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Exclusive | Interview with Tencent AI Lab Go Baffle Team: AI is the new force that drives human knowledge Go

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独家专访腾讯独家专访腾讯 AI Lab 围棋绝艺团队:AI 是带动人类认识围棋的新力量

Tencent Technology Han Yimin | Tencent Sports Zhang Lei

In order to participate in the tenth UEC game, less than the age of the first time out of the country.

UEC Cup is the world's authoritative Go contest, held in Japan every year, and ordinary chess game is different from the players are not human, all AI.

As one of the team's unique skills by Tencent AI Lab research and development, to create this Go AI out of the team, composed of 13 young people.

Young is a remarkable feature of the art and the craft.

Will be unmatched with thousands of miles away from the Japanese UEC game site together only a computer, through the laptop will be unique skills to access the battle system, the art will be able to go in the world of Goers and the guests a higher.

独家专访腾讯独家专访腾讯 AI Lab 围棋绝艺团队:AI 是带动人类认识围棋的新力量

Artists at UEC

This year the 10th contest a total of 30 software entry. In the 18th round of the race points, "in the seven games to win the record into the 16 strong, and in today's final four consecutive victories won the current UEC Cup champion, Japan & ldquo; DeepZenGo" won the runner-up. March 26, "Jueyi" ralph lauren pas cher, will also be in Tokyo and Japan vanguard players in the Liao in the "ji ji" in the man-machine game.

独家专访腾讯独家专访腾讯 AI Lab 围棋绝艺团队:AI 是带动人类认识围棋的新力量

UEC March 18 Round the results of the race

For most people, the art is a strange name, which stems from its birth to the growth has been maintained in the low-key state.

Although it shows the head of the wild fox game on the platform, the growth rate of art has been noticed by the outside world; and UEC achieved excellent results to get more attention, the arts and the team behind the mystery, The team conducted an exclusive interview with a view to restore the growth path.

From the "tiger has been angry" to the art

ArtArly English name FineArt, the name of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu's "reopening quatrains" & mdash; Do not bamboo rain after the night, a light dark cover Wu map. Quite the name of the Chinese style, fit from the origins of China's history.

A year ago, the art is only a thought that exists in the team's mind.

January 28, 2016, Tencent AI Lab senior director, expert engineer Liu Yongsheng in the internal IM received a letter from Tencent Vice President Yao Xing: There is no confidence to do Go AI, if the Go is not the first to do chess AI also line.

Yao Xing is the initiation of the idea of ​​doing Go AI, from what he thinks to do this on the training team's research and development capabilities to help, and with Tencent-related application prospects.

Liu Yongsheng on the chess AI has not been too clear concept, so answer Yao Xing good research. In the year of the Spring Festival holiday, Liu Yongsheng find some Go books, paper reading, the chess has a basic understanding of AI. After the Spring Festival came back, February 17, Yao Xing asked chess AI has not done, Liu replied: still research, and promised a month later DEMO.

March 4, 2016, the first DEMO completed, chess force in the amateur 5 or so, to late March, the official program of Goi, project name weigo, the team also set up.

By the end of June 2016, the strenuous efforts to break through the business 6, which means breaking the level of amateur master, which is an important development of the unique art node.

August 2016, the masterpiece to "Tiger Tiger is angry" ID for the first time in the wild fox platform (Tencent's chess game platform) chess, August 23 for the first time over the professional players, September 4, Wild fox sweeping monk "ID win ID for the tby netizens 8 Board, tby is Nie Weiping eldest son of the mouth of the account.

In the continuous learning, the ability to continue to enhance the arts.

November 1, Jueyi officially to "unassembles" ID debut wild fox, November 2, the first victory over world champion Jiang Weijie (wild fox ID if the water cloud cold).

November 19 evening, and the first time and Ke Jie grips, a win and a negative; November 28, & ldquo; Art "and the first person in South Korea Pu Tinghuan 5 wins and 1 loss. After February 14, 2017, the winner of the wild fox hat (world champion and national champion) winning percentage, has been able to stabilize at more than 90%.

This data means that the art grows up.

The craft is made

How does artificial intelligence learn how to go for chess? Review the process from 0 to 1 can be answered.

According to the team, the course of learning includes two parts, one from human chess, through the deep convolution network training, get a strategy network; the second part of the self-chess game, but also through the deep convolution network training, get a estimate Value network.

How to the human chess "Hello" to the craft, and the art is how to understand the human race? First of all, the team will transform the human past chess into a number of two-dimensional matrix, as a deep convolution network input, the output is a strategic network. The role of a policy network is that when you enter a new chess game that has never existed, the policy network can return several candidate points and calculate the corresponding probability values ​​for each candidate point.

In the process of the growth of art, and human chess game is an important reason for the strong art, the perfect progress of the art is always accompanied by a victory over a certain strength of the players appear.

"We beat the amateur at the end of June, the first time in early August over the occupation junior, in September for the first time beat the professional ordinary players, in November for the first time beat professional senior players. & Rdquo;

In November lost to the heart of refining (when the more), the art of retreat for some time, mainly to greatly enhance the value of the network accuracy, followed by the days of the ID again debut.

In the art team seems to play, with the meaning of human chess game is that in the development process, how to assess the chess force and what problems are very difficult, and with the ascetic efforts to enhance the ordinary players can not beat the basic harder Exposure to its deficiencies. Therefore, the development process of art, thanks to the guidance of the world's first-class players, very valuable, the progress of the research has a very big help.

Although the Rendezvous R & D personnel, in the development process, the team members are still a strong surprise to the AI.

"We never imagined that AI can be so strong, a lot of very complex chess, I really do not know why it can correctly respond, can only say that deep neural network is really amazing. & Rdquo;

In constant learning, the skills of the art has grown enough to make the first-class players look at the extent of the other. On the evening of November 19, 2016, the Arts and Ke Jie under the two Council, the first game of the first time to overcome the first person to play Go Jie, the second game lost. Under the end, Ke Jie made a circle of friends, the content is: "under the sweat are all sweat & sweat & rdquo ;.

The team loves to be a cute child.

In the March 17th and crazystone of the game, down to 19 hands, the team members read the performance of the performance can not help but judge: Artistic but also to the rough, to direct one (judo terminology, meaning that the direct end of the fighting) The

独家专访腾讯独家专访腾讯 AI Lab 围棋绝艺团队:AI 是带动人类认识围棋的新力量

Art and crazystone match the 19th hand

"This is a lovely place, obviously very strong, but with a child like, love with brute force. & Rdquo;

To promote human understanding of Go

AI's achievements in Go have been generally recognized, but the presence of Go does not mean that it will become a human player terminator.

Art team believes that the art is to promote the human understanding of the new power of Go, it is not a competitor with other AI, but to jointly promote the human understanding of Go.

In fact, Go is sure to give the player a new perspective.

In the single-handedly made a unique team members seem, after several man-machine game, they found that human players and Go AI have their own characteristics: "human cunning, but human error; the machine is more honest, but almost no Make mistakes. & Rdquo;

At the same time, the general picture of the arts, as well as some of the transformation is to give a lot of human players inspired.

The significance of the development of Go AI is not limited to Go.

From the team's point of view, R & D has prompted the team to study the AI ​​algorithm in the past few years, large-scale computing platform and engineering capabilities, and have a lot of valuable exploration and innovation in AI research areas such as deep learning and enhanced learning The

From a technical point of view, the art of artificial intelligence behind the art is "accurate decision-making" ability, there is a very broad application scenarios, such as unmanned, quantitative finance, auxiliary medical and so on.

On the art team, the current achievements of the arts on the one hand, improve the Tencent AI infrastructure, exercise the team, but also greatly enhance the technical field of vision, and strengthen the team's confidence. On the other hand, the Artists have given them confidence in the broader field of AI, and as the team's research on AI continues to deepen, AI is likely to be tapped in other areas.

In fact, the artist is only a manifestation of Tencent artificial intelligence strategy.

In April 2016, Tencent set up AI Lab (Tencent artificial intelligence laboratory), is committed to the basic research of artificial intelligence science research, as well as in-depth exploration of application areas, so that "academic impact, industrial output".

The vision of the lab is to create Tencent's overall AI competitiveness, making the future of artificial intelligence everywhere (Make AI Everywhere).

At present the laboratory has more than 50 world-renowned college AI scientists (90% for the doctor), and more than 200 experienced engineers for basic research and application of exploration.

AI Lab focuses on four areas of basic research, including: computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and machine learning, and strive to fully cover and deep-level expansion of the forefront of AI technical capabilities. At the same time the development of AI in Tencent characteristics of the four business scenarios in the application of the ability: content AI, social AI, AI and platform tools AI.

At present, the product has been applied to hundreds of Tencent products, after the unique skills, Tencent in the field of AI layout, research and application, has entered the accelerated era.

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