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IPhone ten years old: Steve Jobs successfully change the world

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January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco officially released the first generation of iPhone. At that time, he spent a whole two hours to explain how this new product will completely change the way people use the phone.

The first generation iPhone has two models, respectively, is priced at 499 US dollars 4GB version and the price of 599 US dollars 8GB version, two models in the local time on June 29, 2007 at 6 pm in the United States officially on sale.

The same day, the United States outside the Apple store hundreds of Apple fans in order to buy early queuing to buy. As the launch of the iPhone after the launch of the boom and the sale of unusually hot, some media even called "God mobile phone" and "

Here, let us through the iPhone on sale of the tenth anniversary of the opportunity to sort out this simple "mobile phone" has not achieved Steve Jobs "change the world" promise, at the same time through a number of closely linked with Apple engineers Mouth memories of the birth of the iPhone some of the little-known story.

IPhone development secret

In the book "The ONE DEVICE: The Secret History of the iPhone" by Motherboard editor Brian Merchant, he first disclosed many of the first with the first On behalf of iPhone development related to the secret.

For example, if you work around Apple in 04,05 years ago, you will find a magical phenomenon: people, gone. At first, you will find that the star engineer's seat is empty, or the key members of the next group are gone. Soon after, the company rumored to say that a group of the most elite engineers from the top of the project was sent to a mysterious group, but no one knew what it was doing.

The director of the software engineering department, the head of the software department, only to the company a few months of star engineers, seems to be the object of this project recruitment.

Subsequently, these people's lives have undergone enormous changes, and any people in the project have to be strictly confidential. For example, when the design of the iPhone software interface Apple's senior software engineer Greg - Christie (Greg Christie) every month in the Apple headquarters 2 layers of a window without a window, to do two reports to Steve Jobs. Only a handful of employees can enter the conference room, and even cleaners can not get in.

After Christie's team finally touched Steve Jobs with the idea of ​​the iPhone software, they again described the idea to Apple's directors Bill Campbell and other cousins ​​of Steve Jobs. Every time the show, Steve Jobs will assume more speech tasks, the whole story into his own.

"He was very excited about it. "Christie said.

And Steve Jobs on the project confidential work also requires strict, he ordered the staff engaged in the project at home must be carefully designed a place to avoid anyone accidentally see the details of the screen information, but also requires employees to encrypt the device picture.

Even now, Christie is still able to recall a moment so that he remember the moment. That is, in the first few days before the release of the iPhone, Christie through a door with two doors to open the side door into the hall, and then opened a thick curtain, see the huge iPhone main screen picture in the dark room Project to the screen. At that moment, he realized the great significance of this phone.

"It shines in this huge space, my heart pounding, thinking that" it really happened & rsquo ;. "Christie recalls.

The first story behind the conference

The first generation of iPhone conference was held on January 9, 2007, in an hour of speech, Steve Jobs introduced the world to this great product. Jobs said it was a revolutionary product and said it was a combination of three devices: a widescreen iPod that supports touch control, a revolutionary phone, and a groundbreaking Internet Communicator.

But many people do not know is that the iPhone was used to demonstrate the operation has not been fully completed, in other words only engineering machine, at any time may be a variety of problems.

Participate in the conference at the time of the engineers recalled: "Steve Jobs to use six full day release rehearsal, but at the last moment, the engineering team still can not guarantee that the phone can remain normal from beginning to end. Sometimes lost the network connection, sometimes the phone can not be connected, and sometimes the phone will shut down for no reason. & Rdquo;

In order to ensure that the iPhone prototype can be successful, the perfect completion of the demonstration operation, engineers have come up with a way, that is, in accordance with the set of good order to show the iPhone iPhone function. Engineers also found a "golden channel", that is, if Steve Jobs in accordance with a specific order of operation demonstration, iPhone prototype error probability of the smallest. For example, Steve Jobs can send an e-mail, then go online, but if the order of anti, the phone crashed.

At the same time, engineers also try to make WiFi and cellular network signals remain stable and reliable, that is, direct shielding the venue WiFi signal, so Steve Jobs on the stage when the audience will not join the same network, AT & amp; T even rented a mobile Signal tower to ensure that Jobs has enough signal strength to call.

However, even if there is a signal tower as a guarantee, iPhone engineering team is still not assured. For the sake of safety, the engineer will write all the signal strength bars on the screen of the demo machine, all of which are 5-cell signals.

IPhone changed the world and changed the apple

Since the release of the first generation of iPhone in 2007, Apple has triggered a change in human work and social way of smart phone revolution, and reshaped from the music to the hotel industry all related industries. Ten years later, iPhone has become one of the best-selling products in history: since its inception, Apple has sold about 1.3 billion iPhone, earning more than $ 800 billion in revenue.

Market research firm Reticle Research analyst Ross - Rubin (Ross Rubin) said: "iPhone mobile phone's influence is not to be underestimated, it is all aspects of our lives have had a significant impact." & Rdquo;

For example, the iPhone is not just about getting people online, it actually changes the way we visit the Internet. IPhone for the first time makes mobile Web access has practical value, before the other mobile Web browser brought about by the use of experience is unpleasant. But then a large number of applications, making the Web browser also lost its useful.

Once upon a time, the touch screen is very rare. But now even the children will be on the TV screen pointing, and wonder why the screen has not changed. Today, interactive touch screen has been everywhere, and even even the refrigerator is also integrated touch screen.

On the other hand, the iPhone also helped Apple to create the second largest revenue-based business: applications and other services. Since the Apple App Store App Store in 2008, more than 16 million application developers around the world have created about $ 100 billion in revenue for Apple. Apple has previously charged 30% of all application fees, and recently introduced a subscription fee to developers, or $ 99 an annual fee.

With the rapid growth of Apple's revenue, the number of employees in this company is also increasing. Since the release of the iPhone so far, Apple has spent about ten thousand employees in ten years of time span. That is, from 2006 to the present, Apple's global staff from the number of 18,000 people rose to 116,000 people.

Apple's revenue from Greater China is also growing rapidly. In 2006, Apple's revenue from the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) accounted for only 7% of the company's total revenue. But when the iPhone was officially released in the Chinese market in 2009, it became a symbol of the identity of Chinese consumers and gained rapid development. Last year, the Chinese market alone accounted for about 23% of Apple's overall revenue, reaching $ 48.4 billion, the revenue even more than the Coca-Cola in the global total revenue.

A set of interesting figures about iPhone

Today's consumers if Apple's official website under the single purchase of the iPhone, they may be able to get a new machine tomorrow. But many people do not realize that nowadays the vast majority of the iPhone we have used is a journey of up to 500,000 miles (about 800,000 kilometers) to finally reach our hands and become the most Important mobile electronic devices.

According to the US "connection" magazine revealed that the iPhone's main supplier partners up to more than 20 companies, these enterprises are located in three continents and two islands.

Generally speaking, an iPhone in the formal assembly before the parts & ldquo; mileage "ralph lauren pas cher, is enough to around the earth 12 laps. Take the Home button, the current Apple in this button integrates many functions and modules, and its assembly process is naturally not simple.

It is reported that the use of the Home key to the surface of the sapphire material from Changsha, China, this button on a circle of gold ring is 550 miles (about 885 km) outside the supply of Jiangsu Province, China. The Touch ID sensor from the Home key comes from the European region of 5000 miles (8050 km), the bottom button switch from Japan, the plastic used in the Home key from Japan and China, and the built-in flexible circuit board From Taiwan, China.

Then, after all these parts are ready, they will be transported to the Sharp Sharp Laser Factory, which is 1,500 miles (2414 km), and is welded and assembled here. Then, the assembled Home key will be shipped to the Foxconn plant, which is 1300 miles (2092 km) away, and the latter will be responsible for the final assembly of an iPhone.

Industry experts Edward Humes (Edward Humes) said in the book: "The distance between the various raw materials, transport distance and the equivalent of 240,000 miles from the Earth to the moon (about 380,000 km), plus the need to return Most or all of the parts, and finally to become the hands of the user's iPhone. & Rdquo;

In addition, we all know that the global iPhone is almost always assembled by the Foxconn Group. But some analysts pointed out that Foxconn production of an iPhone only earn 25 yuan.

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