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HTC Vive usher in birthday: VR is changing the reason and calm

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HTCHTC Vive 迎来周岁生日:VR 正在变的理智和冷静

Text / VR dimension (micro letter ID: qqtechvr)

A year ago, HTC launched Vive, this product is absolutely called the VR market turning point. Admittedly, Vive is not the first consumer-class VR headset device, it is not even the first high-end market blockbuster, but look at the market at that time, in addition to Google Cardboard, it is the first leveraging Oculus VR Equipment, Vive's birth certificate VR is not a company's exclusive. At the same time, Vive is the industry's first introduction of complex motion control functions of the product, the VR experience into a new stage. In a sense, the birth of Vive means that VR really began to the direction of industrialization, and after such products more like Facebook's hobbies.

A year later, people on the VR held by the blind optimism began to change, we have a brain of a hot stage, gradually mature.

Since April 2016, consumer VR products began to flow more, Sony launched the PS VR (4 months sold 915,000 units), Google is resorted to the Daydream platform, and Oculus through the Touch handle to improve their own products Experience. Other manufacturers did not idle, Microsoft engaged in HoloLens AR equipment at the same time, also introduced the Windows Holographic VR headset equipment, Samsung Gear VR sales in the beginning of this year, the successful breakthrough of 500 million units.

In addition to the mainstream hardware platform manufacturers, VR video gradually on YouTube and Facebook more up, many of the world also built a VR experience station. At the same time, VR social properties of the product is also growing, many people fell in love with friends in the virtual world of interaction.

However, seemingly smooth sailing VR industry also has a lot of small setbacks. First of all, Oculus Rift after the introduction of the shortage of parts encountered a dilemma. Second, such high-end desktop VR product sales simply can not be compared with the consumer-level products. Throughout 2016, Rift's sales are expected to be only 243,000 units, while Vive is 42 million units. Daydream Although the price is approachable, but the compatible equipment is still not much, and throughout the major shopping malls VR experience station for most people is too trendy. Last week, Oculus founder Palmer - Lachy is under the pressure of all parties choose to leave their own single-handed company.

In addition to the above vigorous events, VR industry there are many less significant changes. Today, VR is no longer a company unique and exist in the theory of technology, but the mainstream population of its acceptance is clearly relatively low. This situation is called "illusion" and "people" are full of expectations of new technology did not play its due potential. Many commercial and research institutions have begun to use VR to complete the training, design and even medical work, but for ordinary users, this product is still bought back a few times will not be put on the side of eating stuff. Of course, if you are willing to spend big money to buy high-end products, experience is good, but most users do not want to sprinkle a lot of money early adopters.

However, VR industry practitioners do not see the future of the industry. "I think now in the whole industry spread the & lsquo; illusion of the burst & rsquo; theory is actually unfounded every day. AltspaceVR company CEO Eric - Romon said. "From the market acceptance point of view, VR has achieved the original expectations, but on the VR market development point of view has changed. & Rdquo;

Luo Meng that the current wearing equipment like the year of the Palm smart machine Treo, although the machine is very good, but there are flawed. Desktop VR is too complicated, and mobile VR function is too simple. At the same time, the market is not compatible with the iPhone in the end product, seriously limiting the VR product user base expansion.

However, some people have started to live by VR. "The so-called attraction film is the early to attract spectators to attract the audience of the film), the industry has not come up with the hope that the industry can not earn a lot of money, Big money good project. "However, some small independent VR team through their own efforts can already achieve a break even. "Said Byrne. Which is worth mentioning is Owlchemy Labs, it is Vive starter game "work simulator" development company, last year its sales reached $ 3 million.

Well-known online games EVE development company CCP also sold 50 million cross-platform EVE game. Although this sales figures and PC or host compared to simply not worth mentioning, but for the VR is definitely a huge breakthrough. It takes a lot of time to get a lot of time for users to get a lot of time, but VR is pretty fast compared to the popularity of music videos (VCRs). "Said Owlchemy Labs founder Schwartz.

However, there are companies on the future of VR cautious. "Users want is longer, more engaged, experience better VR games, and now works can only be considered a small trick." "Said Wooler of Cloudhead Games. "Our game with the Vive listed a year, although the sales situation is good, but we are still constantly enhance the user experience, so as to develop the user into a loyalty powder, the company can not neglect from top to bottom. & Rdquo;

2016, a large number of heavyweight VR hardware release for the industry paved a Ming Road, but this year the whole industry where to go, who can not tell. Many independent headset equipment are in research and development, but may be officially available next year, and Apple and Google such a giant, but has not been a card. Oculus's new equipment, although highly anticipated, is still in the prototype stage. In contrast to sell the best Gear VR, although there is a certain upgrade, but Mishap is still a lot.

In general, in 2017 the VR industry may become a high-yield but relatively low-key year. Since the beginning of the VR began in 2013, we have ushered in the first VR expected to reduce the value of the year, so this year the company's main task is to find their own foothold.

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