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Facebook and Snap behind each other: the two social networks into growth anxiety

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FacebookFacebook 和 Snap 互怼的幕后:两大社交网络陷入增长焦虑

The Information Web site published this week, a detailed review of the United States two major social networking Facebook and Snap a series of recent disputes. Facebook large-scale "cottage" Snap function, and Snap expressed strong dissatisfaction with this. Behind all this reveals the anxiety of the two social networks on how to drive the growth of users and how to make users share more content.

The following is the full text of the article:

In recent weeks, Facebook and Snap between the tit for tat is relatively white. Evan Spiegel's fiancee, supermodel Miranda & middot; Miranda Kerr publicly attacked Facebook, while Snapchat head of product Tom & middot; Kang Tom Conrad (Tom Conrad) on Facebook's Instagram launched a storm. On the other hand, some Facebook employees on the company's application of "Snapchat" performance disdain.

This tit for tat is also an important issue for the two companies. At present, Facebook and Snap are exploring how to achieve the next stage of growth, the definition of consumer Internet future development.

For Facebook, the attack on the competitors that the company can not rely on their own power to reverse the user to share less and less trends. The outside world will be further concerned about whether Facebook has the ability to continue to innovate, not just the acquisition of start-up companies, or imitate the opponent's products.

And for Snap, the company's growth is slowing. It is not clear at the moment whether such unfavorable trends can be changed. If a larger competitor can mimic its most popular features and succeed, what is the advantage of Snap, that is, how long will it be for young users?

& Nbsp; young team & rdquo;

Facebook on the Snap & ldquo; cottage "can be traced back to a few years ago.

The frequency at which users share personal content is declining. According to the information provided by the source, from the middle of 2014 to mid-2015, Facebook users on the platform to share personal content (non-point to the external article link) decreased by 21%, and by 2016 in April again reduced by 15% The Instagram platform is also very similar to the situation.

Multiple teams were asked to come up with countermeasures. It is reported that, as one of the initiatives, Facebook tried to give users more control, allowing users to decide who can view their published content. The company hopes that this will enable users to share more content for small groups.

However, this did not work. User research shows that the new option makes the user puzzled. Because the user has accumulated too much "friends & rdquo ;, so in the decision who can view their published content, they often have no way to start.

The study also shows that the "" function can be used to help Facebook applications. " In such circumstances, the user will be willing to share more content, and will not consider who will see. This feature is very similar to Snapchat.

At the same time, Snapchat grew very fast. In 2013, Facebook CEO Mark & ​​middot; Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) had tried to buy Snapchat, but did not succeed. According to a Facebook front-end staff to provide information, Facebook's internal data analysis and research tools show that the number of active users to share the point of view, Snapchat better than Facebook. The former employee said the data was "frightening".

Facebook executives are also worried that Snapchat will master the user's "social map", that is, a large part of a friend relationship.

Facebook's former staff revealed that in mid-2016, Facebook set up a "young team", which includes more than 100 employees. The team's task is to make Facebook applications more attractive to young people. But it is not clear that this team on Facebook's product strategy, how much influence.

Instagram decided to stand out and develop code-named & quot; Kodachrome & quot; function. Instagram CEO Kevin & middot; Kevin Systrom has for many years declined to make a big change to the product, but his attitude is slowly changing.

With this feature, users' shared photos and videos with filters or stickers will automatically disappear after 24 hours, which is exactly the way for Snapchat. In the past, the content that the user shares to the Instagram message flow will persist. In addition, Instagram also provides a number of Snapchat Stories-like control functions, such as by clicking to quickly switch photos, and slide up on the photos to send messages to others.

Facebook does not cover this. After the Instagram Stories feature was launched, Hestrom was bluntly, and Snapchat was worthy of all the prestige. "The problem is not who invented these things. This is about the form, how do you apply it to a network and stamp your own mark. & Rdquo;

This has been effective. Facebook's internal analysis shows that Instagram Stories features blocking Snapchat's application installs, especially in developing countries. In January this year, Instagram announced that the number of active users in this function has reached 150 million. This means that about 38% of Instagram users use this feature at least every day. (Another more important internal indicator, that is, the number of active users to share is still unclear.)

Nike and other brands on this new features openly appreciated. Many stars also pointed out that, because Instagram willing to provide labels and outside the chain function, they Instagram content on the number of views than Snapchat higher. Social marketing platform Captiv8 CEO Krishna & middot; Krishna Subramanian said that compared to Snapchat, "the way of Instagram is more friendly to the brand & rdquo ;.

Facebook, a person said, Facebook staff will comfort themselves, this is the right strategy. They would say that "do not have to be proud to be unwilling to imitate & rdquo ;.

Soon, to Facebook's chief product officer Chris & middot; Cox (Chris Cox) reported "friends to share" ralph lauren pas cher, the team also accepted this idea. The head of the team is Zuckerberg's long-standing close friend Kang-Xing Jin.

Soon after, they developed the Facebook Stories feature. With this feature, users can publish filters or videos with filters, which will disappear after 24 hours, just like Snapchat. This feature was released on the basis of last month's message flow. Almost the same time, the Messenger team also introduced a similar feature, that is, Messenger Day.

Not everyone welcomes these features. According to sources, in some private groups, there are Facebook employees before the show, in Facebook's application to join this feature looks strange, and brought confusion.

Facebook and Snap spokespersons declined to comment on this article.

Snap's counterattack

At the same time, in the Snap, the main competitors of the aggressive so many people worry that the company can no longer quickly to attract new users. Since the listing last month, Snap stock has been hovering around $ 20, lower than the market price of the first day of listing. Analysts give Snap stock's "sell & rdquo; rating mostly taking into account the competitive pressure from Facebook.

Concerns about future growth are seen only a few months ago. Last August, before the introduction of Instagram Stories, Snap set up a team trying to solve the problem of slowing the growth of new users and reporting the results to executives.

The report shows that in developing markets such as Brazil, Snapchat users spend less time on their applications, while unloading increases.

Evan & middot; spike and his design team made a response, removing the Auto Advance feature. This feature will be different friends of the story & rdquo; blend together. Although this can encourage users to consume more content, but also often as a spread of spam. In addition, Snap also started to solve the Android application to load slow, easy to flash the problem.

While Facebook continues to "cottage" Snap at the same time, Snap management called on employees to adhere to in the end. In January this year, at the full meeting of the new office in Santa Monica Airport, an employee raised questions to everyone on the spy: what is the most serious external threat facing the company? According to the memories of the two people, Spiel gives the answer is "focus" and not Facebook.

For Snap, this means continuing to develop new features, attracting young users at the core, and being the most active users. Snap employees remind themselves that Facebook has tried in the past "cottage" Snapchat. In 2012, Facebook has launched a "l" after the photos "and the use of Poke, but this application is not a good performance later.

In this battle, Snap Project Director Tim & Middot; Tim Sehn (Tim Sehn) had a speech last summer, inspired his team.

A few days after the Instagram Stories feature, Thain stressed in his speech to the engineering team that there was a need to continue to improve on the basis of the current plan, including better addressing vulnerabilities, ensuring that the product version was released on a regular basis and resolved Android application issues.

But in private, Snap employees are paying close attention to Facebook's attitude to Stories. Some Snap employees said that after adding a few additional new features, Instagram took a more beautiful version.

However, this did not make Swept. According to sources, he refuses to add a feature like Instagram to the Stories feature. He says it makes people feel like spam, and that users can not focus on the Snapchat message itself.

According to a former Snap employee, the study of Instagram Stories is like a mirror, and the mirror is a younger, more energetic person for Snap insiders.

Snap's dissatisfaction with Facebook is occasionally publicized. Last month, Facebook's behavior seemed to make Snap product vice president Tom & middot; Conrad was seriously unhappy. He is a direct message in a Twitter message Instagram product vice president Kevin & middot; Weier (Kevin Weil), said Instagram plagiarism of the Snapchat Stories function. Conrad then deleted the Twitter message.

Although the Stories feature infuses Instagram into a new life, Facebook's other applications are still faced with how to drive the user to share the pressure. In addition to the new Stories, Facebook is highlighting the photo platform, including mask features and other filter effects. Facebook may also be announced next week at the F8 Developer Conference.

A Facebook employee who has a close relationship with friends to share the team says Facebook is trying to find a trick, but it's not yet able to do it.

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