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Copy the Facebook Snap really talk to?

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Foreign media Product Habits blogger recently wrote an article discussing the application of plagiarism on Snapchat's Facebook, with its huge user base, Facebook can exert great pressure on the original Snapchat in the competition, people may even destroy the original. So what should we do about plagiarism? This is a shameless behavior under the guarantee or the only way which must be passed in the company's position? What experience can we draw from the formulation of our company's product strategy?

The Stories feature is standard for Facebook's apps

As a faithful believer in Facebook, I spend a lot of time on it almost every day, and other applications of Facebook are also attractive to me. As for Snapchat, although 2012 began to play, but to be honest, I'm not its fans, on-line frequency is low, I'm afraid even the monthly active users are not considered.

Of course, I understand Snapchat fans of it, the application of the filters and AR function is really fun, Stories function is to win a large number of followers.Facebook is also well aware of this, in August last year, they started on the 2013 birth function replication. First with Stories function is Instagram, then WhatsApp, the main application of Messenger or Facebook also added a similar function, Zuckerberg is completely to

Although Facebook has never been a whoop and a holler for a new function, but the sharp eyed technological media are already eyeing plagiarism its application, every Facebook add Stories function, we will be one-sided to the social networking giant shameless, that they have lost the ability of innovation, social networking applications on the market are homogenization. However, in the recent Recode Decode, Instagram founder Strom took the car industry, for example, said plagiarism in the technology industry is normal.

Plagiarism is Facebook's frustration

Facebook did use Stories for reference, but in fact it was a continuation of their strategic thinking 5 years ago. Social giants began doing a lot of work around mobile phones since 2012, and Poke, Slingshot, Camera and Moments are their works, but these apps have died, leaving Moments struggling to support them.

Of course, these applications are not just focus on camera and share functions, the purpose of their birth is to retain the core users of Facebook. Take the Poke and Slingshot, the target user group are young consumers, this part of the user Snapchat and a high degree of coincidence, and for young students by fortune Facebook, no student support they collapse sooner or later.

Only fight at outrance competition

Recently, according to a survey of college students might make Zuckerberg pins and needles, 9381 college students of

Obviously, Snapchat touched the bottom line of Facebook, and the last social application was Instagram, but the crisis has been solved by Zuckerberg's massive acquisition. Unfortunately, the acquisition doesn't work in Snapchat. Therefore, the Facebook, eager to win, took the road of plagiarism.

However, the return of plagiarism is quite big, with a huge user base, Instagram Stories launched 3 months of active users exceeded 200 million, while the WhatsApp more quickly, on the line 10 Sunday of active users reached 175 million, while the original Snapchat was only 160 million.

At Facebook 10th anniversary, the employee got one

It is worth noting that Facebook will be every 6 months to re evaluate their strategy and executive ability, but its eyes will completely cover the company for the next 30 years of development, Facebook is not only to pay attention to long-term development, still awake to live in the moment.

Facebook gave us an important lesson

The Facebook approach on a great lesson for us: if you need to please copy, for any one company to longevity, meeting the need by plagiarizing back fast lane period. At the same time, the user first, this credo must bear in mind that they are the company's most valuable asset, and only focus on the user to find the best way to retain users.

Facebook implemented the idea perfectly, and when Snapchat reached out to its core users, they didn't hesitate at all. This approach is bold, risky, but quite effective. However, most companies ignore competition when they encounter similar situations, because they are not afraid of risks, are not paranoid, and are not bold enough, which means watching users switch to competitors.

Based on a large number of examples of the summary, I found in the company's decision you must be firm. Innovation can not be achieved step by step, you must step by step at the foot of the road, on the way also have to understand the competition situation at all times. If your company can't afford new products to support innovation, then others will catch up quickly.

In technology, plagiarism is indeed everywhere. When you lead all the way, the competitors behind you will certainly learn from your path. If they are good at copying, I'm afraid their creative ability will be affected, but even then they can take some of the cake, and if they act a little faster, they may catch up on big strides.

The benefits of the new moon in the industry, the speed is very important, last night you grip on the market is likely to change flowers today. Therefore, you must continue to progress, and progress faster than other companies, it is necessary to take the lead in the market.

There are times when you may make mistakes and even be discovered by other companies ahead of the next opportunity for innovation, which can happen to anyone. If you do not want to be anti Chao, you should not hesitate to choose plagiarism, this is not shameful. If you have a woman's soft nature in this case may leave you only die without a burial place.

At the same time, the pace of implementation of new ideas in the company is also very important. Many companies in the strategic planning belongs to the great God level, but in the implementation of their slow, and finally depressed to find other companies have similar ideas, and people have more executive power.

Moreover, companies that are ahead of the competition often fail to ignore their competitors. As everyone knows, pursuers may already have better products. When you are immersed in ourselves, people have great strides to catch up with. Therefore, the lack of competition information may let you ruin the leading position.

Shopping malls such as the battlefield, whether it is the current leader or want to catch up with the pursuer, must always look around and tight heartstrings. At the same time, when the opportunity is in front of you, you can boldly seize and quickly implement, in order to be closer to success, as for plagiarism, it is only one of the means to succeed in the road must learn.

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