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Is it really impossible to beat AI by artificial intelligence?

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In May 27, 2017, a dog (AlphaGo) with a 3:0 win over Jiejiu Ke 19 year old world go first. Look at the emotional insuppressible kija, we are deeply aware of the powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence). After the game, from kija at the time of the interview, we can see that tone. His unwilling and helpless, this is reminiscent of the 1997 production of IBM AI - "deep blue" it has also won the international chess champion Gary Kasparov.


Watching the emotional out of control Ke Jie, we are not difficult to understand the "strength"

Mankind will create their own opponents can not beat is no longer a joke, but the fact that the staples. A bit of the master are defeated in the hands of AI, with the development of human science and technology, AI's computing power is still growing, the future immeasurable, perhaps one day, science fiction film AI control human situation really will become a reality The So do humans really have no chance to beat AI?


Perhaps in the future human beings really want to face a difficult to deal with the AI ​​Corps

The reality of the AI

Actually think carefully also relieved, after all, AlphaGo embodies the founder of numerous efforts throughout.DeepMind DeepMind company, is a dog, the father of Jamis Hassabis from the age of 8 on the initiation of human and AI against the idea. After 30 years, Jamis will dream into reality, and in 2016 through AlphaGo victory chess champion Li Shishi fame.


Jamis Hassabis, who started chess at the age of 4, realized his dream in 30 years

If the human brain is like a car in the wilderness free ride, the speed can be slow or slow car, then you can understand the AI ​​as a rail along the rapid gallop of high-speed rail. Compared to the human brain's high divergence and freedom of thinking, AI pay more attention to the efficiency of computing, it is more like a gear composed of instruments, each step are seamless, very few errors, meticulous and high-speed operation.

Every day, AI did not imagine so tall, Siri in the Apple phone, the game "computer" side, the factory running on the line of non-stop machines, etc., AI in today's life accounted for a greater proportion than imagined To be high. Because of its high efficiency, low error rate and low cost and other numerous advantages, mankind gradually began to rely on AI.


From simple to complex, you are filled with all kinds of AI

Unmanned automatic cars, in-depth learning equipment, etc., AI applications gradually began to universal, from the cutting-edge technology to the ordinary people's daily life, AI has been everywhere. Many well-known world-class enterprises have joined them, NVIDIA, Intel, DeepMind numerous, the future, AI in the proportion of human life will be higher and higher.


More and more big companies began to dig the potential of AI

However, AI still has a difficult to make up for the defects, it does not have a sense of self, only in accordance with pre-stored data and prepared a good program to run. Even if you can often see some rather "smart" AI, it is only the designer through a large number of preset data to achieve, the current human AI development capability is not enough, from the "Terminator" this true The artificial intelligence is still far from each other.


We are from the "Terminator" this real artificial intelligence is indeed some distance

How to give AI more "self-consciousness" has become the largest artificial intelligence industry research direction, although do not know how much energy and time to spend, but by virtue of the human brain strong, sooner or later there will be a day.

AI in the game

We continue to deal with the AI, I think a lot of people and the author, has long been witnessed in the virtual world AI strong. Whether it was remembered in the CS1.5 version, was 100 difficult AI dominated the horror, the air turned 180 degrees sniper rifle head, 72 Street Warehouse Glock Bridge on the point of the sniper floor continuous head and so on. No matter how you respond to the full IQ AI will be a "love fool" like the way back to you, when you find him back is a shot away ...


100 IQ AI always be able to take away your surprise gesture

Perhaps the computer in CS1.5 is only a special case, after the CS1.6 or "CS: GO", even the expert level of the computer is not so strong to metamorphosis, but many human, at least give you a fight Guns the opportunity to go back to kill the situation very few.

AI is also evolving in the game, especially in the subsequent RTS and MOBA games, AI's IQ is further strengthened, relying on a strong computing power, the computer does not need to consider APM, the operation of water leakage, multi-line operation is easy freely. At that time I just contact with the DOTA, friends in the recommendation of the selection of white tiger archery touch, seeing the computer in the arrows, but a lightweight side of the escape will be an arrow. That day, the author under the leadership of the old driver's partner, the whole afternoon was suspended by the computer until the bite out of the next time to play a ladder was found, the original number of opponents do not play as sharp as AI ...


The terrain division called novice natural enemies, in the hands of expert computer, this thing can live sick you

AI's computing power is very strong, and will not be emotional and other external factors, they are always in the best condition. But AI is very strong, but it is by no means invincible. As mentioned earlier, Ai lacks the sense of autonomy, they need a lot of data accumulation, the reason to be able to win in the world class professional players, entirely because the game accounted for a higher proportion of the game, especially Go.


Pacman called the originator of the game AI design, its play is also a lot of data through the calculation to achieve

It is because there is no real "soul", so that humans have the possibility of conquering AI, with the game experience gradually increased, we found more and more means to fight against AI. Your guns Then I find a corner of a squat, frame to the sniper rifle waiting for you to come to me; your ability to line strong? Then I choose the skills are directed heroes or split demolition tower. You have Zhang Liang, I have a wall ladder, no matter what kind of game AI will be players to find the enemy of the policy, then easily resolved.


We can always find AI design flaws, defeated the enemy

It is also because of the strongness of AI, let the game by adding a fun, any game blindly rolling and hanging opponents will gradually become boring, so high IQ AI is necessary, especially in the PVE-based Of the game, AI IQ must be high enough, or will only make the game boring.

Perhaps it is because of the well understood the truth, open the beta in 7.21, developed by the obsidian war game "Armored War" with a very "high IQ" AI. As a vehicle shooting game, the AI ​​in this game is very careful, never easy to swing angle, so that vulnerable sideways exposed in your field of vision, AI will be with your movements in time to adjust the body position. In addition, the game also created a global mode of action, human and AI mixed team, a battle on the battlefield, to achieve the perfect combination of human and AI.


"Armored war" in the high IQ AI will let you realize the "non-human" operation

In the world of the game, the victory over AI is something that must be done, after all, out of consideration of player friendliness, game makers will not be AI design too smart, but more choice to use the value to suppress the player. In this way, the player defeated a few times the amount of blood in his opponent, the pleasure will be spontaneously. Imagine if the soul of the series of players to face the enemy to maintain the existing value of the case, the level of operation to achieve the level of real players PVP, it is estimated that you will play for a while.


Even if the BOSS designed to IQ equivalent to the general players of the AI, the game will also be difficult to continue

AI only rational

AI in the future of large-scale application is already a nail on the matter, we think more about how to use AI to strengthen the human, rather than using AI to replace humans. "Pure reason is anti-human", I very much like this sentence. The reason why the machine machine, because the machine is only rational; human reason for mankind, because humans have feelings.

In front of the product of science and technology power AI, we are like rush to the windmill of Don Quixote is generally weak, be defeated easy, but AI over the head of the truth really how people do not like. Ke Jie lose injustice, countless scientists and mathematicians decades of effort if it is easy to beat, that is no justice.


Perhaps in the future, those who challenge AI will be as stupid as Don Quixote

AlphaGo in the game with the Kejie no mistakes, Ke Jie also said he can only see through half of the chess, AlphaGo's powerful and even daunting fear. Compared to the sophisticated computing machine AlphaGo, I prefer to sit across the Kejie, his second in the first performance before the countless chess fans applauded, and lose the mood is difficult to suppress, and the kind of Not reconciled tone is a distinction between people and AI valuable proof.


We look forward to the same fear of seeing them have the day of self-consciousness

Perhaps in the future reality, AI will become more powerful, we challenge AI still like Don Quixote is generally stupid. At this time, standing on the mountain analysis Don Quixote stupid, unreasonable practice is indeed a cool wise man, but they are too lack of human touch, like AI; and some people ridicule and ridicule at the same time, will produce For his sympathy, will think about human beings in the universe of small, resulting in curiosity, emotion, envy and other emotions, these people are flesh and blood of human beings.

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