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Four dimensions, seven cases, Tencent WeTest released "Tencent hand travel test actual combat manual."

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In April 2017, UP2017 Tencent interactive entertainment annual conference held in Beijing, announced the release of 31 new game plans, including hand travel 19, accounting for as much as 60%, visible hand market in the mature category of rising space is still not seen Top, high-quality hand tour will further expand the market capacity, quality has become an irreversible trend.

Up2017 Tencent interactive entertainment annual release of the 19 hand tour of new products (part)

In order to synchronize with the entire boutique strategy, Tencent game in 2017 to upgrade the hand quality standards and release process. As Tencent self-study game quality assurance "Reuters" Tencent WeTest quality open platform, in order to better help hand tour developers understand how Tencent game in the actual quality management and promotion, in the recent production "Tencent hand tour test Actual combat manual ", through the four test latitude, seven cases, 300 + test questions depth analysis of the quality of the game behind the game to enhance the road.

Low profileCompatible testingBoost"Dragon ValleyHand tour "

Compatibility issues are the most common problems before hand travel on the line, according to Tencent WeTest test data in recent years, compatibility problems include the most types include: installation failure, UI exception, Exception, crash and other four categories.

Tencent hand tour in front of the big version of the line, at least need to complete the installation, start, login, novice guide four links of the test, the key battle scene is to deep test several times to protect the game quality.

"Dragon Valley hand tour" in the face of the game after the players on the big coverage, the project team is facing low compatibility with the model test. "Dragon Valley hand tour" in the early stage of the exposed more can not be installed, Crash, UI dislocation and other compatibility issues. Project team and WeTest through custom test program, to strengthen the low with the type of special test, accumulated in the test phase excavatedOne hundred and seventy-twoCompatibility issues, among which17A fatal problem,55A serious problem, the APK Crash, no response, UI problems exposed, early to repair or to assess the problem, to avoid the risk of adaptation.

"Dragon Valley hand tour" compatibility test dimension finishing

CF hand tourMassUser performance test

In order to occupy a wider user groups, hand travel is bound to meet the needs of a large number of low-equipped mobile phone players. So the client side performance, do itLarge amount of user's hand tourAlways metPerformance optimization of low - end models,andThe biggest problem with low-end models is memory, Role-playing, action adventure, flight shooting and online games more than the most obvious phenomenon of memory. "Through FireWire - Warrior" and "Dragon Valley Tour" in the performance optimization has made a lot of effort.

"Through the FireWire - War King" through the use of WeTest Cube tools to solve the memory exceeded, animation clip resources exceeded, excessive traffic, FPS jitter and other issues, to achieve FPS mean 20% increase, CPU percentage decreased by 47.4% and other effects, to protect the user The stability of the experience.

Performance optimization as "through FireWire - War King" FPS average increased by 20%

Protocol security testingconvoy"dreamZhu XianHand tour"

Security testing, plug-in attacks seriously affect the game's revenue, balance, shorten the game's life cycle. Invincible, full-screen attack, acceleration, tampering with other issues such as plug-in is the most common. In order to avoid these damage, Tencent game testing process has been set up as a link, Tencent most hand travel on the line before the hand will be safe test, "King of glory", "through the line of fire: war "And so on six-star game is every version of the initiative to seek hand tour vulnerability scanning.

Focus on the PVP scene of the hand tour need to analyze the process of fighting between the server and the client communication protocol, each operation are reported by the game, the server is a strong calibration game. For this type of game, you need to use the protocol security test, function modification and memory modification test, supplemented by the way to avoid plug-in intrusion. "Dream Zhu Xian hand tour" is this kind of hand tour.

Through the solution of the game economy system, pet system and the role of the system in the thief, downtime and other issues, hand tour security team for the two games dig out 70 + a major loophole for the user safe, fair and healthy game environment Solid technical support and security.

"Dream Zhu Xian hand tour" by changing the value of the pet combat force caused by abnormal increase

Currently WeTest official only provides some case shows, want to get the full content can visit Tencent WeTest official website (wetest.qq.com) to make an appointment.

In addition to the actual combat manual, as Tencent self-study game quality assurance "interface" Tencent WeTest quality open platform, will also be a strong exhibitors 2017 ChinaJoy, open to all developers! Tencent game ten years to share the experience and the latest AI test technology. Want to get Tencent ten years of experience in quality testing, the latest test black technology, or want to build a S-like tour as Tencent, you can go to 2017ChinaJoy BTOB-W4 Museum Tencent WeTest booth to find out.

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