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Focus on Chrome OS, four signs that Google is no longer attach importance to Android

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Google has issued a sign of closed source of Android.

At an internal communication session at the Google I / O 2017 Developers Conference, Google released such a PPT.

Directly named to criticize the MIUI as the representative of the third-party custom UI system, endangering Android development ecology, and lists three counts:

The first is the icon, the second is to change the shape, the third is to use the icon package.

But these features in the past, obviously Android fans are proud of the free source symbol.

Is it now Google has changed, to recover Android to crack down on third-party vendors, so that their mobile phone to make big money?

Since Android founder Andy & middot; Rubin infighting out, Google did change! In the past few years, Google does have to build their own brand mobile phones, exclusive high-end market, will not pay a penny Android business into cash cow meaning.

But now, on the Google criticism MIUI and other custom system point of view, is not the purpose of this. Because now Google's own brand of hardware attitude has changed.

With the Google Surface series PC products hot Google, has been transferred to the direction, to squeeze all the value of the Android platform to support the Chrome OS PC ecology, good to open the corporate PC market cash cow.

Four signs show that Google is no longer paying attention to Android

Google no longer pay attention to or even abandon the practice of Android smart phone market, the entire 2018 fiscal year has just begun to implement, there have been many signs.

The first sign is that at the end of April this year, Google's vice president of hardware development David & middot; Foster (David Foster) left, then came out with the Pixl mobile phone research and development, but unfortunately the previous generation Pixl mobile phone together to sell 550,000 station. The hardware executive is Google in October last year, just dug from the Amazon to take big, responsible for Google's next generation Pixl mobile phone, Google Home and other hardware research and development.


The second sign is: just past the Google I / O 2017 Developer Conference, the original people looking forward to the Pixl2 phone not only did not release, and even no news is not. Although the past Nexus series of mobile phones, the first generation of Pixl phones are used in July, around October release.

But now the release of the smart phone has been a collective change to May, in October, Google has been adapted to this trend, and now Pixl did not reveal any news, so people have to doubt the fate of Google brand mobile phone and what happened The

The third sign is: Google on the latest version of the Android O system cold treatment. In the past, Google I / O Conference, Android is the main event, ahead of the world to carry out a large number of rally activities, whether it is fugitive campaign, or built-in egg game, each event is massive. This year, no sound!

At the same time, Google on Android to take a further closed move, while the introduction of strict notification system, background resource call system, while taking out the official application development framework, the other side of the name of the criticism of MIUI as the representative of the third-party vendor icon problem The

The fourth sign is: Google will be the original & ldquo; move for the first "strategy, replaced by" Ai for the first ". And open the Google Assistant smart audio assistant, Daydream VR products such as hardware and software products OEM. This is a direct announcement of Android mobile business out of favor! Google has begun to use all the hardware and software channels they can use, to promote their own Ai platform, cloud platform & mdash; & mdash; This is the biggest change point of Google decision.

These signs underscore the overall shift in Google's overall strategy! Implemented to focus on the development of business, Google has its own brand of hardware market from toC to toB, the target from the phone into a PC.

Google is now completely worried about the Android eco-will be very bad, no longer as the heart of meat, began to cut the knife under the flesh. Android and Android mobile phone manufacturers around, has become at all to Google key enterprise-class PC business transfusion pipeline. So that Google can comfortably make money.

Google's PC hardware and software technology ready to go to the outbreak of the node

In early March this year, Google released a new version of the office suite: G Suit, the depth of the integration of their own Ai technology, improve the Chrome OS office efficiency.

By the end of March, Google has released its own design of the G brand Jamboard & mdash; & mdash; a similar Microsoft Surface Hub giant screen office PC. Compared to the latter, Jamboard brings similar functionality, excellent experience, but marked $ 4999 price less on one-third, very competitive.

May 24, Jamboard officially on sale.

In this market, there is no other competition compared. In this sub-technology areas can quickly make the difference between the cutting-edge technology, there are enough enterprises to pay the market, it can be said to be sure not to lose money. This is more than in the smart phone competition in the Red Sea to eat, easy to more.

These segments of the market, Microsoft predecessors have made Google for the full practice, showing sufficient feasibility. Microsoft in recent years are also trying to build their own brand hardware.

Experienced Zune, Kin, Lumia and other MP3 mobile phone product failure, Microsoft side of the Xbox game console market to find their own position; while relying on the Office of Office custom Office Office, customized advanced touch technology, in the sluggish The PC market contrarian up, lay a piece of their own position.

Google to see in the eyes of mind, while there are investors, the board urged:

People can come up with so many Microsoft Windows market, how your net loss of your Android?

This is also the reason why Google pushed Pixl mobile phone before. Now the phone since the failure of the end, then to the more objective business profits PC market deep bar.


Google Pixel C

In the PC products, Google has also been ready to make trouble. After the failure of the Nexus series of Android tablet, Google Pixel C, released at the end of 2015, hit the screen size up to 10.1 inches and equipped with a keyboard to target the two-in-one PC market. Specially customized Now on Tap voice assistant function, it is intended in this way combined with Chrome OS and Android features.

Unfortunately, although HTC foundry products first-class, but Google is not open for it on Tap's voice assistant API, also did not focus on optimizing the application of ecological. Chrome OS features that were originally expected to be integrated did not appear.

Finally, Google Pixel C did not trigger any response, but has revealed Google in the multi-form PC market ambitions.

In October 2016, Google finally integrated Android into Chrome OS. In 2017, Google finally emboldened to fully enter the PC market, strategic planning.

But now Chrome OS has not yet completed for notebook, desktop, two-in-one product interactive logic design. This is the Chrome OS in this year to solve the problem.

Technically done so much, in fact, are trying to dry Android subsidies Chrome OS

At the end of last year, Chrome OS has just integrated Android applications. Chrome OS application experience more and more perfect, but now also faced with Android application interaction experience does not meet the PC notebook problem, the developer for Chrome OS adapter problem.

In the Android O launched the Project Treble, the Android system will be strictly modular, so firmly in the Android system upgrade permissions in their own hands.

Google also introduced the official Android application development framework guide. The new architecture components LiveData, Room, Repository, through the reallocation, disable the application data storage space, blocking the Java programming language is too free architecture program, strongly guide programmers in accordance with Google's idea to call the system resource development APP


In the new version of Android, Google also chose the partner home Kotlin as Android's official development language, control of Android, or on the Android mobile phone manufacturers, developers control, more and more in-depth.

Google is trying to import Android ecology into Chrome OS.

Google's latest leaked Fuchsia system design preview. Although this new system is known to be compatible with Android, it is also compatible with Chrome OS. Although the new system is the form of smart phone display, but its excellent multi-task card operation, similar to the browser's label design, is simply for the Tablet PC, PC prepared. The Fuchsia, Android, and iOS apps can be compiled directly from Google's own Flutter SDK.

As a result, Google by tightening the Android control of mobile phones, easy to developers into the Fuchsia system smoothly, followed by Microsoft as Fuchsia system based on the introduction of high-end series PC. Google Android phone system, Ai technology platform to push their own Chrome OS system PC attitude is clear!

Google Chrome on its own PC office equipment, the degree of heart can be seen.

Obviously, Google has begun to focus on their own hardware, focused on the Chrome OS system on the PC. After all, there are enterprises at the bottom of the PC market, a clear demand, the market stability, willing to pay a strong, in the existing business under the support of more easily do not lose money.

And Android has occupied such a large market ecology, although the experience is poor, but the mobile phone manufacturers have no better choice, a time can not die. But Google for so many years on Android can not make money is difficult to explain to investors.

Not to mention the Chrome OS is the current GoogleCEO leather Cai hand to do it, and Android is the former relics.

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