind, can be described as favored.

Baidu can be said to have surnamed Lee. Prior to listing, Robin Li's shareholding ratio reached 25.8%, second only to the largest institutional shareholders. Xu Yong, the number two person holdings of only 8.2%, other founding members are 1% and below.

Naturally, other people are probably only "service". In addition to Jack Ma, there are Lu Zhaoxi, Zhang Yong, Zeng Ming, Tencent in addition to Ma and Liu Chi-ping, Zhang Zhidong, Zhang Xiaolong, Baidu's number two you may not call a few.

Some people evaluate, Li a man airborne as CTO, as the Seven Musketeers Guo Gou, Cui Shanshan is only technical director, because Robin Li believes that "the monks of the outside will be chanting."

PlusBaidu is a technology company, KPI, will become a measure of management and staff of the main management tools. The following can only be done around the KPI. Values, KPI cover the next crisis, are easily overlooked.

In the end, all the glory, all the criticism, he can only afford a person.

"Baidu any good and bad, attributed to and should be attributed to me."

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