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China Youth News: Huawei has a similar internal culture, such as gangsters to eliminate corruption

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In the development of the road, Huawei in the anti-corruption, to some extent like the removal of traitors. Every time, "espionage" action, can make Huawei more excited, to the company into more passion.

Recently, Huawei internal communications Huawei consumer terminal business six former R & D personnel to disclose the internal information is XingJu issue. Almost at the same time, Huawei is also held in Shenzhen Bantian base 2017 cadres work style swearing. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei led Huawei executives and managers of the oath, the contents of the oath on the integrity of self-discipline and efficient implementation. If such oath took place in the general unit, mockery, I am afraid that will account for the majority, occurred in Huawei, heart admiration of the people but the mainstream.

Public opinion because of corruption and concern about Huawei, but also because of the speed of development and concerned about Huawei. In 2016, Huawei's sales reached 520 billion yuan, an increase of 32%, the company is close to 7 trillion yuan of water. Huawei's patent number for the first time in the country for many years, R & D funds often exceed the sales of many well-known enterprises. Such a large company, but also involves a variety of sophisticated technology, corruption is almost inevitable. Precisely because of this, Ren Zhengfei's attitude is: the company does not develop because of corruption, nor because of the development of tolerance and corruption.

When the WeChat team size increased to 1500 people, Zhang Xiaolong on increasing communication costs worried about. Huawei's scale than WeChat a few orders of magnitude, how to maintain efficient operation and clean style, which is bound to have no small challenge. Therefore, the oath also stressed that "complex problems to learn simplicity". In addition, do not tell lies, do not engage in factions, do not flatter, the nature of these oaths, are to reduce communication costs, making the company more concise and clear internal communication.

Corporate executives swear, not just anti-corruption, but also anti-bureaucracy. For Ren and Huawei, the internal control, supervision, review and other multiple processes of the system is important, but the fundamental purpose of business is to create more profits. Therefore, the oath embodied the system requirements of clean and self-discipline, but also demonstrated the Huawei corporate culture. If there is no corporate culture as the underlying code, the implementation of the system will become a "cat and mouse game". Huawei to the outside world of this corporate culture known as the "wolf culture", I think there is some truth.

Huawei's success in the various types of analysis has been said a lot. Huawei executives sworn from the point of view, it is important that there is a similar Huawei internal "gang culture" thing. This is not to say that Huawei is a gangster, but that Huawei corporate culture and gang culture is similar to the members of a high degree of cultural and emotional identity, with a consistent goal, and the existence of an undisputed authority figures. "Take the lead in Big Brother," the order, the members are all high-spirited, go through fire and water. We can find that such a gang culture and wolf culture have very similarities.

Huawei is the only real goal of development, corruption is only a factor affecting its development. Therefore, in the development of the road, Huawei anti-corruption to some extent like the removal of traitors. Every time, "espionage" action, can make Huawei more excited, to the company into more passion. The purpose of anti-corruption is to unite the people, to form a stronger sense of internal identity.

Huawei's approach to the general company will not learn, because not every company to conduct an anti-corruption, engage in an espionage action, you can gather people. When we see Huawei executives oath scene, we must also think of Huawei's ownership structure of the great tilt of the staff, to see Huawei's generous investment in R & D innovation, but also to see Huawei's internal Ren Zhengfei such a spirit The presence of leaders. Each company's own corporate culture is the underlying code, the underlying code is different, the effect of the oath is also different from their interest. Therefore, Huawei executives swear, Huawei must be combined with the underlying code to examine.

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