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Google Assistant supervisor asked reporters, the official information is not here!

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Google I / O 2017 The second day, Google held a closed-door press conference, led by Google Assistant product director Gummi Hafsteinsson (above), to the participating Asian media, the General Assembly keynote speech did not discuss the Google Assistant project concept and details, And answer questions. Lei Feng net as the media, the press conference on the question and answer to do a screening, recorded as follows.

Google Assistant's three main features

Gummi Hafsteinsson: In the I / O keynote, we mentioned the three main features of Google Assistant:

  1. Natural human-computer interaction

  2. Available to everyone

  3. Practicality

I would like to talk about these three points, so that we can better understand Google Assistant's product strategy and research and development ideas.

1. natural human-computer interaction

As we all know, Google Assistant provides users with a man-machine interface. Whether it's on a smartphone or Google Home, it's a way to communicate with a user. There is a big advantage here: conversations are the most natural way for people to get information, and Google Assistant takes the most natural human-computer interaction.

Here, I need to clarify the conversation & rdquo; I am not just talking orally. As a result, we've added the ability to type with Google Assistant with the input method. With typewriting, the user can turn back to the context. Users and Google Assistant to speak, typing between these two forms of communication, you can do text and voice seamless convergence. In the experience test, the participants responded very well to this. Another way to communicate is through the camera. Imagine the way people communicate with each other: we often use something to point to something, to the other side how to say how this thing and now have a camera, with Google Lens technology, users in the dialogue with Google Assistant finally Can call the image of a thing.

Therefore, the Google Assistant team to do things, in fact, to expand the form of communication between man and machine. But "development" is not the ultimate goal, but with different means of communication seamless combination, to achieve more natural human-computer interaction.

2. available to everyone

We are extending the use of Google Assistant to more scenarios. All kinds of equipment can become its hardware carrier: Andrews mobile phone, iPhone (yesterday Sundar Pichai announced in a keynote), television (second half to achieve), PC, watches, home appliances, cars and so on; our goal is Across all equipment. So yesterday, Google released the Google Assistant SDK & mdash; & mdash; this is a way to work with business partners to bring Google Assistant to more devices. For the vast number of developers with Google Assistant SDK can achieve the innovative ideas, the program, I am looking forward to.

Expand the use of Google Assistant scenes, but also means that it supports as much as possible language. The Google Assistant team has been working on more language programs. Yesterday, we announced that Google Assistant will support French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and will support more languages ​​in the future.

I would like to remind you that the support of different languages ​​is a very difficult technical thing: the need to integrate voice recognition, natural language understanding, different countries, cultural and local services and so on. Therefore, support for other languages ​​can not be achieved overnight, our team is outstanding, very professional, but it takes time.

3. practicality

With this very natural human-computer interaction, communication, as a user, I began to have a feeling: it is always with you; you do things every day, because it happened subtle, not Deliberate, natural change.

Let me give you two examples. For example, when you open the fridge and find no milk anymore. Under normal circumstances, you need to take a piece of paper to "milk" written to the shopping list, or open the APP to join the shopping cart. Now just need to be simple and natural to say hello to Google Assistant: "Hey Google, add milk to the shopping list & rdquo ;. It is much more convenient, and do not need to put down the things at hand.

For cooking is also true. I am cooking and asked about Google Assistant recipes, steps, set the timer alarm. Since communication is natural enough, I still think I am cooking, not fiddling with Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant team is adding more accessibility features for everyday scenes to tap into the practical value that the natural interaction experience brings to users.

A reporter asked

The following is the question and answer of the national journalists and Gummi Hafsteinsson's program plan and function on Google Assistant.

Is Google Assistant on a different hardware device platform the same system?

That's right. Whether it's a mobile phone, Google Home, or TV, all the same Google Assistant. And, as the keynote presentation yesterday, you can talk to Google Assistant on Google Home, asking it to show the information you need on your TV. The same Google Assistant spans different hardware platforms.

(Question from Japanese journalist)Can Google Assistant be integrated into any device, such as smart toilet?

There are different ways. The Google Assistant SDK allows developers and partners to place Google Assistant into any device.

Developers can also choose to add new features and services to the system. You can create a unique interaction experience with you on the Google platform. Likewise, when a service created by a developer for Google Assistant is activated, the human-machine conversation switches from Google Assistant to the service, and the developer can select the accent, how to respond to the user, and so on, to achieve full customization. This gives the developer great flexibility. I am looking forward to the various interesting services that are happening in Google's ecosystem.

Why not develop a Google Lens APP alone?

Google Lens is a technology platform that allows our products to understand visual information, and you can think of it as a voice recognition technology behind voice applications. It is part of the Google Assistant application, with Google Assistant, it is equivalent to automatically get all the features of Google Lens, as you from the voice application to obtain its voice recognition.

How does Allo only after Google Assistant becomes an independent APP?

Google Assistant on the phone is a separate APP that allows users to use Google Assistant directly and talk to it in different ways. Allo is a chat APP, which is a different usage scenario for Google Assistant. In the end is to open the phone on the Allo or Google Assistant APP, depending on the user's purpose and habits preferences. Using Google Assistant in group chat is a very powerful experience, which requires the opening of Allo; but the user can also open the Google Assistant APP to talk to it alone.

For us, Google Assistant exists on so many platforms, which are just two of them open.

(Questions from Taiwan journalists)Google Assistant is providing support for more languages. How do you decide which language to support preferred? Why is Chinese support not in the release plan?

For the order of language support, I can not provide details, there are too many factors. Google Assistant development also involves too many technical teams, different teams to master the information, its expertise is not the same.

We certainly want to support more languages, but it takes time.

Google is one of the promoters of machine learning techniques that simplify human work. What is your goal to simplify the work of mankind?

This is a very interesting topic. Many academic studies have found that new technologies have improved our productivity. Imagine, if the separation of mankind and the technology, the use of both are very limited, combined can produce greater value.

Back to the example of cooking: Google Assistant can not cook for me, my craft is not very good. But it has to help, I burned the dish is actually quite good. So, I see the AI, machine learning, and depth learning techniques represented by Google Assistant as a helping person to become a person of higher productivity.

Google Assistant has a lot of competitors. Samsung released its smart assistant; login iOS, but also with Siri direct competition. Where is Google Assistant different from competing products?

I think Google Assistant has a few unique advantages:

  • The breadth of the access device. There are so many devices that support Google Assistant, and more than 100 million users have been able to use it. Google Don is delivered to users in different ways to meet their needs and make us a unique advantage. This also reflects the size of our ecosystem.

  • The breadth of the content of the service, that is, the type of service provided by Google and third party partners.

  • Unmatched natural human-computer interaction.

In the course of use, Google Assistant will continue to collect user data, Google will be how to ensure data security and user privacy?

There is no doubt that privacy is the primary consideration. Protecting user privacy first transparently, allowing users to understand which data is collected. So we have a page in the system settings that shows all the activities and sessions that users have made with Google Assistant.

Second, we give the data to the full control of the user. Finally, we try to let the user for what data is collected, how to control the full knowledge.

Can you share your views on the development trend of smart assistants? Many companies are doing the same thing.

I think the trend now is: people need to learn different technology products, the use of different technologies this phenomenon, is becoming the past. When you think about it, now more and more high-tech products at home, if every one we need to learn how to use, read the instructions, which becomes a no solution to the problem. You can not spend every time to learn how to get started.

Trends from each piece of technology products have its unique interactive way, and finally to the technology to adapt to our human use. This is a long time since the technical experts dream. With the Smart Assistant's natural interaction, you no longer need to learn how to use the intelligent lighting system in the future, just tell the smart assistant to turn on the lights / turn off the lights. I think this is a revolutionary change.

How does third-party service improve impressions on the Google Assistant platform?

I have to talk about this.

First of all, is to give developers greater flexibility and play space. For example, developers can customize accents. We also provide a considerable number of development tools to achieve differentiation. These will help developers build a unique brand or service. We have also done a lot of work to make sure that at all times the user knows whether they are talking to Google Assistant or a third-party service. When the user talks with a third-party service, the system will indeed switch to the service. This is to protect the interests of users, but also conducive to developers. We have a lot of communication with the developers, they really need this, need to provide a more unique experience, and let the user know who the service is provided.

Impression is not only a challenge for Google Assistant, but for all voice-based products. We have been working hard in this respect. A feature to be posted on the iPhone platform is a list of directories where users can see all third-party services. A similar service is recommended when a user clicks on a third-party service. In addition, we have just released the "shortcut" function, the user can create personalized commands to more easily wake up third-party services.

Note: For more information on how to improve the visibility of Google Assistant APP, please refer to the Google I / O 2017 developerLectureThe

(From Lei Feng network reporter's question)Does Google have plans to provide Google Assistant's framework to business partners to integrate the technology into its own business to build the company's chat robots?

There is no plan in this respect. Google Assistant has only two collaborative projects: one is to provide developers with Google Assistant SDK, the development of third-party hardware products equipped with Google Assistant. The other is Actions on Google, allowing partners to develop third-party services on Google Assistant.

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