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Dong Mingzhu "long - term investment" theory: 3 years 32 times holdings of Gree

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Just two days time, Gree Electric chairman and president Dong Mingzhu completed the Gree Gree shares twice the holdings. May 11, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange website revealed that Dong Mingzhu in the May 9 auction by way of holdings of Gree shares of 10,000 shares. And the day before, she also holdings of 30,000 shares of Gree electrical shares. This doubled holding means that Dong Mingzhu completed her 32th holdings of Gree Electric.

With Dong Mingzhu's 32 holdings, Gree Electric shares all the way up the way. Investment Gree electrical Dong Mingzhu net worth of 1.46 billion yuan. But its holdings from last year's Zhuhai Yinlong shares still higher market value.

32 times holdings

Twice holding Gree Gree total of 4 million shares, spent Dong Mingzhu 126 million yuan.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosure of information, Dong Mingzhu on May 8 holdings of 30,000 shares of Gree electrical shares, the average transaction price of 31.76 yuan per share, invested a total of 952,800 yuan. May 9 to buy 10,000 shares of Gree Electric shares, then the price of 30.73 yuan turnover, cost 307,300 yuan.

4 million shares for Dong Mingzhu increased 0.0067 & permil; shareholding ratio. To May 9 holdings after Dong Zhizhu has 4448.85 million shares of the stock, its stake is still around 0.74% stake. This figure and Gree in a quarterly shareholding ratio was basically flat. 2017 a quarterly, Dong Mingzhu shareholding ratio of 0.74%, ranked Gree power ninth largest shareholder.

Dong Mingzhu in 2017 has been on the Gree Electric shares 3 times holdings.

Her first holdings took place in January this year. January 18, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange website revealed that Dong Mingzhu on January 16, 2017, to 23.58 yuan average transaction price holdings of Gree shares 13 million shares. She to 306.54 million yuan of the total amount of transactions to get the total equity of Gree Electric 0.0216 & permil ;.

And from Dong Mingzhu since March 7, 2014 for the first time holdings of 5500 shares of Gree Electric shares began, more than three years time, she completed a total of 32 shares holdings. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosed the average transaction price calculation, Dong Mingzhu 32 holdings were invested nearly 38.6 million yuan.

Dong Mingzhu's holdings have two intensive periods. She in 2016 1-2 months between the intensive holdings of the Gree Gree shares, the cumulative purchase of 45.8 million shares, costing about 8.22 million yuan, accounting for 21.3% of its total holdings. Dong Mingzhu also in September 2015 intensive holdings of 13 Gree shares, the cumulative purchase of 140 million shares, costing about 20 million yuan, accounting for 52% of its total holdings.

Dong Mingzhu holding Gree Electric stock dates back to 1996. Gree in 1996, when listed, Dong Mingzhu only holds 500 shares of Gree Electric shares. She held in Gree Gree shares are mainly from 10 years after the implementation of equity incentive Gree.

Gree reported that Dong Mingzhu in 2006, 2007, 2009 through equity incentive way, a total of 6.26 million shares of Gree Electric shares. The three times the purchase price of equity incentive were 5.07 yuan, 3.87 yuan and 4.49 yuan, a total cost of 27.4364 million yuan. The information disclosed by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange shows that only after two equity incentives let Dong Mingzhu get about 0.48% of Gree shares, accounting for 65% of its shareholding ratio.

Market value has reached 22 times

As a symbol of Gree and other iconic figures, even if the foreign debt investment Silver Long, Dong Mingzhu has never been reduced in the hands of Gree Electric shares. Senior household electrical appliance industry observers Liu Buchen on the "China Times" reporter said, Dong Mingzhu Gree Gree holdings, equal to the confidence to the capital market, the stock price growth is good.

But on the other hand, Dong Mingzhu Geli shares held by the huge gains can not be ignored.

May 11, Gree closing price of 32.88 yuan, up 4.45% over the previous day. To the rough calculation of this price, Dong Mingzhu Gree Gree shares held by the value of 1.46 billion yuan. This figure is Dong Mingzhu holding Gree Electric all the investment 22 times.

Dong Mingzhu also talked about foreign investment Gree Gree stock high returns.

She said in the end of April this year, the external response to Gree's high dividend program said: "As an investment, Gree is the best listed company, I was ten thousand dollars is now 19 million. "In December 2014, I also said:" For example, I 1996 yuan investment is now 18 million yuan market value, so you think it is long-term investment is good, or short-term speculation is good? " & Rdquo;

Behind the stock market rose, Gree prices continue to rise. In September 2016 announced the acquisition of Zhuhai Yinlong acquisition program and resumption of trading, Gree's share price from the resumption of trading 19.22 yuan all the way up to the May 11 closing of 32.88 yuan. Or up to 71%.

In addition, Dong Mingzhu many shots are located in the low price of Gree shares. According to "China Times" reporter statistics, Dong Mingzhu 32 holdings, there are 23 times the holdings of the price are below 19 yuan. Which in September 2015 appeared in its holdings in the history of the lowest average transaction price of 15.83 yuan. According to "China Times" reporter learned that in June - September 2015 A shares of the end of the market encounter "stock" rush, "the situation of thousands of shares limit.

In addition to rising stock prices led to the hands of the stock market soared, the Dong Ming also from Gree to get more than 200 million yuan dividend.

Gree Electric 2016 annual report announced that it will come up with 10.828 billion yuan to shareholders dividends. At that time, Gree held 4431.85 million shares of Dong Mingzhu, received a total of 79.77 million yuan (pre-tax) income. This figure is its 2016 in Gree Electric to get the tax before the 6.1983 million yuan salary nearly 13 times.

Even in the revenue of 40 billion yuan in 2015, Gree Electric is still launched every 10 shares to send 15 yuan dividend program, Dong Mingzhu from 65.73 million yuan of income. Gree's 2014 dividend program is 10 to 10 to send 30 yuan, Dong Mingzhu from the income is more than 60 million yuan.

And it is worth noting that Gree's shares are not Dong Mingzhu the largest piece of assets in the hands. Its hands the price of Zhuhai Yinlong stock has been greater than Gree Electric.

Business information, Dong Mingzhu had to 17.46% stake in the proportion of Zhuhai Yinlong two shareholders. Its holding 190 million yuan of registered capital corresponding to the actual amount of investment of about 2.3 billion yuan. And Zhuhai Yinlong company name from a limited liability company into a limited liability company means that its listing target. Liu Buchen told reporters that Zhuhai Yin Long or will be listed within two years, "personal investment value has been improved, which is visible benefits. & Rdquo;

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