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IPhone decade iOS also experienced a long history of evolution

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IPhone has gone through the tenth year, and its operating system behind it has undergone no small changes, then we take a look at the evolution of iOS to see how it from a simple touch screen operating system developed into a real The calculation of experts.


IOS evolution

In the early days, the iPhone's operating system looked very simple. 2007 iPhone OS is not so much now, now may wish to see how Apple's platform evolved into a rich mobile operating system.

The next big update, that is, iOS 11 will come this fall, it brings more popular improvements. But before that, let's take a look at the past 10 years Apple mobile operating system changes.

IPhone OS


The first generation of iPhone was introduced when Steve & middot; Steve Jobs described its mobile software as a variant of OS X.At that time Apple's iPhone operating system referred to as "iPhone OS"(A few years later changed to & ldquo; iOS & rdquo;).

Although the first version of the iPhone operating system in many ways to prove that it is innovative, but it was the function is still relatively limited.

When it isLaunched on June 29, 2007When it comes only a few applications: email, iPod, calendar, photo, clock, text, safari, memo, YouTube, calculator, map, settings, camera, stock and phone. In iPhone OS 1.0, there is no App Store or iTunes Store application.

Jobs began to encourage developers to write Web-based tools, and hope that these tools can run as native applications, Apple did not support third-party applications.

A few months later,Apple changed his mind and created the first iOS SDK and released it in March 2008, For today's iPhone support hundreds of thousands of applications paved the way.

IPhone OS 2.0


The App Store is the biggest message about iPhone OS 2.0.2. 0 Posted on July 11, 2008, App Store and 2.0 support for third-party applications allows users to use thousands of applications created by developersThe

Powered by iTunes and Apple's elaborate ecosystem, the App Store makes the iPhone ahead of other competitors by providing unlimited possibilities on the iPhone.

2. 0 also brought the push of e-mail to the iPhone. In order to make room for all the new application icons on the desktop, Apple launched the main screen page.

Other notable features that appear in Windows include opening Microsoft Office documents, screenshots, and saving Safari photos to the photo app.The update also brings contact icons, parental controls, Genius playlist creation and Emoji.

IPhone OS 3.0


3. 0 became one of Apple's most important versions of iOS. While it does not bring any new features, the little improvements provided by Apple in 3.0 are the features that users are demanding to add.

Released on June 17, 2009, 3.0 finally brought the ability to cut, copy and paste to the iPhone. Apple also greatly improved the accuracy of GPS, and to the iPhone's map application to add a magnetic compass.

3. 0 also added support for video recording(Although the iPhone 3GS was the only iOS device that could record video at the time). SMS application changed its name to & quot; information & quot; (and added support for richer multimedia messages). "Find my iPhone & rdquo; and Spotlight search also appears in 3.0.

IPhone OS 3.2


While iPhone OS 3.2 is not a full iOS update, it does represent the most important incremental update from Apple.

IPhone OS 3.2 released on April 3, 2010, it will iPhone OS into the new iPad. This update enables the user to change their home screen background for the first time. It also adds the ability to use the main screen in landscape mode.

2. 2 also expanded the iPad Dock, can accommodate six applications, and for the new keyboard brings new gestures and framework.

IOS 4.0


IOS 4 makes the iPhone more like a real post-PC device.Was released on June 17, 2010,One of the biggest features of iOS 4 is FaceTime's video chatThe Apple also launched the iBooks, which is iOS devices on the first native support e-book applications.

Multi-tasking allows users to easily switch between applications. In order to help users manage applications on iOS devices, Apple launched the main screen to create a folder function.

A small visual change makes the iPhone's Dock look closer to the iPad's Dock. The camera has a digital zoom function, and Spotlight can also search for web pages or Wikipedia and iPhone files. The presence of Game Center also fostered a competitive gaming community.

IOS 5.0


In 2011, Apple introduced a number of major new features, so that the iOS platform in the smart phone battle in an invincible position. IOS 5 adds more than 200 new features, making iOS 5 the most frequently updated iOS update to date.

Apple finally by adding a new notification center to solve the user complaints about iOS complaints system. In order to subvert the operator's SMS program, Apple launched iMessage in iOS 5. The camera application's update adds the ability to edit the photo.

In addition,Apple in iOS 5 for Safari added a & ldquo; later read & rdquo; functionThe Now Twitter integration makes it easier to share with friends than ever before.

While Apple has also introduced some new native applications - reminders, redesigned calendar applications, newsstand magazines and card applications. The addition of wireless sync makes the iOS device the first time away from the PC.

IOS 5.0 iPad version also has some changes.Apple added a new multi-touch gesture, Bringing faster application switching efficiency,And four fingers slide the gesture back to the main screenThe

IPad on the improved music player with a new design, the other new separate keyboard makes typing easier.



IOS 6 for Apple to bring the biggest changes in the iPhone. Apple has built up its own map solution, abandoned the Google Maps application, Apple's own map solution for some cities to provide turn navigation and Flyover 3D view function. (But the launch of Apple's map is not smooth, which also led to iOS director Faustor's departure, but it also paved the way for the huge changes in iOS 7)

The App Store has also been redesigned and brought a whole new look.In iOS 6 Apple also introduced the Passbook application, it can store the user's coupons, boarding pass, movie tickets and other tickets, this feature also attracted a lot of attention.

Previously only support Wi-Fi FaceTime call, now can also be carried out through the cellular network. Telephone application introduced a new dial-up version, the user can now also can not easily answer the phone, through the text message to reply to the call.

IOS 6 also incorporates Facebook integration and provides significant improvements for users with visual, auditory, learning and action impairments that help disabled students stay focused by controlling the available touch points in the app.

Siri has updated additional features, such as answering sports questions, viewing movie time and finding restaurants.



With Foster's departure, Apple will iOS 7 user interface design to Jonathan, which is since 2007, iOS ushered in the biggest visual changes.

Many rich, shiny textures and quasi-materialized UI elements are eliminated, more flat graphics, color gradients and switching, and transparent plates are designed to make iOS more like a real iPhone part.


Of course, iOS 7 is not just a change in appearance. Apple also added some very important features for the system. The user's long-awaited control center has finally come, it provides users with a quick way to switch Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flight modes and other settings, and allows users to quickly start the iPhone's flashlight, calculator and camera.

Multi-tasking also received a very good update, card-style view switching applications for the user to bring freshness.Users can double-click the Home button to call out the application card interface, and then they can also slide up or down to close an application, or just click the card to switch to the application.



Apple iOS 7 is no longer a huge change, but through iOS 8 to further improve the lack of platform, which would like to allow users to feel the system faster and easier to use.

One of the biggest new features is Continuity's joining,It allows users to seamlessly convert between iPhone and Mac applications. IOS 8 update for the first time a third-party keyboard into the iPhone, and Universal Spotlight is also the first appearance, to provide users with a quick way to find content on the iPhone.

IOS 8 also brings iCloud Drive, allowing users to easily access the iPhone and Mac files. Apple has first entered medical and fitness data by adding HealthKit.



With the introduction of iOS 9 in 2015, Apple will bring many new features into their own applications. Newspaper magazine application has become a new Apple news applications. The memo application finally gained the ability to draw and add rich content, while Apple Maps also received new bus query feature support.

Apple Pay to iPhone users do not need to pay when the wallet, which also gives Apple a new source of income. Siri gained some much needed improvements and welcomed new visual effects. Night Shift function comes with update with iOS 9.3.

IPad also has some good updates. Apple added two key multitasking features to the iPad, including Slide Over and Split View.

IPhone 6s users, you can use 3D Touch to experience iOS 9 in the other new featuresThe

IOS 10


IOS 10 most significant changes to the main screen and notification center. But iOS 10 will iMessage into a more comprehensive platform, and to add a new App Store, so that third-party developers can enter the world's largest news applications to develop. SiriKit is also open to third-party developers.

The original photo application also received a lot of new features, one of the biggest changes is the recall function. For this feature, iOS uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your photos and videos based on location, time, and people to automatically create mini-movies for critical events in life.

After a year of launch, Apple Music has been re-designed as part of the iOS 10 upgrade, and its interface has become easier. A new home application allows you to quickly control all your home smart (HomeKit compatible) devices.

to sum up


This year we will usher in iOS 11, this new mobile operating system also brought a lot of upgrades and improvements, due to the current beta version, so when the new iPhone is expected to add new features and features.

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