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Breath push 19 new items, big strokes behind Tencent mutual entertainment with what kind of product logic?

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Text / Fang Yan

April 20, UP2017 Tencent interactive entertainment annual conference (referred to as the UP conference) held in Beijing. In this conference, with 19 pieces of the game's mobile game has become the focus of the entire conference. Its number of new products, the quality of the fine, or will greatly change the pattern of hand travel in 2017.

In this situation, this new product behind the logic of the game industry will have a huge impact. Tencent technology through combing found that the Tencent each released 19 games have the following four important directions:

1, the external classic old IP re-excavation (7)

In the 19 new products, "fist fate", "Legend of the dominance hand" "magic baby" hand tour, "miracles awakening", "Jian Wang 3: fingertips rivers and lakes", "paradise 2: oath", " Travel "and other 7 hand travel are such, occupy the total number of new hand tour about one-third.

It can be seen that the classic old IP mobile, is still the focus of Tencent mutual entertainment strategy.

Among them, "fist fate" corresponds to "fist series" by SNK genuine license, Yinhan game research and development, Tencent exclusive exclusive agent. As 70,80 after the chronological products, "King of Fighters" series has a large number of stable life, the strength of the financial strength of the fans group, which will be "fist fate" on the line of important protection.

According to Tencent mutual entertainment official introduction, "fist fate" will not only inherit the classic series of fist fighting system, reproduce fist fan fans fighting feelings, more will be integrated into the MMO multi-person interactive system, through the form of PVP, PVE create a strong competitive extreme fighting Experience. This means that after the mobile, "fist fate" in the reserve boxing classic play, but also for the current player habits were played to play.

It is worth mentioning that, based on the LBS positioning system of social interaction will also be on the game line, relying on Tencent's social assets and positioning technology, this feature will no doubt by enhancing the interaction between users, increase the "fist fate" stick Sex.

From the "fist fate" example can be seen, Tencent on the classic IP re-engraving of the general idea is to choose a large IP, in the preservation of the classic play on the basis of strengthening the "online & rdquo; interactive" and " In this, Tencent in the WeChat QQ on the social assets is quite important.

In the upstream and downstream chain level, Tencent mutual choice and partners win-win situation. Tencent technology through the statistics found that, in addition to "fist fate", "legendary dominance hand tour" Tencent mutual choice of 37 mutual entertainment cooperation, "magic baby hand tour" chose the Japanese SE company cooperation, "miracle awakening" by the sky time research and development, "Jian Wang 3: fingertip rivers and lakes" by the Xishanju research and development, "Paradise 2: oath" is the Korean side of the national dress version, "seeking fairy tour" and the pixel company.

It can be seen, compared to some of the competitors can only be targeted for their individual classic end-page travel products to re-engraved, thanks to Tencent mutual ecological ecology mature, Tencent's choice of the classic IP is not limited by the IP source. In fact, the powerful control of the industry's resources, Tencent is continuing an important guarantee for the classic IP re-engraved.

2, to strengthen their own IP product heritage and excavation (4)

In the classic IP engraved, Tencent on its own IP re-excavation also spared no effort. "Regulus legend" is Tencent's MMORPG classic end of the tour "Xuanyuan legend" mobile version, the same by the Tencent Northern Lights studio group to build, is the production team early self-research tour "Xuanyuan legend" in the field of mobile extension and evolution.

It is understood that in 2011 around the advent of "Xuanyuan legend", not just a still stable operation phase of the classic end of the tour, while more accumulated in the studio technical background, and created like "Tianya moon knife" this Widely praised by the industry's products laid a solid foundation.

In addition, Tencent each other also launched the "QQ fly tour", "QQ Hyun dancing tour", "love every day to eliminate" second generation of new products.

Relying on the end of the product, the previous generation of large user base, this series of hand travel products also have a huge user group protection. For its own classic product excavation and heritage, making the Tencent mutual entertainment of the hand travel products more mass basis, but also the value of the product itself IP has been strengthened.

3, IP linkage plan early results (5)

In the new matrix, "choose heaven" has a very special significance. It is understood that "choose Heaven" by the novel IP adaptation, Tencent is the first film tour comedy works.

Need to emphasize that, in the hand tour at the same time, "Select God" TV version of Hunan Satellite TV and Tencent video and other five major video media hot broadcast, "Select God" animation third quarter of the news broadcast for the first time announced The

Shadow book book is complete, making the value of the IP to choose to further enhance the value of IP.

Product level, "choose Heaven" is not only beautiful engraved IP scenes and plot, inviting TV series vocal dubbing dubbing, Chen Changsheng, Xu Yourong and other protagonists will also become a practice partner to join the players practice trip, yellow paper umbrella rainbow whip 100 sets of instruments in the list will also make all debut, giving players personalized skills experience.

Tencent in terms of mutual entertainment, in Tencent's pan-entertainment IP matrix, hand travel in the IP value chain has a more special positioning & mdash; relative to literature, film and television, animation and other pan-entertainment products, More diversified, can bring a more immersive experience, while compared to other types of works in terms of more long-term, to achieve IP value-added.

In the end, "choose the day" hand tour as the first example of the test water, will be carrying a super value of the important task of harvesting.

In addition, Tencent each other launched the "fairy tail: magic guide juvenile" is also a part of its IP strategy, not only that, in this UP Conference, Tencent animation "has a sword sword mountain" , "China surprised Mr.", "one person under" and other three well-known IP has also opened the game adaptation, announced the launch of the same name.

4, the new field of new games to play the game test water (3)

It is worth mentioning that, in this hand tour matrix, two SLG games (simulation game) is Tencent mutual entertainment matrix never appeared in the type.

According to reports, "my dynasty" is Tencent interactive layout SLG subdivision category of the first strategy of the real warlord tour, by Tencent interactive entertainment photon studio group research; "chaos king" as Tencent first war strategy tour , By Tencent interactive entertainment days studio studio independent research and development.

The emergence of two products, making the outside world for a long time to enter the field of speculation in the field of speculation Teng officially landed.

From the stand-alone era, SLG strategy game has appeared a variety of fine, captured a group of senior players heart; with the mobile game products gradually from mild to moderate evolution, SLG strategy game market segment is rapidly booming The

The Tencent SLG's dual game layout, showing its relying on a strong self-research ability and other comprehensive strength of the determination of the hair.

On the other hand, in the field of cards, Tencent each other also agents of the license by the Ubisoft licensed, playing crab technology research and development card card tour "magic door hero invincible: war era." According to reports, the game is Ubud's first cooperation with the domestic developers card card tour, will break the traditional card limitations, and write a magnificent war situation, in milliseconds to respond, to create the peak micro-operation experience.

Through the combing of the 19 games, we can find that in 2017 Tencent mutual entertainment matrix, IP products is still the current Tencent mutual entertainment strategy absolute mainstream, at the same time, based on the improvement of the game on the ecological cooperation Partner collaboration and own product development, two lines in parallel, making the whole Tencent mutual entertainment layout more diversified.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the value of IP to explore, in this UP meeting, including IP incubation chain, including ecological construction, once again put on the table.

In the layout of the sub-category game level, Tencent each released aurora plan, Tencent mutual entertainment vice president Liu Ming said Aurora plan for the players, bring more pure creative game, so that everyone play more real return to the game fun Essential game. Specifically, Tencent each other will set up a more than 200 people full-time Aurora business team, in the capital, resources and other aspects of service in the development of sub-categories of small and medium-sized developers.

At present, the first Aurora plan game includes realistic military themes, warships real-time competitive game "naval guns and torpedo"; classic card based on the innovative TCG Athletic card game "card monster"; famous secondary IP music dance The game "Hatsune future"; IP-based women to eliminate the class game "Hello Kitty Global Tour"; io class leisure sports H5 game "crazy snowball"; 2D paper cutting style fantasy class RPG "endless expedition" and so on.

In cooperation with partners, Tencent mutual entertainment vice president Lu Peng said Tencent mobile gaming platform in August 2013 on the line, over the past three years with 47 domestic and foreign partners with the release of 53 boutique hand tour, divided into more than 10 billion yuan. In 2017, Tencent will continue to enhance the platform capacity and operational strength, including the depth of the social chain of mining, users reach the channel expansion and hierarchical scene touch, the player community training and maintenance, and the game fine And long-term operation, and partners together to create the game industry "hero alliance" and "rdquo ;.

This series of IP as the center, aimed at establishing a perfect game of ecological initiatives, is bound to 2017 on the entire hand industry has a huge impact.

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