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The operator charges dropped behind: mix change, 5G and running China Mobile's ambitions

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From 2015 onwards, the speed reduction fee will become one of China's three major telecom operators annual focus. Huimin at the same time, operators also want to seek the commanding heights of competition, in the vicinity of 5G, this desire is more urgent.

Yesterday, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a press conference on the progress of speed drop charges, development division, Ministry of information and communication smell library said that this year, the implementation of the special action opinions will be released, the speed of the 17 specific measures to reduce costs.

It is understood that the views of the telecommunications infrastructure to increase investment, including the potential to cut down the broadband network to reduce the cost of broadband applications to encourage innovation and speed up the optimization of the four aspects of the policy environment.

According to the Ministry of planning, is expected by the end of this year, the national fixed broadband household penetration rate reached 63%, mobile broadband penetration rate reached 75%, more than 85% fixed broadband users will use broadband access services to more than 20Mbps, more than 50% users will use more than 50Mbps broadband access service.

Proposed special action, which means that the country's efforts to speed up the cost reduction will be greater and greater. However, due to the volume of the three operators are different, resulting in the effect of reaction at the competitive level intriguing.

In March 6th this year, the State Council Information Office held a routine briefing on the State Council policy. Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry, said this year the Ministry will further promote the speed reduction related work. This also opened a new round of 2017 speed reduction fee.

Operators boss China Mobile respond quickly, yesterday, the first report of the latest measures to speed up the cost of lowering. Contains seven aspects, international roaming fees, private access tariff, personal data traffic rates become the focus. At the meeting, China Mobile group company marketing department deputy general manager Bao Jianyi, during the period of 2014 -2016 mobile phone Internet average price cumulative decline of 63.5%; the reduced cost measures in 2015 and 2016 respectively benefit customers 740 million times, 1 billion 260 million times.

For the three operators, to bring a certain degree of revenue and profit margins. But for the large amount of China Mobile, the industry generally believe that this effect is relatively small, its 2016 earnings can be seen.

According to China Mobile 2016 earnings report, China Mobile operating income of 708 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 6%. Among them, the communications services revenue 623 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 6.7%, an increase of nearly a new high of nearly five years, ranking first in the industry. In the service, wireless Internet revenue rose 43.5% over last year, accounting for the proportion of communications services revenue reached 46.2%, the first time the annual voice and short MMS and more than the sum of revenue, becoming the company's largest source of revenue.

It is not difficult to see that the strategic transformation of China Mobile traffic has achieved initial results, and the cost is still continuing to drop.

Chinese holding more than 60% 4G users (558 million households), small profits may be the best strategy for China Mobile current competition, even from a certain extent, lower fees also help China Mobile to consolidate 4G users. The latest data show a quarter of users, China Mobile first quarter net increase of 33 million 40 thousand 4G users, continue to maintain high growth, mobile phone Internet traffic growth of 101% over the previous year, mobile phone Internet client DOU through 1000MB.

Judging from the performance of the current market, the flow of traffic to the future than the flow of mature faster, but also easy to be accepted by the market. This time, China Mobile launched 9 yuan and $two of the 24 tranches of video traffic packages, customers can get 3GB and 30GB video traffic. As well as China Unicom, China Telecom and the king of the king of the glory of the game to customize the flow of cooperation package.

Analysts pointed out that the operators in the traffic optimization there are still larger room configuration, but with the arrival of 5G, traffic management is good or bad will determine the operators the right to speak in the future, China Mobile trump card is the huge user traffic generated by the.

In this case, China Mobile hopes to be able to promote the scale of the 5G experiment and commercial trial in 2018, in addition to the high rate of network traffic brought about by economies of scale, China Mobile is more emphasis on the Internet of things under 5G.

Li Yueceng, President of China Mobile, said the 4G application scenario is mainly mobile phones, 5G will be used for all walks of life. 4G is designed for the Internet, 5G is designed for the Internet of things. The development of 5G will lay the foundation for the popularity of the Internet of things, while the development of the Internet of things will bring greater opportunities for the development of telecom operators.

China Mobile expects 2020 global market size will reach 50 billion connections, China market connection number is expected to exceed 10 billion; but at the same time, the value of the network connection to the networking industry accounted for only 15%, operators must extend to the downstream industries.

Unicom, Telecom will hold up much wave?

For the smaller volume of China Telecom, China Unicom, the cost of bringing down the operating pressure is far greater than China Mobile, in contrast, speed is crucial.

About 5G, the latest disclosure of the Ministry of industry, the next step is to promote the development of technology research and development of the second phase of the trial, focusing on the development and testing of wireless air interface for mobile Internet, low delay, high reliability and low power consumption linking the three 5G scenarios and network technology solutions, and the introduction of domestic and foreign chip and instrument manufacturers, to jointly promote the mature 5G industry chain, is expected by the end of 2017 to complete the two phase of the experiment.

Due to the backwardness of the 4G strategy lags behind, the significance of 5G for China Unicom is self-evident. In the words of chairman Wang Xiaochu, the arrival of the era of 5G is a key opportunity for China Unicom break back to a board, China Unicom will never make mistakes in the era of 4G.

So in the layout, China Unicom's action is significantly faster. It is understood that Guangdong Unicom recently joined Ericsson in Guangzhou Pearl River Metro opened the country's first commercial site 5G points, but also the world's first dual band based 5G point system site. The deployment of the 5G commercial website, 5G, 4G and 3G support flexible multi standard, multi band technology, can help China Unicom efficient implementation of spectrum resource integration of 2G, 3G, 4G and simplify the network structure, the Chinese Unicom Network smooth evolution to 5G.

The speed of the China Telecom is also important, as early as February 18th of this year, the China Telecom in Nanjing has successfully built 4 5G base stations, a total investment of 300 million yuan, and the future of 5G base station number in this area will reach more than and 600.

The so-called six mode full Netcom phone, you can achieve a cell phone, a three card slot, universal, 4G free switch, the user can no longer be constrained by the mobile phone system and independent operators. This is the size of the user behind China Unicom, China Telecom, to a large extent, the diversion of China Mobile users.

But full Netcom is the trend. It is understood that the rapid development of the whole Netcom terminal, the market share of less than 2015 by the end of 20%, has grown rapidly to the current 75%, the total market has become the mainstream of the six die. At the same time, consumer mobile consumer spending will also be reduced, in 2016 consumers to buy 4G mobile phone spending reduced by about 18 billion yuan. In addition, the six models have been adopted by the international standards organization GCF, the future is expected to become a global standard.

It is reported that the meeting will be the establishment of China Unicom Netcom Union, on the one hand to maximize the interests of consumers, the other purpose is not subject to an operator.

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