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WeChat update from the new version of talking about today's headlines and WeChat will have a war?

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Today, WeChat officially updated the 6.5.4 version, although for the Spring Festival launch of the "face-to-face red envelopes" occupy the vast majority of the media space, but a small update on the micro-search may be more worthy of our attention.

Micro search a small step, perhaps a big step in information flow

In this updated version, the micro-search content refinement, we will be able to search for different categories of content, rather than before the various search results mixed together. In previous versions, we have been able to retrieve the contents of the station through WeChat. Can be expected, more detailed content of WeChat search frequency will become higher. WeChat search is no longer micro-envelope closed ecosystem search tool, but turned into a real search engine.

Young community "right" partner Pan said: "Micro search is an independent project, Zhang Xiaolong has been trying to micro-search and friends circle heat split text, WeChat search began to support the station content , Which may not have anything to do with Sogou. "

This inference has a certain rationality, Sogou in the past year has achieved good results, Sogou even the only WeChat to retrieve the contents of the public search engine, but Sogou's market share is not soaring, behind the deep The logic is that the WeChat does not give the search box to Sogou. On the one hand is not the entrance to the important partners Sogou, microblogging on the other hand and continue to add more value to the search box, from which we can draw a conclusion, in the idea of ​​Zhang Xiaolong "search" will likely be WeChat ecology is a very important part.

As many earlier media has numerous analysis, the mobile side of the information distribution in fact by the "search + recommended" two parts. Today's WeChat search box is full of features, the next step is likely to micro-letter will launch similar to today's headlines personalized information flow.

In fact, we may also be able to find some answers on hand Q. There is a "QQ Aspect" entry on hand Q, where the content is divided into "Aspect" and "Subscription Number", which is no different from the familiar micro public number, which is the recommendation of today's headlines Channel, and the flow is quite impressive. In the hand of the increasingly mature content distribution system, may be a micro-information flow of a reference product.

The inevitable choice of information flow products, advertising revenue has become an important source of revenue growth Tencent

Two years ago in the "Tencent's future, can only rely on the game?"One article, I have a judge, Tencent's future will not be O2O and electricity providers, and must be the game + advertising two legs to walk. Two years later, Tencent's O2O and electricity business has been stripped out to the partners, and advertising in the Tencent revenue component is more and more heavy.

Tencent users is about 2/3 of Facebook, online advertising market Tencent has a huge room for growth, even if only half of the level of Facebook, there are nearly 600 million US dollars, Tencent revenue and perhaps even one day through the upgrade online Advertising and double.

In fact, many people also believe that from the first quarter of 2015, 12.16% jumped to 18.44% in the third quarter of 2016, Tencent's advertising revenue can continue to grow, or even can be called leaps and bounds, largely lies in WeChat began commercial testing of water outside the mobile game, which is mainly composed of a circle of friends and public advertising.

The latest earnings data, Tencent third quarter advertising revenue of 4.368 billion yuan, an increase of 83% in the second quarter advertising revenue of 3.697 billion yuan, an increase of 80%. Tencent results advertising revenue year-on-year growth is still increasing, but the chain growth rate from Q2 46% to Q3 20%. WeChat circle of friends and WeChat public number of results advertising revenue growth is actually slowing down to some extent.

The other embarrassing figures for Tencent, WeChat and Facebook users may be the ARPU value of the comparison, the data show that Facebook ARPU in North America more than 14 US dollars. In contrast, foreign media estimates of the WeChat ARPU is only $ 7, which includes not only the contribution of advertising, but also includes games, O2O, finance, electricity and many other imagination.

WeChat effect slowed down behind, in fact, is a WeChat public large earn pours, as micro-Bo early to make money, the platform is losing money the same. WeChat public Although the continued prosperity of the ecological, but Tencent has quite a bitter feeling. This is the micro message in the second half out of the reorganization of the public number "Brush" large flag of the reason. But six months later, can be said to have little effect. In contrast to today's headlines, its advertising revenue growth has been maintained three-digit growth, this year is shouting the slogan of 6 billion yuan, the key lies in today's headlines on the content distribution control is higher than the public number. (You can try to make an ad on the headlines today, will not be a large extent, any recommendation of the platform)

WeChat public number to open the frequency in the lower, with the collective power of the new media platform, the user access to information channels more and more. The circle of friends is a private social networking sites, once the advertising too much, this will inevitably affect the user experience of the entire platform, which makes no way to circle as a friend of microblogging information flow as a large number of advertising, WeChat can be said that the effect of advertising is beginning Close to the upper limit. WeChat may also note this, which is why we see last year's WeChat has been "lap circle of friends," the test water, to some extent, is hoping to increase the effectiveness of advertising show.

So based on this point of view, WeChat on-line similar to the headlines of today's information flow is imminent, providing personalized tag based on user interest, not only can increase the effectiveness of advertising imagination, but also WeChat to the existing public ecology to re-shuffle. Once launched, micro-users to obtain information on the main way is likely to WeChat from the public number and the circle of friends into personalized information flow, refer to the Q hand on Q Aspect. The final winner of the WeChat, will be regained the power of advertising distribution.

Headlines micro letter must have a war, in the final analysis is the user to use the length of contention

In fact, we have seen a lot in a variety of occasions, in the eyes of many people, today's WeChat has a WeChat public number of such a large content of the ecological, friends.. Circle is also helping us to filter information. From this point of view, whether it is WeChat public number or a friend circle have played a function of information flow, but this may not be enough for the WeChat.

In the second half of last year, the US group network CEO Wang Xing proposed a "Internet into the second half" concept, this view aroused a lot of controversy, we all believe that the Internet is driven by continuous innovation, not an eternal enterprise, and Alibaba And Tencent in the mobile Internet era is not only not the new rise of the small giant subversion, but become stronger, so there is no concept of the second half.

But Wang has a point of view is very reasonable. In his view, the mobile Internet era, the user growth dividend gradually disappear, now is the time for the user to compete. Coincidentally, today's headline CEO Zhang Yiming is also under different occasions to emphasize a similar point of view, today's headlines relish a concept of publicity: today's monthly monthly headlines after the use of WeChat.

Today's headlines can be successful, in fact, largely because they successfully captured the three or four lines of the city's Internet population increase, through extensive pre-installed, today's headlines to establish a strong user base moat. Coupled with the bias of the vulgar personalized entertainment content, itself has the flow of the black hole effect, today's headlines of daily living and use of time to continue to record highs.

As mentioned earlier, the micro-public number and the circle of friends played a role in the flow of information, but the information you get from the WeChat is basically from your social relationships, compared to today's headlines personalized recommendation is undoubtedly a big bottleneck of. For many of the three or four lines of micro-city users, they do not have a first-tier cities as complex social relations chain users, the frequency of interaction between users is not high, which means that they can get from the micro-information in the amount of information is very Limited, it is possible to brush a few minutes gone.

And these users of information needs, WeChat has not been met. Today's headlines are also based on the rise of this advantage, their recommendations to meet the needs of these users more information. To my mother such a more typical user, her knowledge of the mobile Internet is almost zero. Every day about the use of WeChat about 20 minutes, only need to contact someone else's time to use WeChat. Her micro-friends number less than 50, subscribe to the public number of not more than 10, access to information is extremely limited. But she uses today's headlines to read the news every day more than 1 hour.

So from the perspective of access to information efficiency, WeChat users will be transferred to today's headlines. Although today's headlines as a tool for information distribution, will never be able to replace the WeChat as a social software, but it will squeeze the use of WeChat length.

When users grow into a bottleneck, the longer the user is no doubt the product imposed by the imagination will be more. Such as the ink weather tool why there is a huge user base but no imagination of the logic of space is here. So the WeChat and the headline is bound to start between the user's time to start a battle.

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