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How does IBM fight against Google in the field of artificial intelligence?

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IBMIBM 如何在人工智能领域对抗谷歌

Amazon, Apple and Google are developing their own artificial intelligence assistant, but whether it is Alexa, Siri or Google Now, visibility seems to be unable to shoulder IBM Watson. The latter six years ago in the television intelligence quiz program "dangerous edge" appearance, earlier this month also appeared in the "Super Bowl" rugby game in an ad.

Ironically, IBM Watson is well known, but it is mainly the development of enterprise applications, and no other technology giants like the focus on the consumer market, artificial intelligence products. IBM focuses on the diversification of Watson in the areas of healthcare, retail and finance, and it has accumulated a wealth of expertise in these areas.

Many of IBM's customers use Watson Virtual Assistant to handle customer support services. In fact, the company's eyes are also very big. Watson general manager David & middot; Kenny (David Kenny) said that they are currently considering whether the facts can be verified on the news to determine the authenticity of the content.

IBMIBM 如何在人工智能领域对抗谷歌

Watson general manager David & middot; Kenny

Kenny joins IBM more than a year ago and has worked for a number of companies and has served as president of Akamai, the Internet backbone services company, and later for the operation of The Weather Company. After IBM acquired the Weather Company at the end of 2015, he also joined IBM.

IBM value the company's ability to collect massive weather data from sensors around the world, and they can provide 26 million weather forecasts per day through data analysis. IBM believes that this is part of the Internet of Things, and the company has invested $ 3 billion in this area for expansion.

His initial mission was to take charge of the Watson business, and it was in line with IBM's goal of applying Watson to more businesses since it had established relationships with many large business customers. He was also responsible for IBM's public cloud service and two data teams (one of which focused on the development of Internet of things) in November.

In an interview he talked about how IBM competed with other large technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence, IBM's internal debate about whether to focus on consumer or enterprise markets, and why the company was not as active as other companies in the field of artificial intelligence Acquisition. The following is an interview summary:

Q: mentions Watson, some people will think of "dangerous edge", but Watson's ability to now beyond the intellectual Q & A field. 6 years ago, this is a research project in the IBM data center, he now contains what content?

A: Its core is a Watson platform associated with the cloud platform. Artificial intelligence requires a lot of bandwidth to absorb the data, but also need a lot of computing power to & quot; reasoning & quot; or prediction. In the internal and external IBM, there are hundreds of excellent applications are based on Watson built.

From the consumer's point of view, or from a search and business point of view, Watson and other artificial intelligence company is unique in that we design the data around is not on the Internet. Because of this, we focus on the development of medical and financial services, we have to learn tax law, absorb building drawings and other data, but also the data applied to the content publishing area.

We are designing use cases in each vertical area. First, ask questions with the robot. We have deep knowledge reserves in specific areas. Followed by the discovery, such as how to search for genetic or clinical trials, or study tax law. Third, learning rules, which are important for compliance, auditing and anti-money laundering activities. Watson is learning these things, and applied to a series of applications, some applications from IBM, and some from third parties. Watson is following these areas to grow together.

Q: IBM has launched an ad, so that celebrity with personality and Watson launched a brief dialogue. If you want to promote their own products for enterprises, and why put such advertising?

A: Our focus is different from the other three artificial intelligence companies. This argument is controversial - whether it should be in the consumer market to shape the way Watson brand? The advantage of doing so is to create a set of standards. If you think there will be something similar to the artificial intelligence operating system, it should be in this direction. But we do not think so.

In the majority of Watson interaction, end users do not see Watson. They will only think that they are in communication with a bank or insurance company, or with a lawyer or doctor dialogue. Watson's main task is to extend the corporate user's personality, so this is more like "white card" and " The reason why we explore the enhanced intelligence, rather than artificial intelligence, because we are engaged in a lot of things are to enhance the actual effect of various measures.

Q: IBM artificial intelligence time than other companies are long, but why did Google become the first choice for artificial intelligence talent?

A: I do not think all the talent is going to Google. They certainly attracted many people, especially Stanford University talent. But if you have a field of expertise, I think IBM is a better choice because we are experts in the vertical field.

The most valuable people are often experts in a field. You will not seek real estate advice to the tumor doctor, nor will it seek advice from the real estate agency. So, we are actually building professional vertical artificial intelligence, which can attract those who focus on these areas of expertise.

Consumers want to talk to Google Home or Amazon Echo, which is helpful, and all searches can help consumers find a lot of information. There are many vertical areas, which is IBM's long-term advantage lies. This is two different ideas, but it is very important.

Q: How does IBM create a fascinating culture to attract artificially talented people in colleges and universities?

A: Obviously, the IBM Institute is more in depth than Alphabet. We have long been working on the development of Almaden, New York, Zurich and Tokyo's IBM Institute. But many young people came here because they wanted to influence the world. Although IBM is a large company, you can also change the banking, accounting, construction, retail, medical or environmental aspects of the operation of a field have a huge impact. I think we have given people an opportunity to have a significant impact on the important areas of the world.

Q: How fast is some of the artificial intelligence technology, which is important to the customer's customers?

A: The key is not only the speed, but also the accuracy and practicality of the decision. Speed ​​and accuracy between the total to make some choice, you must ensure that the final results can play a role. In the final analysis, we need to use search to find information, need to use artificial intelligence to provide decision-making recommendations. Do you understand my decision? Does the system provide me with practical advice? Watson can help when we focus on serious decisions such as clinical trials, or what is the value of my balance sheet, or when my best tax return is. As long as they can help customers make better decisions, and ultimately increase market share.

Search to promote a lot of business, such as newspapers turned to "commercialization" because the value lies in the channel. But I do not think the value of artificial intelligence in the channel can match the value of it in intelligence. So we still think that they can help enterprises to enhance the degree of intelligence. Because of this, our focus is on the quality of intelligence and decision-making, not just concerned about the speed.

We are now looking for a way to check the facts with artificial intelligence. Whether a news is true, is it able to verify? For this reason, I think the channel has reached the limit in the economy. Because what really matters is through the channels to disseminate what content. So, Watson only through the data to achieve value-added, but not through the interface to add value. We want others to judge our time not only value the speed of this channel indicators, but also value accuracy, as well as subtle and complex decision-making quality.

I'm not saying that speed is not important, but it only accounts for one-third, the other two-thirds is content value. False news is a good example, although it mastered the channel, but over time, not to rely on high quality to create value?

Q: Why does IBM not be so active with other companies like Google in terms of artificial intelligence mergers and acquisitions?

A: We have a clear roadmap for cloud infrastructure, data capabilities, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning. In many cases, I think we are ahead of other companies. We enter the field for a longer time, with a professional perspective, and many companies are starting from the consumer sector.

So we did not see a lot of acquisitions. Sometimes, we do see something that can save us time and help us introduce talent. For example, The Weather Company has solved a challenge to convert massive sensor data to 26 million daily weather forecasts. The deal helped IBM's Internet of Things roadmap to save a few years and introduced talent.

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