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Really is not QQ TIM for the team's office communication to provide another possibility

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TIM has more than 10% of new users from non-QQ active users.

Enterprise instant messaging system is now not a strange concept, it has evolved into a variety of functions within the enterprise collaboration tools, enterprise mobile information is the most important product, not to mention foreign, just domestic instant messaging overlord Tencent internal there are a variety of internal communication with the nature of the product, such as corporate WeChat, business QQ, RTX, even if there is no deployment of these tools business, but also the vast majority of the use of QQ and WeChat for communication and collaboration.

In this year, Tencent QQ chat in the chat on the basis of the introduction of a form of internal communication and collaboration tools: TIM, then caused a lot of team and individual users of interest. Recently, Tencent products that product director Yan Xianqing on behalf of TIM team conducted a live sharing,In his view, TIM focuses on service team collaboration, not service boss management.The latest version 1.1, the multiplayer online document collaboration function, also added a new module authorized by the editor, so that online documents more privacy and collaboration.

By the QQ team to build the TIM office software, and QQ to maintain the exchange of information and account on the basis of more concise business, additional mail, schedule, online documents and other office functions. In the official line 3 months later, TIM team to give full play to the advantages of social gene, the social chain into the online document, the user can choose who online documents who can authorize a specific friend to view or edit, non-specific friends can not view and edit The

Yan Xianqing introduction to, TIM online document function by the QQ team independent research and development, currently supports, including font, font size, format brush, insert pictures, etc. more than 50 Word and Excel basic editing capabilities, functions, table selection, pane freeze, insert Links and other capabilities are also being developed. Nearly 20% of current TIM users use e-mail and online documentation every day, and 84% of online documents are collaborated by teams of less than 10 people. TIM online documents can support up to 20 users at the same time editing.

It is understood that the online document function has been in the TIM PC version, TIM mobile version, MacQQ function to get through to meet the different terminals in the collaborative operation. The documentation supports import and export on the PC side and the Mac side, and supports viewing the edited history and rolling back the document version.

According to TIM's user analysis, multiplayer online document users accounted for 76.5% of men, 18-30 years old users of online documents is the main force, accounting for 71.4%, document type table to win, accounting for 58%. The online documentation function is mainly used for word processing, project management, daily reporting and information registration. In these work, many are related to the issue of confidentiality, online documents for social relations chain licensing way, effectively guarantee the security of the document information.

Office scene TIM selection on the "north slope"

Previously, Tencent QQ has proposed a strategic layout of the news layout, and office is one of the important scenes. TIM is the main difference between the young users of the QQ office products, aimed at the office crowd. Yan Xianqing in view, the enterprise office market has a contradiction: socialization can be large-scale, but the internal control is the natural needs of managers. He made a very interesting point of view:

The mainstream enterprise office market exploration model is from top to bottom from the decision-makers to start to establish the internal relationship between the chain as a starting point, and then support the communication and process problems, Yan Xianqing called the South slope (To B). There is a bottom-up to the acquaintance chain as a starting point to solve the problem of universal communication and collaboration, and then gradually withdraw from the management demands, Yan Xianqing called the north slope (To C). "TIM is on the north slope, not because of To C is easier, but because it is more challenging, we hope to provide new possibilities for office."

In the "north slope" of the road, TIM received a good harvest: more than 10% of the new users from non-QQ active users. TIM can reactivate these non-active QQ users, on the one hand that TIM minimal and efficient product design to meet the growing needs of young users, on the other hand also proved from the bottom of the acquaintance chain as the starting point of the "North Slope "route is being confirmed.

Yan Xianqing introduced to the TIM team's future core work is to focus on the efficiency of communication and collaboration issues, from the "message", "file", "collaboration", "open" four levels to further enhance the TIM to become the best efficiency of the office population tool.

Slack form of internal communication has been lagging behind

In the communication meeting, Transcend reporter found Yan Xianqing TIM and foreign popular team collaboration tool Slack attributed to a class, but Yan Xianqing denied TIM will move towards Slack mode.

Yan Xianqing said that "QQ mode" or "Slack mode" they also argued in the internal two or three years, in fact, this is also a very classic argument similar to the form of partial mail or partial form of TIM will be office The ultimate form. In the country, because QQ too successful, so that we can communicate with the Chinese people overturned. The European and American communication scene is a typical e-mail, asynchronous scenes, and gradually evolved, step by step over. In a very smooth communication tool after the domestic direct passing of the mail stage, but more efficient.

* The well-known technology media TheVerge said Slack is "killing mail"

Slack now do things is more than e-mail to IM layer, as facebook push his two products, but also to IM this area in the walk, in fact, China is a teacher. Because QQ in this area has been earlier than they have been for many years, and abroad in the gradual resolution of the efficiency of communication problems, continue to catch up, and now you can see these years is really a European and American social communication products in catching the distance of Chinese products, Very typical of an evolutionary process.

So although Slack is also playing a team communication collaboration point, but its shape is not suitable for China's national conditions, which is why this form in China although there are many imitation, but there is no way to play up. Because QQ QQ group and other more convenient form to solve this problem, of course, for the message of the second treatment will be relatively weak, TIM will gradually fill these things, fill the future will be more powerful, experience better products.

In fact TIM and QQ, is at different stages to solve different problems. Users have the opportunity to provide more solid sticky and deeper communication demands through the TIM field, mainly to solve this point. TIM not only do subtraction, but also do a lot of addition. TIM team also spent two or three years to repeatedly verify the "addition", whether to create a new user sticky. May now for the old QQ users, the first time that TIM seems to be almost like chat and chat, but with the use of more and more in-depth will find the degree of hand and TIM stressed by the vertical scene, the message of the secondary treatment , The file transfer, storage and editing of the scene, including the follow-up mail, schedule, meetings and other through the scene, with the original QQ is a big difference.

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