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WeChat red envelope 3.0, Tencent has been quietly made a financial upgrade to upgrade the technology

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WeChat red envelope, this birth only 3 years of social finance has become a national game.

Originally launched in 2014, inspired by Tencent line red envelopes under the custom, is based on a WeChat and third-party payment platform for financial innovation.

From the social evolution, WeChat red envelope try a lot of games, such as 2015 and the Spring Festival Evening cooperation show his face, 2016 years to try a friend circle red envelope photo function, 2017 face to face red envelope; QQ try too much, QQ red envelopes derived personality Red envelopes, password red envelopes and other games are played, starting in 2016 "brush a brush" red envelopes, 2017 appeared LBS + AR days red envelopes & hellip; Tencent red envelopes more and more rich products.

Tencent's genes are social, through the payment into the financial services, red envelopes is the entrance, show the form of Tencent is good at the game, available four years, the game features continue to evolve, behind the technology is also upgrading, iteration. Ma has been summarized: WeChat red envelopes is a social financial game.

Nature is a social financial game

In November 2013, when the team members think, you can build an application system in the virtual world, the traditional Chinese New Year red envelopes, into the form of electronic red envelopes. Expand the WeChat to pay the user groups.

During the 2014 Spring Festival, there are more than 8 million people to play WeChat red envelopes, the actual data is not too big, from the user composition point of view, this year to play red envelopes are mostly Internet, financial industry, media practitioners.

Spring Festival 2015 is a WeChat red envelope and WeChat to pay the milestone, and the Spring Festival Evening cooperation red envelopes shake, just one night on the New Year's Eve, red envelopes shake the number of times is more than 110 million times, WeChat red envelopes thoroughly fire. Can be received, the Spring Festival is just an opportunity, then WeChat red envelopes more into the life scene.

For example, every year on May 20, couples spontaneously send the amount of 520 red envelopes, to the Tanabata Festival, we made 7.7 yuan red envelope. WeChat red envelopes as a carrier of social finance, financial products and services into the public life, but also anti-role in the social and enhance the connection between people and people.

The most basic value of the Internet, is the information, knowledge, users linked together, of which the role is a node, Baidu is connected with the information, Ali is linked to people and goods, Tencent is connected with people.

Which is the recent financial from Ali, online transactions are in Taobao, and Tencent to do the biggest advantage of what is the financial? number of clients.

Large users to promote social and financial development, first, with the user's social network, financial services to carry out the marketing experience, providing a variety of purposes of financial services model.

2016 Spring Festival when there was only a commercial film called "red envelopes where", guide users to red envelopes into the financial management, "red envelopes value, so blessing warming"; 2017 gold red envelopes into the majority of users line of sight, while WeChat also In the guide users receive a red envelope after the use of WeChat to pay.

The user's funds into the WeChat wallet, WeChat constantly enrich the financial products. From the red envelope to the purse, small wish, dream plan and other products, opened a series of financial applications, including financial management, credit (micro-bank, micro-credit), credit card repayment, recharge recharge, and so on.

Second, the social payment to the commercial payment changes, WeChat continue to develop more consumer scenarios, including online and offline shopping shopping around the scene.

Such as line WeChat sweep sweep payment, settled in the WeChat Jingdong selected and beautiful said. By the red envelope bound bank card account, to mention the charges, the development line to pay the scene, these initiatives are to open the financial business.

It can be said that the WeChat red packets cleverly resolved the WeChat payment on the line when faced with several issues:

The first payment is sub-business and users at both ends of the new users to use WeChat payment need to tie the card, the process of trouble, pay success rate will be very low. Second, the success rate of payment is low, businesses do not want to cooperate, then there is no business, there is no payment scene, no users.

WeChat red envelopes to change people's payment habits, social finance began to erupt greater value.

20172017 年除夕夜,保障春节红包的 FIT 团队。

2017 New Year's Eve, to protect the Spring Festival red envelope FIT team.

From financial payment to FIT, red pack behind the technical upgrade

From social payments to business payments, behind a set of technology upgrades. One of the core data of the red envelope: in 2017 New Year's Eve to 20.8 million pen to pay the peak of the world record. From 2014 less than tens of thousands of pounds per second, increased to 20.8 million per second, this growth is still full of rapid, can reflect the strength of FIT technology to enhance.

Industry for Tencent's impression is often social, games, in fact, technical strength, Tencent has done a lot of attempts.

Because the simple and easy to use, no learning costs, so the user's habit of WeChat red envelopes is easy to develop, but in the WeChat payment within the original view, the original product does not have the core competitiveness and mdash; it is easy to be imitated by competitors.

So what is the core competitiveness? Red bag behind the background technology. Specifically, how does the WeChat red envelope provide technical support? Wallet involved in the trading system, the bank's docking, how to complete? These are by Tencent to pay the basic platform and financial application line (FIT) to be responsible.

FIT predecessor is the financial payment, after the financial to pay as the main financial business structure, all assigned to the FIT, including the payment platform, financial platform products, platform research and development, financial markets and other departments.

If the WeChat for the red envelope provides a huge social user base, then FIT for the red envelope provides a powerful payment system. FIT builds this trading system and now supports more financial applications.

There are several big challenges to micropayment, such as the peak of payment, which is a performance problem, behind the map is the security, disaster recovery capacity; followed by the transaction security, risk control, can not be a penny error.

A very typical user experience is that you red envelopes or grab red envelopes, and found that money did not arrive, is not the heart will panic? When you pay, your money is deducted, is it tense?

Users of their own money is very concerned about the money data can not be any slip, which is the lifeline of WeChat payment. In order to solve this problem, Tencent at the same time in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places to deploy data centers, they are real-time parallel operation, where the problem, and other systems can immediately take over all.

With the rapid development of mobile payment in recent years, in Shenzhen, Shanghai, these large cities, online funds flow of the volume, many have reached the limit, to the Spring Festival Evening that peak, some regional bottlenecks will be a problem, Area capacity is not enough, you need to mobilize some from the outside.

Multi-center, the challenge is cross the city. In the cross-city this ability, from the network layer to the data transmission, and then to the business layer, need to break through a lot of technical bottlenecks.

In the transaction security, the most important thing is the WeChat red envelope wind control, identify risk trading behavior, Tencent big financial security team wind control strategy expert Wu Ming said: There are three kinds of risk, first account funds were stolen; I operate, but may be cheated behavior; third is the user to operate the illegal transactions, such as the purchase of pornographic images and images.

WeChat red envelopes from the source to intercept these risks, the use of large data on the user security to do pre-scanning, credit rating mark, at the same time with the second test, such as red envelopes for mobile phones, you need to conduct the second wind control. And these technologies are zero-aware for the user.

After three years of upgrading, WeChat red envelopes began to find their own position: to upgrade the user experience with technology upgrades, the system will be more intelligent, in the play, no longer chase commercial gimmicks, more transmission joy and blessing. (This article first titanium media, reporter / Sun Cheng)

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