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Also in the search box to engage in things, Google and Baidu are totally different

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Almost at the same time, both Baidu and Google's two search giants revised their search App. Mobile Baidu 9 navigation page and bottom menu have been thoroughly adjusted, so that the entire mobile phone Baidu has basically become a news client. And Google search App in the classic search box below, also added a news flow function Feed.


The same thing, the center of gravity of the two major search giant will change on the content of information flow, because Baidu before Google is changed, it is interpreted as a lot of media


Baidu and Google face different threats to force information flow

In such a key node, the two giants have also turned their attention to the product of information flow. Much of this is mainly because the mobile search is facing the transformation of the past, the traditional search is looking for information, now gradually evolved to find information, coupled with the development of artificial intelligence also need more data, information flow on products of natural and artificial intelligence are closely combined with. But Baidu and Google force the flow of information products starting point is different.

Baidu has a great deal of anxiety about the flow of information. With mobile Internet traffic beyond PC, more and more content producers to give up content updates on the site, instead of today's headlines, daily express and other new media platform production. The foundation for all the Baidu indexes was broken, and there was no chance to re-establish them.

This is a vicious spiral, with the content of the platform occupies more and more users, ordinary users to use the search frequency and will slowly into the glide path. Finally, after a series of

Artificial intelligence is the future of Baidu, but the flow of information is Baidu's current, today's headlines, daily express and other content, platform revenue growth is basically equal to the pocket from Baidu

Baidu also launched a search based Google, the core business, although similar to Baidu, but Google force information flow, but not as anxious as Baidu. The mobile terminal has the highest market share of Android intelligent mobile phone operating system, Google and no information island problems, still can index all through the establishment of a search within the application Google, plus Google has a large part of revenue from overseas markets, the company has sufficient buffer space and time to try something different.


Judging from the development of the past two years, Google is constantly climbing the new peak, while Baidu is at a low ebb. Today, Baidu's market capitalization of $67 billion 85 million, Google's market capitalization of $669 billion 680 million, the gap between the two search giants are widening. From the two companies Q1 quarterly earnings can also see their different development trajectory. Google parent company Alphabet quarter revenue of $24 billion 750 million, far exceeding Wall Street analysts forecast $24 billion 220 million, representing an increase of 22% over the same period last year, net profit rose 29%. Alphabet's market value is in the earnings release, reaching a new height in history. Baidu's total revenue of $2 billion 454 million, an increase of 6.8%, while net profit fell 10.6% over the same period last year, Baidu is into whether the market value will be Jingdong beyond the embarrassing dispute.

From this point of view, Google force flow of information products is not because of the transformation of the predicament, and more is a reflection of mobile search future.Google said in a statement the day before, "Facebook information flow is one of the" digital information consumption in intelligent mobile phone most addictive, so the logic of Google in fact, the flow of information products and force

As everyone knows Facebook has become a potential competitor Google, now Google and Facebook is launched a

From the income point of view, last year, Google achieved revenue of $90 billion 200 million, Facebook recorded revenue of $27 billion 600 million

In the field of mobile advertising, the rapid growth of Facebook revenue, largely due to the flow of information advertising force, Google is due to the expansion of market share and the growth of video services. For Google, if you want to stay competitive, you can't miss every possibility.

The same is the content flow. What are the important differences between Google and Baidu?

The flow of information can provide users with inexhaustible content, which will greatly increase the user stays in the search engine, and recommendation engine based on user interest was also search a new form in the mobile terminal. On the surface, the information flow of the two giants is similar, but their kernel is very different.

1, Baidu radical change, Google step by step

Before the on-line information flow of products, Baidu actually has been the traditional content distribution pattern, but after the main search business decline and O2O layout is blocked, Baidu distribution directly from the information entered the era of 2 times 1. At this point, although Baidu has mastered a large number of user search behavior data, but the accuracy of the content recommended is very bad. To a great extent, this is because Baidu did not have a long period of accumulation of interest in user behavior earlier, so Baidu's change is actually more radical.


Google Now page display results

But the emergence of GoogleFeed is not the first time the company has provided information streaming services. For a long time, Google has been very interested in making search more personalized and proactive. When we log on to the Google account, the search results are very personal. GoogleFeed, in some ways, is actually an upgraded version of GoogleNow, which has long been trying to provide relevant information before user queries, such as sporting events, scoring, and driving directions. After further information on the user's needs, GoogleFeed also appeared.

2, Baidu is biased towards time flow, while Google is more like service flow

Mobile Baidu 9 is a major change

While GoogleFeed is closer to search services in some ways, it is well known that not enough timely information is welcome in many news stream products, but Google does not think so. In Google's view, search services can capture a lot of deep content. Maybe these messages are not up to date, but they are still valuable to those who have not read them. Therefore, GoogleFeed may appear 10 months ago, this content and Facebook priority recommended the latest content of the difference, Google pay more attention to the relevance of information and users.


The biggest difference is the difference in search results. Mobile phone Baidu 9 although there are some adjustments to the search results, search results and contents of ecological mechanism were open, but Baidu has no interest in the Follow label, which did not play Baidu as the largest search engine entrance strengths.

Google will not only provide the corresponding information according to the user's search logs in the user search, Google will prompt for the corresponding topic of concern in the search results, such as the TV drama "Stranger Things", Google will make new progress, the new message of this drama pushed to you. It can be said that GoogleFeed has really made it a combination of recommendation and search.

3, Baidu lack of account system, but this is the advantage of Google

In "with friends UC headlines and 100 number, I got three controversial conclusions" in an article, I mentioned the idea of a mobile phone is Baidu tool strong attributes of products, users will run away, although the platform has a large number of user behavior data, 100. It is known to have more than 2 million users interested in labels.

However, due to the lack of account system, so many times a specific analysis of a user can be said to be very embarrassing. Because every time the user changes a cell phone, and even reinstall the App, the data accumulated before may be completely lost.


This is one of the most embarrassing problems in the process of producing information products, but Google has a very complete account system. In the overseas Internet world, the mailbox product is a universal ID, while the Google account is centered on Gmail. Google account is not only a general station, and even authorized to call outside sites, is an open stance, the use of a wide range of people, which means that Google user data is much more comprehensive than Baidu.

The different positioning of Baidu and Google on the information stream is likely to lead to thinking about how Feed flows change. At a key node in the future, perhaps when we use the content distribution platform, more closely needed service class information will frequently appear in the information stream.

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