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Facebook F8 Conference: Here you want to know everything

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FacebookFacebook F8 大会:这里有你想知道的一切

English Original:Everything Facebook starts at F8 and why

2 minutes to watch F8 four Aspect:Http://v.tech.163.com/video/2017/4/0/D/VCHHQ6U0D.html

At this year's Facebook F8 Developer Conference, Facebook released a variety of products, including the reality to enhance the developer platform, group chat robots, and Facebook's own virtual reality version. The following are the important news that Facebook has posted at the conference, and why the news is worthy of attention.

Reality enhance the camera special effects platform

Mark & ​​middot; Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) said that copying Snapchat only Facebook for the new reality to enhance the developer platform to lay the foundation. Developers can create realistic enhancements to self-timer effects; add information to real-world objects, such as add comments to the restaurant door; develop new interactive games; and add virtual objects to the board or TV surface. The mechanism that triggers these experiences can be that the camera recognizes specific objects, the exact location of the user, the movement, and the data fetched from other applications.

Reasons: Facebook can not develop all the real-life enhancements that users expect. Thanks to the platform development experience of the past 10 years, Facebook has gathered a large external developer team to help the company build a richer reality enhancement filter than Snapchat. Without the help of an external creative army, Facebook can not fill the real world with real content.

Help you create your own frame

From now on, you can create your own 2D filters for Facebook cameras. With Frame Studio, you can upload your own filter design without having to write any code at all. Then, your friends or fan fans can use these filters in their own photos or videos.

Reason: Facebook wants users to share more personal content. From 2015 to 2016, the frequency of user sharing of personal content gradually reduced. If users can make filters, provide them with friends, or have a unique artistic style, then they can promote more sharing activities.

Facebook Workplace chat robots and file services

As a collaborative tool for Facebook users, Workplace has joined the chat robot, integrated with file sharing services such as Box and Salesforce, and integrated IT compliance tools such as Netskope, Smarsh and Skyhigh.

Reason: Facebook must get rid of as a pure consumer application positioning, so that they appear more professional, so as to persuade the company chief information officer to pay for Workplace. Chat robots make Workplace closer to Slack. At the same time, the integration of file sharing and compliance services makes Workplace easier and safer. And Facebook does not need to develop these complex systems.

Messenger group chat robots

Messenger robots can now be added to group chat. In the group, chat robots can provide news about the game, help friends to create Spotify playlists, and on Kayak to determine travel options and book tickets.

Reason: This feature is often disappointing when the Messenger chat robot was launched last year, because artificial intelligence is not yet able to fully simulate the conversation between humans. In addition, looking for high quality chat robots is not easy. By introducing group chat robots, Facebook does not have to be dedicated to let artificial intelligence imitate human beings, but rather to locate chat robots as digital assistants. This also provides a new way for chat robot developers to promote their products through group chat.

Messenger Chat Robot Discovery Tool

Facebook Messenger will provide a discovery tag. With this tag, you can find recently used chat robots, browse robot categories, view popular trends, and search for chat robots. Before the conversation with the chat robot begins, the user can preview the functionality of the robot. At the same time, the intelligent reply feature enables artificial intelligence to learn a common reply to common problems. When the customer raises the same question, the business chat robot can automatically respond.

Reason: To attract developers to the Messenger chat robot platform, Facebook must provide tools to help chat robots develop. However, in addition to the simplest search tool, the platform launched last year did not provide a more powerful discovery mechanism. At present, Facebook can recommend the best quality chat robots, to help users find the most suitable for a choice of occasions, and willing to pay business users to sell sponsor advertising. At the same time, intelligent reply function can reduce the pressure on the customer service representative.

Messenger with two-dimensional code with parameters

Facebook has upgraded the two-dimensional code of Messenger, and can now point to not only a page, a user or a chat robot, but also a specific experience in chatting robots. In addition, Messenger's camera features can also more easily scan these two-dimensional code. For example, the NBA Golden State Warriors can print different two-dimensional code, posted in different places on the pitch. Scan one of the two-dimensional code, you can call in the seat to take away. And scan another two-dimensional code, you can view the sales of the team around the goods.

Reason: Facebook wants to strengthen the physical business, provide new ways to find chat robots, and bring electricity to more in-depth chat robot experience. If Facebook can attract more companies to use two-dimensional code, then you can convert these companies into Messenger marketing and customer support services users.

Messenger game tag

Facebook Messenger's "instant game & rdquo; currently has a special label, the user can find the label to play the game. In addition, at present you can also challenge friends in turn-based games, not just contest scores.

Reason: If you only provide the game within the dialogue function, then the game will become narrow. At the same time, some of the hottest social games, such as "Words with Friends", take a turn-based game. The latest upgrades bring new potential and flexibility to attract developers to Facebook's platform.

React VR and React Fiber

As Facebook's popular Javascript open source user interface framework, React has received two upgrades. The official release of React VR helps developers make virtual reality content faster. React Fiber is a fully reconstructed React framework designed to support future image-based experiences.

Reason: Facebook wants to keep the developer community closed. If developers rely on Facebook's open source framework, it is possible for the company's multiple platforms, including Oculus, Messenger chat robot, and the latest camera effects platform for development.

Litho Android framework

Facebook opens up the internal Android application development tool Litho. Litho can efficiently support Android user interface development, the maximum frame rate of 60fps support.

Reason: Facebook wants Litho to be as strong as possible. Through open source, Facebook can get the help of the developer community, so that the framework becomes more powerful, independent Android applications become better.

Proxy account recovery function

If you forget the password for a website, and the site uses the proxy account to retrieve the function, then you can go to Facebook to verify the identity, to regain the site password. At present, any integrated Facebook proxy account to find SDK (software development kit) applications and Web sites can add this feature.

Reason: Facebook wants to be the public infrastructure of the Internet. If you use Facebook to find out the forgotten password, then it will never quit Facebook. In other popular applications and sites to get a place will also help Facebook users to grow and user interaction.

Advice on Data Analysis Based on Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Insights is currently available for pages and business users. This artificial intelligence can scan your analysis data, highlight the important changes and the best performance of the content. The new Omni-Channel Insights service helps you track what's happening, allowing you to see all your assets on a single panel.

Reason: If Facebook can show to the page owner, what kind of content can cause fans to resonate, then they can help them make better content, so that the message flow richer. If the business that they can understand the Facebook page, and can control their own Facebook platform for the presentation, then the promotion will be more confident.

Facebook Space

With the Facebook Space service, you and up to 3 friends enter a virtual room. You can chat, draw, watch 360 degrees video, call Messenger video calls, and shoot virtual reality self-timer. You will be in the form of cartoon virtual characters, and these characters based on your recent tagged photos. Currently, the service is open only to Oculus Rift virtual reality devices and Oculus Touch handles, but will eventually support other virtual reality devices.

Reason: the use of virtual reality technology to help socialism is 3 years ago to promote the acquisition of Oculus Facebook reasons. Facebook does not want other companies to develop into a virtual reality version of Facebook & rdquo ;, but can dominate the market.

Egg: Zuckerberg responded to the criticism of "copy" Snapchat 's

On Facebook copy of Snapchat, no longer independent innovation, Zuckerberg interview in an interview with TechCrunch said: "I think I am not very worried about this problem. Zuckerberg had previously been interviewed to explain why the imitation of Snapchat was just the first step in the development of Facebook's new reality platform.

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