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Chinese version of SpaceX to: In addition to the national team, as well as returnees geeks

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中国版中国版 SpaceX 来了:除了国家队,还有海归极客

Clicking on a smartphone, you can control the VR camera over the planet to view the whole planet, or manipulate different aircraft for a space soccer game. Is not it cool?

This is the future of Space VR, founder of Ryan Holmes vision of the scene. October 31, coincided with the Zhuhai Air Show held on the eve of the United States came to Zhuhai, a creative show of his business plan. For him, China is not only interested in consumer aerospace black technology, the middle class, but there are potential opportunities for cooperation - Space VR hundreds of small aircraft into space, is likely to need China 's Long March rocket.

In Ryan Holmes's hometown of the United States, Space VR has long been announced to take the Space X's "Falcon-9" rocket plan for space. Now, China's rocket is posing "looting business" trend, trying to get a share from the global business market. With the growth potential of the commercial sector, coupled with national policy encouragement, the original government-led space industry, is gradually moving toward the public, has gradually become a real money business.

This commercial aerospace movement, the entry of a rocket commercial operation of the national team, a capital of the listed companies, but also the returnees geek set up the civil team. These companies to adopt a variety of rocket models with, re-use and other strategies to plan low-cost "space courier" network; while promoting space technology in commercial flight services, satellite operations, ground amusement parks and other scenes in an attempt to extend earnings Chain.

In 2015 the global aerospace economy amounted to 335.3 billion US dollars, of which 76% of the share of the commercial aerospace field. In the global trillion-level market contest, China's "Space X", will have much imagination?

China Edition "Space X" Rise

Space X is the ideal partner for a space geek like Ryan Holmes. Since 2015, a number of land and sea recyclable test, the United States private technology companies were reputed to the world, "cheap rocket" strong spoiler commercial aerospace market. With low-cost advantage, Space X's explosive rocket "Falcon-9" has been the next five years, 38 launch contracts worldwide, of which 24 are from the international commercial launch market.

It is even more surprising is that Space X founder Masi also released in September this year, "Mars colonization" program, which also means that Space X also need to do more "space shuttle bus" business. Also in the United States in 2016, Blue Origin succeeded in testing the reusable rocket "New Shepard" for the fourth time, while ATK's "Cygnus" cargo ship sent its first commercial 3D printer to the International Space Station (ISS).

"Space X and other stars of the emergence of a milestone significance. "Shenzhen Guangqi Polytechnic Research Institute, said Liu Ruopeng," whether business or mass consumption, the market has demand for space technology, but has been more difficult to break through the barriers to cost. " Space X to achieve low-cost operations, so depressed space commercial demand for large-scale release. & Rdquo;

He also told the 21st Century Business Herald that space applications have been explored for more than a decade, but the advent of Space X validates the possibilities of many scenarios, accelerates the process of global exploration and encourages more people to enter the scene.

Behind this is a huge market. According to the US Space Foundation's "Space Report", the global aerospace economy in 2015 amounted to 335.3 billion US dollars, of which 76% of the share of commercial space. In other words, the global commercial space market, at least over 1.72 trillion yuan scale. According to the logic of the market, with the emergence of low-cost, multi-application scenarios of Space X, commercial space cake is likely to continue to grow.

Space technology leader in China, naturally will not miss this opportunity. In 2016, "Space National Team" Aerospace Science and Technology Group and Aerospace Science and Technology Group, has in February and October the establishment of Space Science and Technology Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Space Rocket Company") and China Long March rocket limited Company (hereinafter referred to as "China Rocket Company").

The two companies will provide "fast boat" series and "long march" series of rockets, are regarded as the Chinese version of "Space X". At the same time, the media known as the Chinese version of "Space X" of the "civil" at least One Space (zero one space), listed companies in Zhuhai Orbit.

Tang Guohong, vice president of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, said that in the space technology matures, the market needs of diverse applications, the Chinese space industry will be out of the country from the main task of the "closed" and "semi-closed & rdquo; ; State, to the public consumption, business application scenarios "open integration" of the state close.

This is in fact the direction of policy design tilt: commercial space is being used as a new economic normal way to boost scientific and technological innovation, stimulating economic growth industry "rocket". In May 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission "on the implementation of the manufacturing industry to upgrade a major project package", one of the key projects is the "commercial space product development project", including commercial remote sensing satellites, communications satellites and launch vehicle development production line; In the national "13th Five-Year Plan" referred to the "scientific and technological innovation 2030 major projects", the quantum communication, quantum computers, deep space exploration and spacecraft, on-orbit maintenance services such as the integration of information networks, Are closely related to commercial spaceflight. August 2016 launch of the satellite "Mozi number", by the industry as China's first layout of the quantum communication commercial "generous".

In the dual role of the market and policy, the Chinese version of the space business to do "Space X" constantly emerge.

Chinese version of "Falcon" - marching mdash; Long March

Rocket launch service, almost all aerospace commercial applications, the starting point, is also the most popular commercial space needs cake. Few people can think of, China's space industry and Space X contest, as early as four or five years ago began.

In a speech in Zhuhai, China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd., general manager of the Americas Department of the source referred to a "historical anecdotes", 2008 to 2011, the three major US satellite operators to lobby the government lobbying Union, I hope the Government to further open the commercial launch market. That time, China's Long March rocket has a strong price advantage, most likely to harvest the Americans launch orders. But the Space X launch satellite in 2012, "(lobbying the government's voice is basically no", one of the aforementioned satellite operators directly selected SES Space X rocket.

Division source described SES on Space X's favor almost crazy. Low-cost rocket is not the only competitive business elements, but will make the competitive advantage is more obvious. Space X with low-cost control of the race's initiative, the Chinese enterprises to really "Jiaozhuan", what needs to be done? A reference answer is to use low cost against low cost.

Han Qingping, president of China's rocket, said the cost reduction is the focus of the company's business application development direction. Its advantage is to stimulate demand, the market size.

China's rocket company strategy for the cost of refinement, appears to be more than Space X and other overseas private enterprises rich: the development of recyclable rocket or long-term plan, the company recently want to do is to use a variety of models have rocket, Starting from the logistics network to space. According to Han Qingping introduction, similar to ordinary people sitting in the car about different models of vehicles, the user can choose different head of the four rockets "space vehicle" to the space transmission satellite. Even with a rocket "space vehicle", users can also choose a dedicated service for a single customer "space shuttle", "multi-star space shuttle" and the use of the remaining capacity of the "space shuttle ride.".. & Rdquo;

This means that, compared to the less space X, a variety of models of any choice of the Chinese rocket companies can launch through different options with the option to obtain low prices.

But then there are big cars do not move the cargo. The above mentioned "space vehicle" program, the maximum load is 7.6 tons (near earth orbit) and 5.5 tons (geosynchronous transfer orbit). This is the world's major commercial launch rocket there is a gap, for example, "Falcon-9" carrying capacity has been updated to 22.8 tons (near Earth orbit) and 8.3 tons (geosynchronous transfer orbit).

However, such a gap is likely due to the emergence of the Long March to be improved.

November 3, the successful launch of the Long March V rocket, the space shuttle load to refresh to near-earth orbit 25 tons, the earth synchronous transfer orbit 14 tons. Long March V rocket, equivalent to the load capacity of the Chinese rocket, and to "Falcon -9" the same order of magnitude. Such a load can be ballroom-style space station as a whole sent to space, while the previous Chinese rockets need to launch again on space splicing to complete. It is precisely because of this, the Long March 5 is considered to have great commercial value, greatly enhance China's international commercial launch market competitiveness.

The Long March V rocket was another advantage is that it is in the rocket safety performance has greatly improved. This is the main concern of the current market issues, the price of rocket launchers reduced, to ensure the safety of the satellite do? Even the current commercial space Bazhe Space X, did not dare package. More than two months ago, Space X's "Falcon-9" in the implementation of the launch mission when the explosion, Zuckerberg's $ 200 million satellite instantaneous become "cannon fodder". In a number of industry view, this shows the need for commercial space is a high-risk areas, high barriers to the industry, not everyone can approach.

Liu Ruopeng stressed that the Internet business is stronger than the business logic of marketing, commercial aerospace field does not apply. "But then again, there are high barriers to high growth potential, where we go to find such a good industry?" He rhetorical reporter.

But Liu Ruopeng that the best opportunity is not in space, but in the Earth's atmosphere close to space & ldquo; near space & rdquo ;. "This is the traditional aircraft fly up, the satellite does not fall down space, I need a balloon on it." "He told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter," If you can make such a balloon, the enterprise launch satellite satellite rocket money are saved. " & Rdquo;

With the leading technology in the field of metamaterials, Shenzhen Guangqi Polytechnic Institute has made a suspension in the city over the large balloon "cloud number", integrated climate monitoring, smart city and other data. At present, "cloud number" has been operating in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. And once a larger climate into the adjacent space, its coverage of the region will be extended to a large province or several provinces.

"Aerospace +" Format

For the moment, two national team background rocket company commercial launch is executing the contract, not like Space X has completed the actual order. From the public information, the current domestic launch of the fastest listed companies in Zhuhai Obbit, the "Zhuhai No. 1" of the two satellites but also in November to December to enter the space. But now the situation is that there are non-stop capital, business for the rocket, satellite excitement, play to do "Space X" slogan.

Having said that, there are rockets "space vehicles" and there are commercial satellite "cargo" it?

Tang Guohong has always believed that commercial satellite launch is a very potential market. According to his estimate, the current global needs of thousands of satellites, only the domestic needs of thousands of stars.

But from Shenzhen, communications industry veteran Lei Ming think this may not be a good sign. He told reporters on the 21st Century Business Herald, the market demand for commercial satellite launch there is a certain degree of overestimation. In fact, many satellite resources in space are idle, and the development of satellite technology has not kept pace with the needs of commercial applications. For example, the use of satellites to replace communications base stations are optimistic about many enterprises, but now the commercial satellite storage capacity is only KB level, only for SOS for help, and can not achieve real-time multi-person calls.

Alibaba also encountered technical bottlenecks in planning to operate satellites. Internet giant Alibaba has been to the Chinese rocket company in 2017 under the satellite launch "Zanjuan number" order, the satellite will be days after the Alibaba's rural electricity providers to provide remote sensing data.

Alibaba Poly Liu Bo, general manager of cost-effective division, said the satellite can not store data, only for the ground platform to collect remote sensing images and other data. The terrestrial platform can adjust the decision according to the satellite data, but the satellite can not be adjusted according to the ground data change. Thus, technology bottlenecks are likely to constrain the future of commercial satellite launches.

This also means that in front of many barriers, Chinese enterprises to achieve better profitability, need to do more.

China's Rocket Company's business philosophy is to extend from launch services to a full set of satellite operations solutions, through value-added services to increase profitability. The Lao Satellite Project of China Asia-Pacific Company (formerly known as China Rocket Company) already has such a service. Moreover, in the 10-year blueprint of China Rocket Company, sub-orbital reusable aircraft development and launch, commercial space facilities and ground experience park construction, the goal is to complete the ground experience, commercial launch, space travel, As one of the whole chain pattern.

Public information display, extension of the chain, but also space rocket company, Orbit, One Space and other commercial space on behalf of the future logic of business.

Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the first party secretary Hao Zhao Ping said that the overall operational logic of China's commercial space should be "space +", that is, the demand for human space technology integration of different formats, especially into more consumption scenarios.

"Space +" Format has been tried. Chinese rocket company and Alibaba earlier cooperation business is the use of spacecraft launch shell materials, reverse order of life accessories, the product in September has been sold out on the line. This also seems to tell Maske, to achieve the rocket can be recycled, there is another way.

Liu Bo said that space recycling materials due to a limited number of properties, which by middle-class consumers. The future of China's aerospace industry can play a super IP, take the Palace Museum to develop cultural derivatives of the road.

"With the upgrading of national consumption, people's space market demand always exists." As long as the price is reasonable, some people want to experience space travel. "Tang Guohong said," even the level of consumption is very ordinary civilians, you can also feel the space through the VR technology. " & Rdquo;

This is good news for Ryan Holmes. If the price of the Chinese rocket to his satisfaction, his VR game space dream will rely on more Chinese partners.

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