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Tencent quarterly total revenue of 49.552 billion yuan, the average monthly remuneration of 63,000 yuan

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On May 17, Tencent Holdings announced its unaudited consolidated results for the first quarter of 2017.

Earnings reported that as of March 31, 2017, Tencent total revenue of 49.552 billion yuan, an increase of 55%; operating profit of 19.272 billion yuan, an increase of 44%; profit during the period of 14.548 billion yuan, an increase of 57 %; Net profit margin of 29%, unchanged from last year; basic earnings per share of 1.540 yuan, diluted earnings per share of 1.522 yuan.

Today's close, Tencent shares closed at 259.8 Hong Kong dollars, the market value of about 316.2 billion US dollars.

In addition, the earnings show that Tencent as of March 31 a total of 39,258 employees in the first quarter average monthly remuneration of 63,000 yuan, we can compare with their monthly salary.

Tencent chairman and CEO Ma said: "In the first quarter of 2017, we recorded a strong performance in the business and financial. Financial aspects, smartphone games, payment related services, digital content subscriptions, PC games and social advertising drive overall revenue growth. Business, driven by the Lunar New Year holiday, we have a significant increase in the number of entertainment services products, including the provision of popular original content of the video platform, as well as newer products such as karaoke applications universal K song, photo editing application every day P and the "king glory" and other mobile games. We will continue to invest in new technology, high-quality content and innovative products for users to bring a better experience. & Rdquo;

Specific business, Tencent first quarter value-added services business revenue grew 41% to 35.180 billion yuan:

1, online game revenue grew 34% to 22.811 billion yuan. Tencent said the growth was mainly due to revenue growth from smartphone games such as "King Glory" and "Dragon Valley" and PC client games such as "Heroes" and "Dungeons & Fighters".

2, social network revenue growth of 56% to RMB 12.297 billion. Tencent said that the growth mainly reflects the digital content services (including digital music, video and literature services) and virtual props sales growth.

Revenue from online advertising grew 47% YoY to Rmb6.688bn. Tencent said the company will be online advertising revenue by advertising attributes rather than advertising pricing model for classification.

Media advertising revenue (mainly revenue from advertising, video and music) increased by 20% to RMB2,509 million, mainly due to the growth of Tencent News and Tencent video revenue on the mobile media platform.

Social and other advertising revenues, mainly those generated by social platforms, app stores, browsers, and advertising networks, grew 67% to RMB4,379 million, mainly from microphones, microblogs, app stores and mobile browsers. Advertising revenue growth driven.

Revenues from other businesses increased 224% YoY to RMB75.56bn in the first quarter. Tencent said the increase was mainly driven by increased revenue from payments-related services and cloud services.

Tencent specific to the two fist products QQ and WeChat of the data, QQ performance compared with the same period last year, a slight decline or slightly, while the WeChat continued to maintain double-digit growth.

Focus on WeChat. According to earnings data, WeChat and WeChat merger of the number of active accounts reached 938 million, an increase of 23%, Tencent said: "We launched by more and more to meet the developer's function, such as DIY can be recognized & lsquo; small program code & rsquo; , WeChat public account built-in links and nearby small programs, cultivate a wide range of small programs. We launched the WeChat index, so that users can analyze the key words in the micro-credit account of the heat situation. & Rdquo;

Overall, Tencent in the first quarter to maintain a high growth, including micro-total monthly live users reached 938 million, perhaps the second half or year will break through the 1 billion monthly work mark, but this will still depend on the expansion of WeChat overseas Speed, because the number of domestic users has become saturated.

In addition, the highlights of earnings in the "other business", an increase of 224%, which is mainly WeChat payment and Tencent cloud two aspects of revenue.

WeChat payment, Ma said last month: "In terms of mobile payment, Tencent is in a leading position. We know that through the WeChat payment, we not only pay, but also includes the traditional industry members, customer CRM management and other aspects are open up, we also open the security field related capabilities. & Rdquo;

Tencent cloud, in recent years, whether it is domestic BAT or foreign Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other giants in cloud computing has maintained rapid growth, and Tencent cloud due to late start, the base is small, so the number of consecutive quarters to maintain three-digit growth , Become the most eye-catching business.

At present, Tencent cloud in the country's main rival is Ali cloud, Tencent and Ali competition in various fields of the same play in the field of cloud computing, if you fly Shenzhen, you will be in Shenzhen Airport billboards found Tencent cloud And Ali cloud neighborhood, contests.

April 20, Tencent to 2017 China + + + "digital economy summit moved to the headquarters of Alibaba Hangzhou, great tit for tat, Ma said at the meeting:" I think Tencent is the most important to provide a bottom The basic ability, such as cloud computing, large data, Internet of things these technologies. "The words show Tencent in the business to the determination of B.

Tencent games, entertainment, WeChat are in high-speed growth, may be the most embarrassing QQ it

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