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Tencent was the United States Mission Comments "mutiny": Penguin's revenge to the ... ...

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At the beginning of this year, Tencent spare no effort to vote in the US group commented on 3.3 billion US dollars financing, only to see only 10 months, the US group commented on the payment from the stove will let the two sides had a crack, but also by the Internet circle called the new version The farmer and the snake.

The crack is the United States Mission to break the $ 1 billion purchase of a third-party payment license.

September 26, the US group announced the acquisition of third-party payment company announced a wholly-owned purse treasure, get the dream of third-party payment license, filled its own short board. After getting the license, the US group continued to comment on the action, the recent news that the lack of third-party payment due to the central bank's request to be off the assembly line of the US group will soon pay its own function on-line again.

So, the United States Mission Comments why "Betrayal" Tencent this strong supporters, at great cost to buy a third party payment license?

Earlier, in the United States group review of the payment link, although there are WeChat, bank card and other payment methods, but the WeChat payment has long been popular, become the largest group in the payment link channel, annual channel fees as high as nearly billion. If the United States Mission to gradually use its own means of payment, for Tencent's WeChat payment, not only cut off nearly a hundred million money, its strategic layout in the O2O will also be disrupted.

This is for investors Tencent, is undoubtedly a wake-up call. The news was released, Tencent shares again and again frustrated, and even five Lianyin.

Buy the secret behind the payment license

US delegation commented on the senior vice president of Mu Rong have said, "US group Comments received third-party payment license, is conducive to our customers, businesses to provide more secure and convenient service. The future we will provide users, businesses to provide a wide range of choices, and partners go hand in hand to achieve a win-win development of the O2O ecosystem. & Rdquo;

In the industry view, the United States Mission to buy pay licenses, more importantly, Wang's ambitions.

As we all know, in China's Internet business territory, BAT one-third of the world. US group CEO Wang Xing is not willing to comment under the eaves of BAT, China hopes to become the fourth pole of the Internet. Previously, Wang Xing is confident that the US group will become the next giant. In the eyes of many US group employees, even if the United States Mission Super Ali, and Tencent, Baidu over the next few years is the minimum target market value.

US group to build their own Internet empire, there is no third-party payment license, equal to their own hands in the hands of others, everything is elusive.

Own payment function on the line before the US group commented in addition to Tencent each year to pay the high cost of the channel, the flow of funds and payment data to analyze consumer behavior data, the same is not in their own hands. In addition, the US group to comment on more financial services, not only Tencent to be a piece of cake, more likely to be constrained, which for the US group comments, simply can not accept.

In the industry view, the United States Mission has its own means of payment channels may be, in many payment channels to create "scene payment" closed-loop situation, has established a diversified use of the United States Mission commented on the scene, hoping to pay channels Control in their own hands.

As a result, Tencent although both financial and material resources to spare no effort to support the US group comments, but the latter eventually chose to "Friends". Such as the original US group will be Ali out of the Council, Tencent is also faced with the embarrassing situation out.

Comments on the US group's "selfish" for Tencent, not only upset the strategic layout in the O2O, but also to Tencent BAT three giant explosive in the O2O battle lost an arm.

Previously, Tencent O2O gameplay is "relying on users to make the world", sitting on hundreds of millions of QQ and WeChat users Tencent in the O2O layout "fish like water". To WeChat platform, for example, Tencent relying on the WeChat platform not only to achieve "one woman more than married," the shopping, dining, travel, life services and other services to absorb O2O come in, is relying on micro-public number mechanism or platform to recruit a large number of small and medium- Businesses and services.

However, the interests of the pattern has changed, Tencent is taking the initiative to stay away from the US group comments, and even started encirclement and suppression.

Micro-wallet in the third-party services, there are drops of travel, 58 home, Jingdong selected a number of O2O service providers. It is noteworthy that the train ticket booking provided by the same travel, hotel reservations provided by the eLong, eat, drink, local life services provided by the public comment, but this is the legacy of Zhang Tao era, and Wang has nothing to do.

In addition, Tencent gradually to the United States Mission commented on the loss of control, is cultivating a new life service platform. Such as Tencent and 58 Group launched a "Tengcheng Plan" strategic cooperation, designed to work together to create "the strongest social life service complex". This is for the US group comments, is not good news.

Ten years ago, the US group commented on the introduction of Tencent's capital and abandon the original investor Alibaba's impact has not dissipated; Of the situation. Three times the "betrayal", or will trigger a United States Mission Comments against the big encirclement.

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