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The Bosch, which opened the flagship store on the day cat, will be commercially unmanned in 2020

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2017 Germany Hannover Industrial Exhibition, Bosch will be a company to create the initial production of the machine tool for a modern transformation, so that a century ago, the product suddenly caught the fast line of things. This is one of the industrial giants in the creation of the Internet is anxious to embrace the development of science and technology. Today, Bosch held a 2017 China press conference in Shanghai, and the strategic changes in the direction of the automotive and intelligent transportation business are worthy of attention.


In the days of the cat can buy, no longer just brake pads

Although we are driving a lot of cars are equipped with Bosch from the ABS or ESP, but the vast majority of consumers for the Bosch brand perception or from the low-end consumables, search in the Jingdong Bosch, sales ahead forever Is a brake pad and a wiper.

In this pay attention to brand awareness and consumer upgrades of the era, Bosch also anxious to go through the front, to give consumers increased awareness of the brand and feelings.

In the Bosch Shanghai headquarters exhibition hall, the most notable is the Bosch i rescue system display, the size of the hardware and shape with an ordinary USB car charger is no different, this usually give you the phone or traffic recorder Charging stuff, the key time may be able to save you a life


If you encounter a collision, the use of Bosch's sensor technology, this gadget will pass your phone, the accident address and collision level reported to the service center in a timely manner, the service center will immediately contact the owner, to provide medical services or alarm.


(The bottom right of the picture for the actual product, the model car only for demonstration use)

It is understood that the service fee of only 20 yuan per year, perhaps the most acceptable solution in the same category. Similarly, in the field of car purifiers, haze tables and other common vehicles around the world, Bosch also took out a series of products, and is expected to preload in some models.

In the interaction of these products, users are very impressed with Bosch technology. Based on this, Bosch also demonstrated a variety of support these products, the sensor chip.


A four-in-one environment-aware chip that analyzes the current air pressure, humidity, temperature and air quality of the environment, and the size of the entire chip is only about one meter, and for smart home, wearable equipment and automotive environments Very suitable.


And this movement sensor module, the perception of the wearer action more clearly, to delay the realization of VR, AR screen synchronization control, to reduce the sense of vertigo is a great help, it is said that Google's Daydream will use the new chip The


Having a consumer-oriented user is on the one hand, the more critical is the ability to communicate them directly to the consumer in a straightforward and intimate manner. Bosch has officially launched the official flagship store lamb brand, which is probably the largest category of business days cat shop, and more and more Bosch products, will be able to easily buy from the day cat.

Lynx shop for Bosch is not only a sales channel, but also with Bosch more than 200 line shop to get through, to achieve online shopping, offline installation of auto parts to buy experience.

Only a day cat shop a channel, the total transaction volume in 2016 has more than 2 billion yuan.

2020 unmanned car on the road, the addition of a big player

Bosch is the world's leading technology and service provider, the leading estimate will soon be reflected in the unmanned on the.

Bosch's unmanned program now takes a two-pronged approach, continuously and continuously through the existing ADAS system, to achieve L2.5 level unmanned road test, and strive to develop as soon as possible to achieve L3-level products, and in Germany, Bosch Will work with Daimler Group to develop L4 / L5 level unmanned technology.


Bosch also showed a welcome to the technology company, conference, Bosch announced with Baidu, Gaode, four-dimensional map of the new R & D for domestic positioning services, on this basis, all Bosch host car manufacturers can enjoy this Results.

In Germany, Bosch and Huawei jointly developed V2X car network information connection service, in the complex road conditions for vehicle interconnection and information exchange to find a solution.

At the same time, Bosch and NVIDIA are also in-depth cooperation, the development of an automatic driving platform and the associated computing chip, the platform will be open to all car companies after the sale.

Asked about the advantages compared with other competitors, Bosch said Bosch has the largest number of patents in the industry.


At the same time, Bosch is the only one that can provide all-factor driving platform brand, from the basic sensor, to the operation module, and then to the final operation of the action module, depending on Bosch in this field for decades deep plowing, can provide.

Commitment is also one of the advantages of Bosch. In the past year alone, Bosch has invested in the construction of a new factory in Bosch Automotive Multimedia Division and a new automotive electronics division.

Bosch Group members Terry said that Bosch in the global investment in this area of ​​technology research and development staff has more than 2,500 people in the field of ADAS has been more than 1 billion euros of investment, while Bosch will also invest 300 million euros in the relevant artificial Intelligent areas of research and development.

According to Bosch's road map, by 2020, Bosch unmanned vehicles will be able to achieve the operation of the highway road conditions, and in about 2022 sales of mature L4 / L5 level unmanned solution.


For the future of China's auto market, Bosch's position is very optimistic, China has for eight consecutive years to become the world's largest auto market, in the existing 30 million units on the basis of production, Bosch that is likely to eventually reach 50 million units, Million, the scale of exports of 10 million units, Bosch very much hope that in this process can play an important role.

From a step closer to the consumer, to step by step deep plowing the core technology, perhaps the future of Bosch, is no longer a simple top supplier, and will become a comprehensive system integrators, the future of intelligent travel areas, more and more Head up.

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