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IPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 in the end to buy which?

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According to foreign media reports, although the iPhone 7 than Samsung Galaxy S8 morning market half a year, but the two products in the price of a certain degree of coincidence. So, if you hold money to buy, which two products in the end to buy it? Here we have on these two products for an in-depth comparison.

Screen: Galaxy S8 crimping iPhone 7

From the screen, iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 is not an era of products, the former resolution of only 1334 x 750 (326 ppi), while the latter reached 2960 x 1440 (570 ppi). In addition, Galaxy S8 screen accounted for a staggering 83.6%, while the iPhone 7's "forehead" and "chin" huge, screen accounted for only 65.6%. Screen material, Samsung used AMOLED, and iPhone 7 is still an ordinary LCD screen, and 4.7-inch screen size and S8 5.8 inches worse too much.

Galaxy S8 screen than high

So this Council Galaxy S8 no suspense rolling iPhone 7.

Design: future vs past

Both are similar in width

Ten years ago the birth of the iPhone really redefines the appearance of the phone, but in recent years, Apple has some hesitant, iPhone 7 appearance has been used for three years, so that consumers have a serious aesthetic fatigue. The other hand, Galaxy S8, almost to the mobile phone design to the extreme. The difference between the two screen size 1.1 inches, S8 width is only 1 mm than the iPhone 7, in a smaller volume to install a larger screen is the future of smart phone design trends, Samsung has been at the forefront, They redefine the concept of compact design.

IPhone 7 does not have 3.5mm headphone jack

In addition to constantly reducing the fuselage to enhance the grip, Samsung also retains the practical 3.5 mm headphones and microSD card slot. From the existing rumors, iPhone 8 will draw a lot of design elements from the Galaxy S8. Therefore, this Council Galaxy S8 once again won the victory.

Performance: Samsung self-destruction of the Great Wall

Samsung TouchWiz interface has been very difficult to use

Easy to win the first two quarters of the Galaxy S8 in the performance but not iPhone 7 powerful. Of course, S8 hardware is not bad, but Samsung did not optimize the software experience, fluency greatly reduced.

First of all, Galaxy S8 failed to use the latest Andrews 7.1 system, followed by shelter in the Google door, this flagship machine actually pre-installed two application stores, two calculators, two browsers and two mobile payment platform, This is the culprit of slow running speed. Finally, Samsung returned to the S8 with a bad Bixby voice assistant, its function is weak, but it accounted for a separate wake-up button. After testing, equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor Galaxy S8 with not last year's Pixle XL smooth.

This game, iPhone 7 win.

Camera: iPhone shooting the era of disdain for the crowd has passed

In fact, last year's Galaxy S7 in the imaging quality has been able to fully exceed the iPhone 7, so Galaxy S8 better than the iPhone 7 is not to mention.

In the day of imaging, the two products are good quality, but the hair color tend to have some differences, Samsung saturation higher and more to please the eyes, and Apple color reproduction more accurate but slightly flat. But at night, iPhone 7 on the full defeat. In the front camera, iPhone 7 for 500 million pixels, aperture f / 2.2, Galaxy S8 was 800 million pixels, aperture for the larger f / 1.7. Imaging on Samsung more sharp and fun filter to choose from.

In the video shooting, the two are comparable.

This game, Galaxy S8 is still the undisputed winner.

Life: S8 back, but also better than the iPhone 7

Galaxy S8 has iPhone has not fast charge

Samsung Galaxy S series in the life has been erratic, Galaxy S5 battery life is excellent, but to S6 has fallen sharply, S7 on the South Korean giants to regain confidence, but this year's S8 but with a backwards. However, the face of Apple's constant small battery, Galaxy S8 still have some advantages.

To sum up, S8 life wins a small victory, but when you go out where you use, or bring the charge treasure it.

Drag the S8 life is the piece of high-resolution large screen, 3000 mAh power to get excellent life is almost impossible. Apple version of the version has been the industry's life benchmark, but the small screen is indeed the strength of bad. Although S8 battery life in general, but it has Apple's lack of fast charge function, which allows users to forget the power of anxiety. It is worth mentioning that even Samsung's wireless charging, but also faster than Apple's cable charging.

With the fast charge function of the auxiliary, this Council is still Galaxy S8 win.

Price and storage: tit for tat

Price, the two do have a certain coincidence, iPhone 7 128G and Galaxy S8 64G version of the domestic electricity business platform prices are 5688 yuan. Samsung capacity is slightly smaller, but can expand memory.

The two games can be regarded as a tie, Galaxy S8 although it seems that the price has been more than the iPhone 7, but the future price after the two should continue to be at the same starting line.

to sum up

Samsung mobile phone in the hardware is always a ride away, but in software is always slow step, in the Galaxy S8, the problem is still no change. In contrast, Apple, the software experience is still no enemy, but in the hardware seems to stay in the ancient times.

So, if you focus on software and experience, iPhone 7 is a good choice. If you pay more attention to design and hardware, you can buy Galaxy S8. Of course, if the rumors are true, iPhone 8 may make up for the existing hardware weakness, then it will become the perfect combination of hardware and software. But the price Well (legend will be more than 1,000 US dollars), certainly no iPhone 7 so favorable.

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