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Ma Huateng push! WeChat push the golden red envelope truth: Alipay

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WeChat red envelope has become accustomed to the social way, and this high-frequency applications almost captured our Spring Festival life. Recently, Tencent internal and gold inside the red envelope, will be red envelopes and gold investment together, which also led to industry attention.Gold red envelope is what products, & Lt;Tencent do gold red envelopes have any intention, will be the same as the WeChat red envelope of fire?

Tencent closed beta gold red envelope

Gold red envelope is a specific kind of product? Tencent Internet financial official micro-signal issued a document that recently paid to pay with the Industrial and Commercial Bank jointly launched the "Tencent micro-gold" This online gold trading products. "Golden red envelope" is based on the platform to provide the service. The user can own the gold share in the form of red envelopes to transfer to friends and relatives, the form of performance for the "red envelope".

Data show that during the Spring Festival, Tencent CEO Ma had sent to Tencent employees red envelopes. However, the current gold red envelope is still closed beta, microblogging bundled micro-credit real-name system users can open Tencent micro gold gold account after the red envelope, but only invited to participate in closed beta users can try to send gold red envelopes, ordinary users can not participate in sending .

Red Packet mode, the red envelope can send a red envelope to the recipient to send a similar WeChat cash red envelope of the link, not the cash received after the opening, but a certain number of gold share. Of course, this is the digital gold, and no physical delivery.

Gold red envelope and WeChat red envelope is different, grabTo the red envelope is not equal to grab a fixed amount of cash, but to grab a gold asset, the corresponding yuan prices will be floating. The value of gold will be red packets with Tencent micro-gold price fluctuations, and Tencent micro-gold offer to track the Shanghai gold exchange price fluctuations.

Tencent micro-gold to ICBC's gold products based on the provision of online gold trading services. Users who have opened a micro-gold account, the gold share will be automatically deposited into the user's micro-gold account; not open micro-gold account users need to click the "deposit micro-gold account" and accept micro-gold service agreement in order to receive Belonging to its gold share.

The existence of ICBC gold share, the ICBC to keep, but only through the golden platform for Tencent micro-query, trading and other operations. Users can customize the purchase of grams, 0.001 grams from the purchase, support T 0 rapid redemption, real-time liquidation, credited into account. In the trading day 9: 40-22: 20 time, enter the micro-gold account options "sell" can be sold at the then gold price, choose to sell to WeChat change can be credited into real-time.

Invited to participate in closed beta users to send gold red envelope steps are as follows:

1. Search concern Tencent micro-gold WeChat public number, click the bottom menu "micro-gold" to enter the product page;

2. In the micro-gold page, click "golden red envelope", you can enter the red envelope;

3. Fill in the number of red envelopes and grams, click "plug gold into the red envelope", through the micro-credit package to pay a good gold red envelope;

4. screen shows "golden red envelope has been wrapped", you can click "red envelope" to share;

5. Select to accept the red envelope of the WeChat group of friends or micro-group chat, to friends and family & ldquo; hair gold & rdquo ;.

Tencent gold package to do what is intended?

Gold as a form of money, in the era of peace, trading, holding gold more is a hedge against inflation of financial means. Tencent development of gold red envelopes, red envelopes will be associated with gold, the intention may be in two ways:

Rich red envelope products

On the one hand, you can enrich the play of red envelopes. The form of red envelopes in cash has been very mature, and Alipay through the collection of five blessing, issued VR red envelopes and other forms, trying to enhance the active Alipay red envelope, and then increase the use of PayPal to pay the frequency. In the face of competitors, WeChat red envelope changes are not large, another Tencent this year's Spring Festival did not join the red envelope war. Through the development of gold red envelopes, you can increase the product of new ideas, make full use of WeChat social relationships, enhance WeChat red envelope for the user's attraction. Expected to be closed beta after the public release, there will be a lot of users try to make a gold red envelope.

Promote gold finance

On the other hand, Tencent development of gold red envelopes, more should be the intention to promote Tencent micro-gold business, the development of gold finance. Cut into the gold transaction, to provide users with a new financial means, but also to Tencent's Internet financial business to develop new territory, and ultimately through the fee or spread to profit.

Compared to net lending, consumer finance, fund sales and other highly competitive areas of mutual gold, "Internet financial gold" is a blue ocean. The scale of gold trading is not low, through the Internet application to achieve the gold buying and selling, for investors, is an emerging network of financial management, the future market prospects should be said or worth the wait.

Data show that Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the largest precious metals trading bank, as of the end of 2015, ICBC precious metals business services to more than 29 million customers throughout the year metal business turnover reached about 1.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 21%. As of the end of March 2016, ICBC has realized a total of nearly 730,000 tons of precious metal business volume, with a total transaction volume of over RMB 7,000 billion. Agents of the Shanghai Gold Exchange ranked first in trading volume and ranked first in liquidation. ICBC accounts for precious metals products include account gold, account silver, account platinum and account palladium.

Such a large-scale transactions, if they can be part of the move to the line, will be no small scale. This is the era of asset shortage mutual gold enterprises, is certainly a can not ignore the market.

ICBC's trading account for precious metals products in grams. Tencent cooperation with the ICBC, through the WeChat public number can be gold trading, buy and sell can be carried out within the WeChat system, and the trading unit down to milligrams, reducing the threshold of gold investment is expected to attract more users to try gold trading.

The development of gold red envelopes, the gold investment and red envelopes such a wide range of users, the use of a high frequency of the combination of a number of active investors in the field of gold through red envelopes in the form of those who have not participated in gold investment in the user, Investment in the user scale, and gradually develop their trading habits, and slowly the gold investment in the ecological step by step to do it together. This is by WeChat red envelope to increase the WeChat to pay the same card tied to the same user.

Ants gold suit, Jingdong financial and so do gold trading

Prior to Tencent micro gold, ants gold service has been with the Boshi Fund, launched the "Save Kinpo", linked to an investment fund spot gold ETF Fund, the investment threshold of gold will be reduced to 1 yuan, and you can pay in the Po And ants Treasure within the transaction.

Jingdong Financial also launched a special financial management channel financial business "Jingdong gold", the current product is "Jing Sheng Jin" income includes 1.7% of the annualized gold rate (that is, the purchase of 100 grams, 1.7 grams per year to send the gold ) Plus fluctuations in the price of gold floating income. In addition a "current gold" products are still brewing.

In addition, including gold wallets, gold steward, gold tree and other start-ups are also doing "Internet gold" business, which has been integrated into the C-round of gold wallets, and access to Softbank China's investment. The gold steward was the CITIC Trust investment.

These companies do Internet gold trading, gold investment income not only from the benefits of price fluctuations, but also includes a certain degree of fixed income, that platform or platform-linked funds will use the user to buy gold, leased to use Gold enterprises, access to a certain income. In contrast, just on the line near the Tencent micro-gold proceeds mainly from the price fluctuations in the form of income.

Although Tencent launched gold trading platform relative to the ant gold service, Jingdong financial later, but because Tencent micro-gold based on large-scale users and high-frequency WeChat, while developing red envelope products, its potential should not be overlooked.

How much gold will the red envelope?

Most people have a certain heart of the gold complex, but because of the high starting point of gold transactions, low transaction convenience factors, the level of participation of ordinary people is not high. The Tencent WeChat development of red envelopes of gold, red envelopes and gold investment applications will be combined, is expected to make a lot of white users to open micro-gold account, to a certain extent involved in gold trading. After all, the WeChat red envelope activity placed here, and small funds can also participate.

However, the extent of the popular red envelopes of gold certainly can not be compared with micro-cash red envelopes. Cash is only the risk of inflation, while gold is a value can be added value of investment products, but not without risk, not necessarily the capital, in a period of time will be a loss.

Gold price movements are affected by a variety of variables, including gold production, demand conditions, inflation situation, the dollar index changes, geopolitical tensions, etc., each element of the changes are likely to bring about fluctuations in gold prices, leading gold price movements Factors will also change with the market environment. International gold futures on September 6, 2011 has risen to the highest point of $ 1,912 / ounce, to 2015 September has dropped to $ 1,100 / ounce, is currently in 1200 dollars / ounce shock. For the past six months, comex gold in July 2016 had risen to 1377 US dollars / ounce, in late December 2016 had fallen to 1135 US dollars / ounce, for ordinary investors, the risk is still there, investment is not stable gold Earn not lose. Especially now, if the strong dollar has continued, gold prices still have no small resistance.

Of course, taking into account the global currency over the years caused by inflation factors, gold in the long term is a good investment target, but the Internet-based gold trading is gold buying and selling convenience, there will be many users of gold Investment as a short-term investment, the risk is relatively large, hedging effect will not be so obvious.

In addition, it should be noted that the development of mutual gold over the years shows that large-scale transactions of gold products are basically able to give users a clear expected benefits of products such as net loan investment, money funds, insurance products, users In the investment before you can know how long the holding will bring the proceeds, the size of these products will be relatively large transactions. Such as net loan transactions reached 2 trillion, the Internet premium income is expected to exceed 400 billion, the balance of the scale of Po exceeded 800 billion. While the proceeds are not clear products, such as the public and so on, the transaction size is much smaller. Gold trading is also a clear investment income is not expected to act, the user does not know only one year after the number of earnings. So that gold and red packets of gold trading can go to what extent the Internet, and ultimately be able to attract to the number of users, so how large scale, not very optimistic.

Tencent closed beta gold red envelope, Ma Huateng personally involved in the site, this new product will fire up?

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