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On the line less than five hours of this World of Warcraft nostalgic PW was Blizzard closed

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July 21, Blizzard ordered to shut down only on the line less than five hours of "World of Warcraft" PW Felmyst, which by a group of Warcraft fans operating maintenance, running the game version for the 2007 line of information on the film "burning Of the expedition & rdquo ;.

Felmyst is blocked by the speed of efficient, as one of the developers of the project "Gummy52" in the closure of the server at the same time open a letter from Blizzard lawyers. In the letter, Blizzard said Felmyst's suits for "infringement services" that Felmyst allows users not to buy subscriptions that can play to the modified / illegal version of the "World of Warcraft" approach that damages their intellectual property. At the same time, Blizzard also tough to express the attitude of the PW: "We have never authorized and banned such acts." & Rdquo;


This means that the two sides have no room for compromise. As the "World of Warcraft" the first piece of information, known as the "70's" Burning Crusade "is the most memorable game of the early version of the game update, but also in the Chinese players in the special status & mdash; & mdash; In 2010 was "Wrath of the Lich King" to replace, "Burning Crusade" has become the longest version of the Chinese players game version.

Therefore, many players on the Gummy52 team's burning expedition resurrection plan "full of expectations, the project can be traced back to the earliest development in 2011, Gummy52 himself is well-known PW developers, according to the game site Gamerant said, although Felmyst is not the earliest The burning expedition suits, but may be the best and the most perfect one. In the server after a few hours, there have been thousands of players into the server, re-... "70 years & rdquo ;.


Off the Felmyst, almost last year to close the Nostalrius event repeat, there is no doubt that Blizzard let some players disappointed. As a party, Gummy52 is undoubtedly the most complicated mood, he wrote in a post published by Reddit, experienced unemployment and muscular dystrophy after the blow, Felmyst almost his past four years, the largest sustenance, & ldquo; this project In the past four years gave me the meaning and fun of life. "Gummy52 said that after receiving a lawyer letter and confirming that it was true, he was still hard to hide the surprise.

Felmyst was sealed too fast, and its server by the administrator to pay their own pocket maintenance, and intends to control up to 3,000 players game, Gummy52 thought that this low-key can avoid Blizzard, but apparently no success. He had also run the "World of Warcraft" PW scriptcraft, which in 2011 on the line, but never caused Blizzard legal department's attention.

Blizzard's implementation of these double standards is confusing, even though they have clearly opposed to PW. But the face of large and small PW, but has been very determined to combat. So that these nostalgic PW fell into a paradox of the gray area - the official noncommittal, PW operators can only pray that they are lucky enough, do not be caught by Blizzard heavy hands.

Blizzard, the establishment of nostalgic server may be a thankless thing: the original version of the source code has been difficult to maintain, the old players for the old version of the difficulty and some big, even the so-called nostalgic old players & rdquo; Whether they are willing to pay for the game has become a problem. Nostalgic demand does exist, but this demand is still difficult to solve.

Nostalrius incident after the incident is an example of the server was shut down two months later, PW operators received a wide range of players sympathy. On the petition to restore the Nostalrius server at Change.org, 280,000 players supported the move. Eventually the Nostalrius team was invited to attend the meeting with Blizzard executives to discuss the problem.

But it is not so easy to restore the old version: In addition to the source code, Blizzard needs all versions of the information, including data, models, maps and so on. However, some details may have been lost. Nostalrius team mentioned: "Not all of the information will be the version control system records. At any time, if any part of the lost, they (Blizzard) need to rebuild these. It is likely that this will take a long time and resources to develop.

In the official recognition of the past, the memory of the past, the player, may still be a solution to the problem.


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