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Facebook mysterious department Building 8 appeared, want to develop psychological control of the prosthesis

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FacebookFacebook 神秘部门 Building 8 现身 ,想研发心理可控制的假肢

Technology giants always match an X department, usually with different shapes and sizes of black technology to take the edge. That day, the mysterious department on the "rush" products, to stone shocked the trend, so that everyone exclaimed "ah, you can also play!" & Rdquo ;.

Building 8 plays the role of Facebook Mystery.

Last year in April, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg on his home page, very excited to announce that in order to further reach the grand goal of connecting the world, decided to set up a new organization Building 8, focusing on hardware product development. To this end, Zuckerberg also hired as the United States Department of Defense as research director, and later in Google as a leader in high-tech project team Regina Dugan, responsible for Building 8.

At that time, small bar also said that the next few years will give Building 8 to vote hundreds of manpower, and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now it seems that the effect of early. According to Bussiness Insider, Building 8 is currently running four projects, covering cameras, enhancing reality and brain scans in science fiction.

Specific products have not yet been announced, but insiders said that next month's Facebook Developers Conference, Building 8 is likely to play a key role.

It was also part of Zuckerberg's 10-year strategic plan, and last year he portrayed the vision of advancing artificial intelligence, enhancing reality, virtual reality, and helping billions of people around the world access the Internet. Hardware as a carrier of the responsibility, by the Building 8 to bear.

Facebook should also promote to enhance the reality of glasses

BI quoted people familiar with the matter said, Building 8 in the project to include the camera and enhance the reality.

Take a look at the enhanced reality hardware device.

"Now the United States AR but more fire." "Industry insiders told 36 krypton. He said the country is still in the chase stage of AI, but the US market has been the stage, the heat has been reduced, it is AR from life closer, the fire up.

In the AR fire enough to start a prairie fire, the scientific and technological giants exploratory flames contributed, whether it is in the long river Google Glasses, or still looking for commercial landing high price Microsoft Hololens.

Apple CEO Cook has repeatedly expressed interest in the AR, the famous technology blogger Robert Scoble revealed that Apple in cooperation with Zeiss to develop an AR smart glasses, the product is likely to be available in the middle of this year.

On the Apple AR glasses, the source revealed to the 36 krypton, this glasses may be based on the iPhone 8 run, and the use of optical waveguide solutions, rely on mobile phone data processing, the final information will be returned to the AR glasses display module.

It is said that Apple AR glasses weigh only 85 grams. If the news is true, AR glasses, the prerequisite for universal access to the industry to promote the development of the whole will also help.

Not yet known, Facebook AR glasses will be in what form, when there. Small tie down the ultimate design of the device: virtual reality and enhance the reality of equipment into one, but taking into account the two different visual technology, want to achieve unity is difficult.

Facebook is likely to be the first to launch only equipped with AR hardware devices, and Facebook social software to achieve the scene application. Such as offline friends to share photos, perhaps just ring finger, you can call out the picture, and its zoom.

In addition, the camera, Facebook last year at the developer conference launched Surround 360 panoramic camera.

With the concept of "control" of the prosthesis + early medical equipment

Technology giants have entered the field of medical and health care, investment-related areas of the company, the introduction of professional health care hardware, health care functions into their own products, etc., became Google, Apple, Microsoft's best choice.

For example, Google together Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon to create "robot-assisted operation platform" Microsoft Hololens integrated medical applications, Apple is in the introduction of iWatch 2, a change in the past rhetoric, the main health.

Hand save nearly 2 billion users of Facebook, naturally not satisfied with the "social software" and the role. If extended to the field of medical health, as a personal network information is great, Facebook has a natural advantage: the user base is large, live high, wide radiation.

2012 Facebook open and "organ donation plan" page of the day, registered organ donors higher than 21 times as much as usual, Facebook's power enough to see.

Focus on their own "advantages", Facebook or further increase the user's connection with the health care. In 2014, Reuters disclosed that Facebook wanted to create a patient community, but there was no more news yet.

It is the hardware side, Facebook & ldquo; mysterious laboratory "some new trends.

One of the items involved in brain scanning technology. The project was led by former John Hopkins neuroscientists who wanted to know through the brain scan to understand the brain, and then developed a psychological control of the prosthesis.

As well as medical applications led by Stanford Interventional Cardiologists, which specialize in early medical device development.

In addition, Building 8 also plans to start the fifth unspecified project and look for the right leader.

Large unmanned aerial vehicles "failed" and there are consumer class unmanned aircraft can look forward to

To enhance the coverage of remote areas of the network, Facebook launched the first large-scale UAV project "Eagle & rdquo ;, intended to laser communication data transmission, to achieve billions of users worldwide high-speed Internet access.

The final "Eagle" to crash ended, although the small bar sad, but does not prevent Building 8 want to UAV in the end, and everywhere recruiting.

Robot and computer vision expert Frank Dellaert led the UAV project, his participation indicates that Facebook is likely to consider doing consumer class unmanned aerial vehicles. Dellaert was a chief scientist at Skydio, a small unmanned aerial vehicle start-up company, where the former hardware division director also served as director of Building 8 hardware. A few former GoPro employees, including founding members of the UAV manufacturing industry design team, and members of the Eagle team, also joined Building 8 in recent months.

Dellaert said his Building 8 project will end in the summer of 2018.

Engage in software to do hardware, will be a viable way?

Facebook is still in danger after all.

Despite the nearly 2 billion users of the Internet empire, but Facebook hardware field almost zero experience, but also destined to those who had in the field of players, Apple, Google, and makes Facebook has been criticized the copy of Snap and other competition.

But the risk is worth it, after all, hardware manufacturing is relatively low threshold, the hands of money on the line, the profits are very impressive. In the United States plans, for example, after 2013, the United States plans to pull the company's overall revenue as the driving force of the overall revenue, 2014 total revenue over 2013 nearly 6 times, 2016 mobile phone revenue in the first half reached 550 million yuan, accounting for 95.1%.

Another point of view, if the hardware and software can be a good link between each other can win. But Facebook "ambition" looks bigger, such as large unmanned aerial vehicle project if successful, it can expand its more users, but it is also difficult for others to do the wedding dress & rdquo ;, at least networking and choose Facebook App is a weak connection. Then again, a social responsibility of the company in the user's identity is also immeasurable.

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