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Beyond Java Python will be the most popular programming language?

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original:Will Python Overtake Java?

Author: Venkatesan Murugan

Translation: Li Jinger

Java will be dead speech from time to time will come out, but the reality will always give such a speech crackling face. However, with the popular data mining, machine learning, AI and other popular technology popular, Python more and more popular, the author can not help but suggested that Python will be more popular than Java? The following is the translation:

According to the current IT programming trends, from the number of operations, the number of Java developers and IT industry, the overall use of data in these areas, now Java is the most popular programming language. According to the latest usage statistics released by a technology survey site, 3.0% of the sites use Java as the server-side programming language, while only 0.2% of Python is used. However, most of the recent reports have emphasized that Java usage has been declining for several years compared to Java, Python usage and popularity continues to grow rapidly.

according toMyTectraStatistics, from 2013 began to focus on Python and Java, the data from Naurki Bangalore region since 2013, the number of operations released. From the table below, we can see that the demand for Java is decreasing for several years, while the demand for Python continues to grow, 200 in 2014, and more than 6500 by 2017.

From the statistics released by the Fix job, Python is the only programming language that continues to grow, while Java is declining dramatically.

So it is still necessary for programmers to understand the main differences between the two popular programming languages.

The important difference between Java and Python

Both are generic programming languages. Java is a static language that needs to be declared to declare all variable names; and Python is a dynamic language that does not need to display the declared variable name.

In general programming tasks, Java requires developers to write a long line of code. But also take the time to organize, maintain and update the Java code base. The short and pithy Python syntax allows developers to easily express concepts. This further emphasizes the reusability and readability of code generation. As a result, it is easier for programmers to maintain and update the codebase. Both languages ​​are regularly updated. Programmers can use Java 8 to get some new features, including lambda expressions, new date / time interfaces and some new features of the interface. Even more gratifying is that developers can easily switch from version 7 to version 8. But it is not easy to make a choice between Python 2.x and Python 3.x. These two versions are parallel maintenance, so switching between the two versions is not easy.

Java makes it easier for programmers to create lightweight cross-platform applications. These applications can be used on any device where the JVM is installed. On the other hand, developers need to use the Python compiler to convert Python-written code into specific operating system-readable code. Because many devices have installed JVM, developers can run Java applications on a variety of devices, without the need for specific tools and compilers.

The performance and speed of the two programming languages ​​are different. Many programmers say Java is faster than Python. Python can not be used to handle CPU-intensive tasks, but developers usually have a lot of ways to improve the speed of Python implementation. They have to use CPython, PyPy or Cython to make up for Cython's inherent running time, greatly improving the execution speed. And Java without the help of other tools can easily optimize performance.

In addition to being a popular Web technology, Java is also widely used to develop the world's most popular mobile phone operating system, that is, Andrews. The Android SDK contains a number of standard Java libraries. Developers can easily create an Android application using network systems, data structures, charting algorithms, and math libraries. They can also use a variety of tools and frameworks to speed up the development of Andrews applications. But people who have used Python to develop are aware that they can not develop mobile applications in Python alone. Developers must use some frameworks and tools to develop mobile applications. Many programmers prefer to use Java to develop mobile applications, because save time and effort.

The growing popularity of Python and its number of users grows every year because Python is becoming the preferred language for all popular IT technologies. Almost all IT areas, including Web development, cloud computing (AWS, OpenStack, VMware, Google cloud, Oracle cloud, etc.), infrastructure automation, software testing, mobile testing, large data and Hadoop, data science, etc. As the preferred programming language.

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