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Crashed after the mobile phone market, HTC may step into the VR winter

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折戟手机市场之后,HTC折戟手机市场之后,HTC 也许一脚又踏进了 VR 的冬天

I took a HTC D10w show to the unit, several people asked me what brand, I said it was HTC, the results are a look of loss, finally have a know, even To a "lsquo" this brand is still alive, and this is a pigeon on the author helpless Tucao. For a brand, the most sad reminder may not be a loss, but was forgotten.

In the smart phone circle, a new product is a fan sneak seems to be commonplace, many brands after the sale of new machines are often a few months before the short supply, and some even by the user joking "monkey & rdquo ;. But there is such a special case, the new flagship mobile phone just on sale, not only not been snapped up and also reduced by 1,000 yuan. Such a substantial offer, but suffered a dismal sales, it is the smart phone industry has dominated HTC

Not long ago, HTC in its 20th anniversary released HTC U Ultra Sapphire Edition (priced 5988 yuan), and launched a single down less than 1,000 yuan promotions, but despite the intensity of the event so much, HTC U Ultra in Jingdong Mall pre-sale After a long time nobody cares.

Price does not return to sales

Mobile phone business is not only reflected in the debut on the debut 1,000 yuan on the new machine, not long ago HTC has just 630 million yuan to sell the price of Shanghai's production plant and land. In addition, HTC on the sale of mobile phone business rumors will appear every three times, although there have been HTC executives said many times will not sell mobile phone business, but this commitment in the face of bleak performance is pale and weak.

HTC 2016's earnings show: HTC total revenue 78.16 billion yuan NT (about 16.91 billion yuan), compared to the previous year down 35.77%, which HTC Vive as the representative of the VR (virtual reality) business revenue of about $ 366 million; mobile phone business is about $ 2.204 billion; according to the annual sales of equipment, HTC Vive shipments for 42 million, about 12 million smart phones.

12 million sales of what is the concept? Domestic mobile phone brand in 2016 mobile phone sales of 139 million units, that is, Huawei's sales a month to catch up to HTC a year. Even now controversial music as mobile phones last year, sales have reached 19 million units, we can see the downturn in the HTC mobile phone business.

And, as of the fourth quarter of last year, HTC has been a continuous seven quarter loss, the first quarter of this year's earnings have not yet announced, but the current market performance, it seems that eight consecutive quarters of losses in front of us.

For several years, HTC's flagship and high-end models are mostly bleak end. Product line operating rigid, marketing and quality out of touch, as its main reason for its defeat to the old rival Samsung. Initially HTC has been positioned in the high-end market, the standard Apple, Samsung and other international giants. But with the millet as the representative of a public Internet brand holding high price, the smart phone market has turned upside down, this time the HTC still stick to their own high-end market, but the quality and reputation has not improved.

The old rival Samsung is not the case, the wide spread of more fish, low, medium and high product line Qi battle, so that in the face of the impact of the Internet brand still able to maintain a strong competitive edge, and rigid HTC is gradually reduced to High price low with synonymous. As the market capitalization was as high as 33.5 billion US dollars, accounting for 25% of the global smart phone market giant, HTC in 2013 after the performance of the decline was surprising, or even began to be forgotten. Perhaps the future HTC only hope to pin in the two years of heavy gold betting VR hardware, look forward to the market's hot performance will rise again.

Betting VR really fly it

HTC in the mobile phone and VR selected the momentum of development better VR hardware business, not long ago to sell the Shanghai factory funds have also been put into the VR project, chairman Wang Xuehong seems iron to betting VR.

March 24, at the Boao Forum for Asia 2017 annual meeting, HTC chairman Wang Xuehong talked about her virtual reality industry ideas and prospects, and any industry to be formed, must have an ecological circle, from upstream to Downstream companies join together and work together. Wang Xuehong is full of confidence in the VR industry, and I really believe that in the next decade, the industry will become a trillion trillion of industry, is very worthy of everyone's input. & Rdquo;

Indeed, if the VR + AR industry really has 1 trillion dollars of good "prospects" rush to embrace the industry's HTC will usher in their own revival. From the current situation, the mobile phone business has been hopeless, discarded tasteless will focus on the future of the more bright VR & mdash; & mdash; "abandoned horse care car" is the best choice. In the global industry, HTC Vive's performance is remarkable, the current high-end VR in the market, HTC Vive second only to Sony PS VR in the industry's second position. However, the prospects are bright, the road is bumpy, when to profit is still placed in front of HTC biggest problem.

The so-called one trillion US dollars of the prospects, is the product of YY analysis, the current VR industry in the development stage, is still in the lack of growth period. As to when to really enter the mature period, forerunner when to profit? Are still unknown. Faced with such a situation, HTC this sale of the plant, the way to dry up the East to adhere to how long the downturn in mobile phone business and the loss of VR business will have what effect, are also unknown.

The more severe reality is that the industry's winter seems to come early.

When an industry just when the rise, do not say 1 trillion, 10 trillion will have research institutions shout out, the capital market is with the industry's hot wolf Ben hog sudden, rush. However, the public opinion in the eyes of the VR industry has cooled cold. Recently, the foreign technology media quoted market research firm Crunchbase a report that the first quarter of 2017, the global VR / AR venture capital investment is only 200 million US dollars (a total of 26 companies to obtain investment), compared to the same period last year 1 billion (29 companies get financing), plummeted Bacheng.

With the cold capital market, the industry reshuffle is also continuing, more and more entrepreneurial enterprises continue to fall. In 2016, the data show that HTC, Oculus (Facebook) and Sony's three full-featured virtual reality helmet's total sales of only 200 million units, far below the industry's expectations. By the impact of the market downturn, Facebook's Oculus recently again on the product price cuts, down as much as a quarter. In the VR content market to boost the weak 2017 years, the prospects for sales of various products, I am afraid even more optimistic.

The market in the Ebb Tide, survived the enterprise only bite the dead carry. Now the VR hardware industry, able to stick to only a solid financial strength, the technology accumulated a solid number of players. Among them, HTC technology is very solid, but the funds are not strong .....

Adhere to the pain, it is better to break off

Chairman Wang Xuehong personally commanded HTC more than two years, although not able to save the HTC in the fire and water, but also because of its mobile phone business into the dilemma decided to enter the VR head of the market, for the HTC continued a life. The courage, in the ICT industry are extremely rare.

However, now the VR market HTC to face Google, Sony, Facebook and other wealthy giants, weak thin HTC to keep the camp, and then from their hands to grab more share, is still difficult. Moreover, the development of VR industry needs a lot of money into the inflow, these competitors are not short of money is now no shortage of people, but the bad boy how to continue to burn in the state of the proceeds of the VR industry into the mature, usher in profit The spring The future of Wang Xuehong or will face a more brutal decision.

First, continue to bet on the full range of VR products, grab Facebook market share.In mid-February this year, HTC CFO Zhang Jialin in the U Ultra mobile phone conference in Singapore said that "how to combine mobility and VR, we have a detailed plan." & Rdquo ;. "Vive flagship high-end market, and the next few months we will let the mobility and VR sparks, it is not just a simple phone card in the wearing equipment, this product is very different. & Rdquo;

Second, completely abandon the mobile phone business.There are many senior industry analysts continue to recommend, HTC should give up the mobile phone business, warrior broken wrist, and then threw himself into the VR business, build VR ecology to achieve win-win situation. But HTC seems to miss a lot of opportunities.

HTC and the early years of selling MOTO different, the latter has a large number of patents do not worry about no buyers, and HTC did not have such a capital, if not shot as soon as possible, the mobile phone business will eventually become a no one is willing to accept the mess.

Master decided to between the twinkling of an eye, compared to chronic death, only to set the death of the choice may be correct.

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