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Big entertainment, Tencent Ali's next battlefield

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Ali won the barley, Tencent then announced a quick hand.

Just the past week, two of China's largest Internet companies are to express their enthusiasm for the entertainment industry.

Perhaps young consumers are not aware that most of their consumer behavior is paying for the 100 billion market capitalization of the two companies. But it is undeniable that China's cultural and entertainment industry, is being in Tencent and Ali Happy Valley enclosure era.

The industry generally believe that by the Ali and Tencent led the Internet World War II has long been the outbreak of electricity, electricity, payment, travel, O2O and so are Ali Tencent battlefield. With the two companies in the field of entertainment grew lazi, Ali's big cultural gradually surfaced, and Tencent's pan-entertainment is also a big kill Quartet.

Although the two companies are in accordance with their own pace of expansion, almost can be expected to fight the same territory will be staged in the entertainment industry. If the two companies to PK, then the strength of geometry? We are from the game, music, literature, online video of these important cultural positions to see what the two companies have done.

Game: then love to ignore Ali, now high climb

(Last year, Tencent has just acquired a star tour company Supercell)

Tencent game status naturally Needless to say, 2003 QQ game platform debut, opened the Tencent game began to chapter. Fourteen years later, Tencent game business has become the backbone of the company's performance, in the world have a pivotal position. According to Tencent has just released the results show:

2016 Tencent online game revenue growth of 25% to 70.844 billion yuan.

The only domestic and Tencent contest Netease also has a big gap. As for the other game companies, love Fan children (micro letter ID: ifanr) inThis articleHave been reported on their status quo, they really are already & ldquo; other & rdquo; game company. And Ali's attitude to the game is quite dramatic. In 2008, Ma has publicly stated:

Starve to death do not play the game.

Ma does not like the game, but Ali has never refused the game business. Alipay become the main payment channel for the game industry, Taobao is the most commonly used game players domestic trading platform. January 18, 2014, Ma Wenyanyan, Ali Group announced the "mobile platform strategy" and "rdquo ;. Debut, Ali channel business role also officially came to the stage, a shot to play two big. The first card, challenge the game industry game operators and platform side 1: 9 into the proportion, put forward:

Developer seven, Ali two, the remaining one into donations.

Followed by Ali Public Relations issued a second card, said to the media:

We regret the status of the game market monopoly, Tencent game a dominance, the destruction of the game ecology is very dissatisfied.

The beginning of the spear directed at Tencent.

Since then, Ali has played the rhythm of the game quickly.

  • November 2014, Alibaba announced that the hand travel business by the mobile business group's nine tour is responsible.
  • In March 2015, nine tours announced the gradual integration of Ali's hand travel business. In the game distribution, nine tour access to Taobao, Alipay, Shenma search and other users billions of mobile portal support.
  • In January 2016, Alibaba mobile business group UC nine tour officially announced, UC nine tour renamed "Ali game" and will be the operation of the company.

Not long ago Ali game has a recent dynamic. March 16, Ali game announced that it will be fully into the field of game distribution, 2017 will be 1 billion funds to help the game IP ecological development, and Ali literature, Ali film industry, Youku to achieve IP linkage and development. Coincidentally, the first two years Tencent also announced a similar plan, put forward the concept of "universal entertainment". In March 2016 Tencent Tencent Tencent animation, reading group, Tencent film industry and Tencent games released a plan to explore business symbiosis symbiosis.

Ali and Tencent in the game's comprehensive confrontation officially opened. Industry evaluation:

Ali first to catch up with Tencent, and then consider defeating Tencent.

Music: the right to get the world

The contest on online music is actually a contest for copyright.

The end of 2014 and early 2015, the domestic online music market after more than a decade after the chaos, and finally began to pay attention to copyright. In the government departments to vigorously rectify the network infringement piracy under the auspices of the Internet music copyright order is improving, a large number of unauthorized music off the shelf.

So many have been popular online music platform or limited by funds, copyright, or limited by user traffic and struggling or even face collapse.

In 2015, the online music industry has been reorganized and integrated several times. Every day sounds and shrimp music was Ali acquisition, QQ music with rich and powerful crazy to win a number of exclusive copyright; and cool dog, cool and I was originally made music copyright distribution of the ocean merger, but also successfully mastered most of the music copyright.

Three pillars of the situation did not last long. In July 2016, Tencent announced with the China Music Group (that is, the Ocean Music Group's digital music business) to achieve, QQ music, cool dog music, cool music merged into a new music business company. After the merger of the three platforms of products and brands remain independent, the user's original service unchanged.

In January this year, Tencent also announced its QQ music and China Music Group merged to set up a new music group, has officially changed its name toTencent Music Entertainment Group(Referred to as TME), and successfully completed the business structure adjustment and group personnel appointment.

Online music industry has gradually become only belong to Alibaba and Tencent battlefield.

Literature: competition into the second half

Literature, is the most upstream of IP production. This is not difficult to understand, there is no Tang seven son of the novel, there will not be the whole network click on the breakthrough of 30 billion "three students three miles of peach"; no "spend thousands of bone", there is no list of App Store bestseller list Day of the phenomenon level hand tour.

So the network literature has also become a large company of cultural and entertainment layout of the necessary links. It seems that Tencent and Ali pass control the literary platform has completed its own IP reserves. Tencent in this part of the walk in front of the reading group will start the listing plan. March 22, Tencent 2016 annual results conference, the president Liu Chi-ping clearSaid:

Reading Group will be separated from Tencent internal market, the target listing place for Hong Kong.

The predecessor of the reading group is Tencent literature, established in 2013, Tencent literature in 2015 to buy grand literature, integrated into the reading group, becoming China's largest network of literary platform.

Including QQ reading, starting from the Chinese network, Xiaoxiang College, Hongxiutianxiang and other literary brands. According to the publicinformation, Reading group has 10 million network literature works and about 4 million network of literary writers, operating channels have more than 10. Coupled with the huge flow of QQ and WeChat, reading group in the network of literary sources occupy an unmatched advantage of resources, occupy 80% of the market share.

At the same time Baidu also has a long history of literature. November 2014 Baidu literature was formally established, and published, including the "vertical and horizontal Chinese network" and "ralph lauren pas cher," "panda reading" and "Baidu Bookstore" and other sub-brands, including the structure.

For the latest settled in the network of Ali, the network literature market advantage resources have been rare, but Ali literature as an important part of Ali's cultural strategy, but also a wealth of funds and channel resources. At present, Ali literary platform with book flags, Taobao reading, UC, Shenma search and other entrances.

Layout literature intended to be IP. Tencent and Ali's second half of the competition will focus on the development of IP value, how to play with the game, film and television, film and other links to produce value, complete the Pan-entertainment industry chain development, is the strength of the evaluation criteria.

Online video: BAT third world

China's online video industry generally emerged in 2005, pirated video, netizen made UGC content constitutes the main content of online video sites. Potatoes, Youku become a group of domestic video site leader. After 2008, the rise of domestic online video copyright awareness, genuine video snatching become the main task of video sites. After a few years, due to the continuous promotion of copyright prices, major sites try to program production, the emergence of a number of homemade drama.

In the industry and the development process, the video industry competitors experienced several rounds of reshuffle, from the initial hundreds of thousands to more than ten. 2012 Youku acquisition of potatoes, in 2015 after the combination of Youku potato was Ali acquisition. 2013 love odd arts merger PPS, and continue to Baidu holdings to holding. Coupled with Tencent video, the video industry's first echelon was BAT control.

It seems that the pattern has been set, but the variable still exists. The major video sites next to rely on three identical way to consolidate their status, after all, music, Sohu and other online video players are still eyeing.

  • Continue to force self-made content;
  • Maintain the possession of premium content and top-level IP;
  • Groping for the development of advertising marketing, paying membership with more business possible.

And Ali and Tencent's confrontation is even more Aspect, and their online video competition has been from the potatoes Youku Tencent video extended to their respective investment on the subject. Very coincidental, both will be included in their respective online video layout.

Ali through Youku potatoes won the A station, and TencentinvestmentB station.

(Ac mother and bilibili mother, A station B station anthropomorphic image, from:Surging news)

A station (AcFun) was established in 2007, B station (bilibili) was established in 2009, both of which originated from the origin of the curtain culture: Japan N station (niconico). Although both in the style and operational strategy have their own emphasis, but are the service of the second-time barrage website, the user attributes have a lot of similarities.

So in the pattern of the third of the world, Tencent and Ali even more desperate relative.


Tencent and Ali's large cultural layout has its own characteristics, Tencent is the first QQ based on the needs of users to provide their products, later through investment, and quickly expand their control range. And Ali started late, more is through the capital means to win a section, and then integrate them to dig out the largest commercial value of each plate.

Tencent and Ali through the entertainment industry in the product layout and investment, want are more young users.

Who can grab the most young people's time, will become the key to the outcome between the giants.

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