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Access to 750 million A round of financing after the next step is easy to store music content

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Text / Tencent technology Han Yimin

Netease cloud music independent financing of the boots finally landed.

In the outgoing independent financing news nearly a year later, April 11, Netease cloud music officially announced the acquisition of A round of financing, this round of financing amount of 750 million yuan, this round of financing, NetEase cloud music valuation of 8 billion yuan The

Netease Chairman and CEO Ding Lei also participated in today's A round of financing conference, let Ding Lei personally participate in the conference is not much, personally arrived at him to see the financing of this attention.

It is understood that Netease cloud music this round of financing by the same Netease's Fuchang Finance as an exclusive financial adviser, NetEase's products for the first time for the domestic capital market open cooperation, but more realistic significance may have to return to the music business itself The

In the outgoing rumors nearly a year later, Netease cloud music A round of financing finally settled, and with Netease cloud music into SMG and Mango Wenchuang two admission, online music industry players once again changed the hand.

7. 500 million in cash there are networking resources

Netease cloud music independent financing rumors of a long time.

2016 years, the news came Netease music to start 1 billion financing, valued at 8 billion yuan. According to the report, Netease cloud music by Netease 100% holding, this round of the introduction of 1 billion yuan financing investors will hold Netease music 12% to 15% stake in the pre-finance valuation of NetEase 7 billion, financing Valued at $ 8 billion.

In this regard, Netease cloud music vice president Ding Bo in September 2016 revealed to the media, Netease really in the financing.

From the information disclosed in this announcement, the previously leaked financing information and the final financing results are slightly biased. According to the information published today by Netease cloud music, this round of financing amount of 750 million yuan, by the Shanghai Radio and Television, Shanghai Culture, Radio and Television Group (referred to as "SMG") strategic investment, Mango Wenzhong (Shanghai) equity investment fund ", In the round of gold fund investment, this round of financing, Netease cloud music valuation of 8 billion yuan.

According to Netease music CEO Zhu Yi heard that 750 million in cash, does not include the resources provided by investors value.

It is noteworthy that, involved in Netease cloud music A round of financing players are deep background.

Leader SMG is a comprehensive cultural industry group with a wide range of industries and industries in China. The business covers media operations and network transmission, content creation and copyright, Internet new media, live entertainment, cultural tourism and real estate, cultural investment, e-commerce And other fields.

Mango Wenchuang Fund was established in December 2015, the first phase of the scale of 1 billion yuan, by the Central South Heavy Industries, Mango Media and Yi Ze Capital tripartite As a sponsor, mainly around the big cultural industry as the core of the film, TV series, variety show, music, animation, sports, mobile Internet applications and other cultural and creative projects to invest and layout.

Is a wholly-owned private equity fund; CICC's private equity business management fund is over 100 billion in super-culture and in the pan-culture and management of the fund's private equity fund, which is a wholly-owned private equity fund of China International Finance Corporation Limited ("CICC"), There are many layouts in the new economy.

Zhu Yiwen told Tencent technology, cloud music open external financing, there are hundreds of investment institutions expressed investment intentions, Netease cloud music for their own development needs to choose today's tripartite.

According to NetEase to provide information, investors and Netease cloud music has reached some cooperation. At the conference, Wang Jianjun, president of SMG, and Huang Guoxiong, general manager of Mango Venture Capital, expressed the plan to strengthen the linkage with Netease cloud music network in the future.

At present, the leader of SMG's Internet program center is working with Netease cloud music team together to prepare a file to show the Chinese independent musicians style, to promote the original popular music as a program. At the same time, Hunan Satellite TV and Netease cloud music in the planning and development of a variety of IP.

The next move is copyright + ecology

In the announcement of a round of 750 million financing at the same time, Netease cloud music also announced the user broke the news of 300 million, this time from the line just over the past four years.

Netease cloud music in April 2013 on the line, July 14, 2015 announced the user exceeded 100 million. July 25, 2016 NetEase cloud music announced that the number of users in the platform has been in early July this year, more than 200 million, an increase of 100% over the same period in 2015. Today, Netease cloud music announced the user broke the news of 300 million.

Financing and rapid growth of the number of users to Netease cloud music competition for the confidence of the music industry, "industry is now the two strong and parallel: Tencent and NetEase. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

But at the same time, the relative weakness of the copyright reserve is still a major concern for its development. Netease cloud music is also aware of the copyright of the soft underbelly, and this round of financing will become its preemptive high-quality copyright ammunition.

According to reports, this round of financing will be mainly used for NetEase cloud music product experience upgrade, increase content input, healthy copyright system build and music upstream and downstream solutions to establish.

Zhu Yiwen said, cloud music is also continuing to fight for some exclusive copyright, and we will also increase the copyright of the investment, especially the exclusive quality of copyright & rdquo ;. But did not disclose its specific plans and objectives. According to reports, Netease cloud music volume of more than 10 million, Zhu Yixian especially stressed the Netease cloud music on the library's overall digging force and power.

Strengthening the copyright reserve is part of NetEase's future music development plan, including copyright, including the focus of its next focus.

According to the introduction, in increasing the content input, Netease cloud music from the support of outstanding original music works, music variety to create and promote, music short video content plan three aspects.

"We want to build a solution for the upstream and downstream, allowing users to better enjoy the music." & Rdquo;

Positioning in the music community started Netease music, in the eyes of the outside can not be separated from literature and art, niche and other labels, so there is evaluation that Netease cloud music is a small and beautiful online music products, but Zhu Yi Wen does not recognize Small and beautiful positioning, he believes that Netease cloud music is a big and beautiful products.

Small and beautiful is the outside of the misreading, cloud music is large and beautiful, from the volume is a large amount of our beauty is determined by a lot of features, and more is to create a good atmosphere, no small The concept in it. Music must be a variety of things. & Rdquo;

With Netease cloud music today officially announced A round of financing matters, means that Netease cloud music independent financing has made progress, the future does not rule out the possibility of separate listing of individual.

However, Zhu said that there is no time to split the listing, estimated two to three years will be breakeven state.

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