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Depth digging iOS 11! This 20 features win over Android

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At this year's WWDC Developer Conference, Apple launched a new mobile phone operating system: iOS 11. I believe a lot of Apple users are looking forward to iOS 11 for a long time, but for the average user, it is likely to wait until the September Apple's new conference after the use of the current iOS 11 developer version is not stable, early adopters can, The main machine, then still feel at ease, etc. But now useless users do not have to worry, here, the author inventory of iOS 11 on the 20 things, for you to reveal her veil.


1, a key to allow visitors to log on to Wi-Fi network

Personal user Wi-Fi password Many people like to set it into a more stringent character, especially as the author of this password more than a variety of people can not remember, often put all the passwords into one. At this time a friend to a guest at home, to be happy to rub the wireless network, this a password is very embarrassing. IOS 11 new send password function just to avoid this embarrassment.


One button allows visitors to sign in to Wi-Fi networks

If you and your friends are using iOS 11, password sharing will become very easy. You only need to point your home Wi-Fi hot spots, your phone will pop up a notice, there is a button to send the password. After sending, the other side of the phone will automatically fill in the password and complete the connection, in the process of each other is not see the password.

2, the system comes with recording function

With the development of hand tour, mobile phone screen gradually become a very important function. In the Andrews machine, most models have access to root privileges after the application of third-party software for recording, only a few depth custom system to support the original recording function. And now, iOS 11 to join the original recording screen function, the user can easily record their own wonderful game clearance video.

深度挖掘 深度挖掘 深度挖掘

Screen function

The screen function is turned off by default, the settings are set, and the control center, the screen recording is added, and the screen button can be found in the control center. It is not clear whether this screen is dedicated to the developer to assist the development of the use, because the upper part of the blue bar prompt box can not be removed in the recording screen. If the recording function can be retained in the system, then believe that Apple will be in the follow-up system to optimize.

3, third party NFC function is open

Although the current iPhone and Apple Watch support NFC, but they only serve a function: Apple pay Apple Pay. And Apple Pay in the domestic penetration rate is far less than the WeChat payment and payment to pay, so this function is quite tasteless.

Apple's official website developer's page has confirmed that iOS 11 is about to increase Core NFC features, that is, in addition to support Apple Pay other than the NFC features and scenes, such as bus credit card, access control, etc., features and Andrews phone chase , Apple users no longer have the envy of Andrews NFC high pressure of the multi-functional. However, third-party NFC functionality is only available on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

4, the camera can intelligently identify two-dimensional code

The two-dimensional code scan can only be in the WeChat, Alipay and other specific third-party applications to achieve, and in iOS 11, the camera application Can finally scan the two-dimensional code, and after scanning, you can immediately open the relevant website or APP. Even can directly sweep to pay. Such as landing Wi-Fi, open the camera facing the Wi-Fi hot spot two-dimensional code sweep, you can visit the wireless network.


The camera recognizes the two-dimensional code

But this feature is not perfect, the current sweep of the public number of the two-dimensional code can only open the WeChat, but also can not enter the public home page. I believe in the introduction of the official version of the system, the function will be improved.

5, Spotlight search function

深度挖掘 深度挖掘

Spotlight search function

How to persuade parents to buy a new iPhone to still go to school you? This time Spotlight check word function will be able to play a perfect role. After calling out Spotlight, enter a word, turn down to find the corresponding interpretation of the preposition dictionary, the perfect alternative to the function of electronic dictionaries.

6, Spotlight search record clear


Spotlight search history is cleared

Search records are likely to contain a lot of personal privacy, but before the iOS and there is no quick record to clear the way. On iOS 11, users can clear all search records by clicking & quot; clear & rdquo; & quot; on the search interface. So no longer have to worry about those shy shy search records by others peeping it.

7, in Spotlight directly search settings and enter the settings


Search the setup options directly in Spotlight

Set the menu level too much, do not want to go inside a little bit to find how to do? This time Spotlight will help you. Directly enter the name of the project to be set, you can display the corresponding settings entry, click to enter the settings. If the search results do not want to set the project, then you can point to open search suggestions, related search content readily available.

8, delete the application can still retain the data

Although the iPhone's minimum storage space from the original 16GB up to 32GB, but still not enough, accidentally full, but delete the application there are still some good data, such as the preservation of photo documents. IOS 11 is saved every day to face the choice of small storage version of the user & mdash; & mdash; system can be deleted applications but do not delete the data.


Data can still be retained after deleting an application

Set & rarr; generic & rarr; iPhone storage & rarr; you want to uninstall the app, you can find this feature. This feature frees up the space that should be occupied, but retains its manuscript and data. Reinstalling the application will put the data back, as long as the app can still be found in the APP Store.

9, often go to the location can be viewed in the phone

深度挖掘 深度挖掘

Often go to the location of the record function

There is a girlfriend to see, because after the girlfriend can not only check your information, but also to check where you go This function is more subtle, set & rarr; privacy & rarr; location service & rarr; system services & rarr; often go to the location, you can find the iPhone has recorded your where to go.

10, GIF map can finally be saved


GIF can be saved after saving

In the previous iOS, the system is unable to save the GIF map. IOS 11 to join this feature, when the user saves a GIF map, in the album can be found in the saved GIF map, and can play.

11, the memorandum becomes more powerful

深度挖掘 深度挖掘

Add a scanned document to insert a table function

IOS 10 memorandum to support the input text, graffiti, insert pictures and other basic operations in the iOS 11 memo to add more new games, such as the developer conference mentioned in the document scanning function. In addition, iOS 11 memorandum also supports table insertion, and can edit the form.

12, keyboard zoom


Keyboard zoom

IOS 11 keyboard to add the keyboard zoom function. The user can press the globe button in the lower left corner of the keyboard to call up the setup menu, then slide to select the keyboard zoom position. Click the zoomed arrow to restore the original state. This provides a convenient one-hand entry for iPhone Plus phones.

13, screenshots batch processing


Screenshot batch processing

Press the Home button and the power button at the same time on the iPhone screenshots, screenshots will be in the lower right corner of the screen to form a preview, the left slide to achieve the screenshot saved. At the same time, the same time more than one screenshot can be achieved batch processing, marking the painting and other functions.

14, text control Siri

深度挖掘 深度挖掘

Text control

Has been used to Siri function but not easy to talk how to do? IOS 11 solved the problem, that is, you can control the Siri text. In the set & rarr; generic & rarr; auxiliary function & rarr; Siri, open the key to use Siri, you can achieve text control.

15, the icon of the batch processing


Icon batch processing

IOS 11 icon can finally be achieved in bulk. Long press one of the icons you want to move, until the icon appears after the small fork shake icon, hold down the icon on the small fork disappears and click on the other you want to move the icon (the first long press the icon hold), you can To achieve the icon of the aggregation and movement.

16, Safari browser global reading mode

深度挖掘 深度挖掘 深度挖掘

Normal mode reading mode Press and hold the pop-up menu

IOS 10 browser by clicking on the upper left corner of the reading mode button to open the reading mode, and the font size and background color can be modified to achieve a better reading experience. On iOS 11, press the read mode button to call the menu, the user can choose to use only on this menu or use the global use. Users who are accustomed to using the reading mode do not need to have each page open the reading mode.

17, the timer is more practical


The timer is accurate to seconds

The timer in iOS 10 is not accurate to seconds, which makes some of the more rigorous work on the timing can not be carried out. IOS 11 timer can be accurate to seconds.

Of course, iOS 11 on the iPad there are many improvements, here, I chose three more practical features.

18, from the Spotlight directly pull out the APP icon


Pull the APP icon directly from Spotlight

Installed APP too much to find how to do? At the seventh point, users can search for settings directly in Spotlight and enter settings. Similarly, Spotlight can search for APPs already installed on the system and can pull the discovered APP directly from Spotlight, but You need to press the Home key while holding down the APP icon. At this point, the application icon on the desktop will disappear, the user can place the icon in any position. Which for a short time on the frequent operation of an application has brought great convenience.

19, the background can be closed at the same time multiple applications


Background can be closed at the same time multiple applications

In the previous version, iPad backstage every time only to clean up an application, very troublesome. IOS 11 has improved this operation. Users in iOS 11 after the background can display up to four occupy the background of the application, hold down one of them will appear in all the interface on the small fork, so you can also close up to 4 background applications. But obviously, this is a technical activity.

20, iPad input method to enter symbols and numbers more convenient


IPad input method type in the digital demo

In iOS 10 iPad input method, most of the symbols need to switch to the symbol of the input keyboard to type. IOS 11 keyboard input, in addition to Jiu Gongge English input intelligence, in the iPad, the new sub-key input symbols and digital features. This allows the symbolic typing step to be reduced by one-third, and the input efficiency is significantly improved.

Above is the author for everyone to inventory on the iOS 11 20 things. We can easily see that these things are a large part of the system is the small details of the improvement, it is these small details, let us see the attitude of Apple to treat the software. I remember some people say that the iPhone is more to pay for the iOS, because iOS can give users not to bring other mobile phones can not reach the excellent experience. The above improvements to these details also just proof of this. It is precisely because of this dedication to the details of the pursuit of iOS mobile phone operating system in a hundred years of contending has been in an invincible position.

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