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Windows 10 released two years, why this system is so difficult to use?

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Today is Win10 two years old birthday, this article forwarded to your friends circle and he10 will not be easy to use.

July 29, 2015, that is two years ago today, Microsoft officially released a new generation of operating system Windows 10, as Win8 and Win8.1 after the successor, this generation of products by the majority of Microsoft fans and PC users high hopes The

After all, Microsoft is not very easy to use Windows Me after the launch of the enduring XP, after a mess of Vista launched the history of the best use of Win7. In the crowd is not how cold after Win8, Win10 should be an exciting version.

Then, the next thing you already know that the answer to the title of the problem, we must first say is not the question: two years later, Win10 easy to use it?

I collected in the work of the studio under a few Windows users feedback:

Suddenly the update is really poisonous

& Mdash; & mdash; a user with Windows only online banking:


My Surface 3 regularly committed suicide every month.

Mandatory with the new is not a problem, but forced to update + Surface3 life is tragedy. Surface 3 this product in addition to the low configuration of this big feature, the other features put the configuration of such a low computer to do 2 hours of life.

Configuration low update installation slow and power consumption fast these two points together, in all likelihood Surface 3 update to power. And Surface 3 despite the use of a mini-usb charging port, but the general charge of the phone plug is basically charged on the power (such as a meter of fast charger), must be the official random that the high voltage charger To charge the power.

If Surface 3 is the only Windows device (such as only used online banking users), once it suicide after the rescue is also very troublesome because the Windows 10 recovery drive only Windows system can do it!

& Mdash; & mdash; with the ship performance of the players:


Game compatibility recently much better, this is not Tucao, the main problem is to update.

Automatic update and regardless of whether you are playing the game, directly in the background silence to download, and made the network ping value is very high, when you find the computer inexplicably special card when the general is some of their own Windows work plan.

Even 360 know that when I play the game can not network killing, Win10 dare to update when I play the game.

I would like to support Windows App ah, but it can not flash it?

The Surfacebook when the tablet, which means that I use a lot of flat mode App.

A Windows standard exe program is not flashing, it can only be "illegal" and then shut down. Most of the "illegal operation" and "mdash; & mdash; if a software has BUG lead to" illegal operation "ralph lauren pas cher, we are easy to find out what action or function led to this error. And then just to avoid doing so, in most cases can be used.

However, Windows applications (that is, the kind of Windows Store), there is no reason to flash!


It seems and iOS tombstone mechanism is the same, once the system resources will not be enough Kill out. Open a bunch of EXE program, the computer will change the card, opened a bunch of UWP program it would not change the card it will only quietly quit!

Write something to cut out half of the Evernote, go shopping half and want to chat with friends chatting Taobao HD, looking at half of the drama want to return to the two micro-cut out of the Youku HD (this App can not be used recently) The

All of this kind of App cut out once after being dormant, back when the whole will be heavy brush, what write half of the document, buy half of the goods, see half of the play. No, all does not exist.

Oh, in addition, since Microsoft did not announce the number of applications after the Windows Store, the major companies in the development of Windows applications more and more casual, BUG more is the feeling of interns developed.

Some of the details of people can not touch the mind

UI style is not uniform

Modern style Windows 10 is still mixed with Windows 7 on the classic interface. Classic interface for the mouse and other operations designed to operate the box size is too small, and logic is not intuitive enough. And then the next update the glass interface has to come back, and may continue to chaos for some time.


For example, Windows 10 has Windows settings and control panel two settings page. Open the latter, blowing is familiar with the taste, obviously it has no need to exist.

In addition, the new Windows settings page has too many segmentation options, and some are fragmented. Which, & ldquo; time and language & rdquo; are listed as a separate option, & ldquo; privacy & rdquo; one can also be better classified.

& Mdash; & mdash; can i set tattoo input method

First must admit that the default input method is best used.

But the word can only press the up and down arrow keys, a word to choose a word, the word efficiency is low. More intuitive left and right arrow keys are not assigned any function. While the Mac is similar to the function of the word flip page, left and right arrow keys to select the words, up and down the arrow keys to the behavior of the vertical selection of words.

This may be in other applications may not have a clear feeling, at most, when the election time to spend a little more time. But in the WeChat client search box, the words and scroll when the conflict, press the arrow keys will be directly out of the selected words, the search is basically not available.


For example, I would like to search for a surname Fan friends, the first need to choose the word, the results of the first line without the word. Continue to press the direction, the direct exit of the word interface.

And so on, this seems to be a WeChat pot.


& Mdash; & mdash; shutdown option feels like a big insult to me

There are five options: sleep, update and shutdown, shutdown, update and restart, restart.

However, no matter which you choose, it is possible to automatically update, not in the next time on the next time in the start & hellip;

& Mdash; & mdash; high score screen default zoom 150%

Win10 monitor 1920 * 1080 resolution will default to the entire system display zoom 150%, which means from the Win10 start, for the front of the page is much more than 1280p user adaptation. 11 inch physical size 720p screen no problem, and some manufacturers 1440 notebook also enlarged 125%.

2017 adaptation 720P resolution, as if the dream Win98.

& Mdash; & mdash; Office does not save in real time!

Office suite does not save in real time (Mac basic under a word memory), automatically save the default 10 minutes once, last week PingWest product founder Thomas wrote a manuscript lost half. From the office:

"We need a black and black Windows 10 system. & Rdquo;

You today Tucao Win10, is not two years ago Win10

Cough, emotions a bit excited, we received a close. Back to "Why is it so hard to use Windows 10?" "The question."

Although for the user, after entering the Windows 10 era, from the intuitive experience of the biggest changes may be more BUG. But in fact, for Microsoft itself, Windows 10 compared with the previous Windows, the biggest change may be the internal development of the rhythm is completely different.

First of all, Windows 10 and Windows 7, Windows XP is not the same, not one of Windows's generation, but the Windows & ldquo; final name & mdash; & mdash;

December 7, 2016, Microsoft Windows and the executive vice president of equipment department Terry & middot; Meyerson said in a speech, Windows 10 is Windows's "last version" and later similar to 98, XP , 7 such a large version of the "update" will be updated in the form of OTA update package (strong).

In fact, since the release of Windows 10, Windows has at least experienced a similar XP to 7 & ldquo; so big & rdquo; upgrade. July 29, 2015 Windows 10 The first release is Threshold 1. The same year on November 12, for the user's large number of "Tucao" ralph lauren pas cher, Microsoft released Threshold 2 (commonly known as the fall update).

To the first anniversary of Windows 10 on August 2, 2016, Microsoft released a new version of the update Redstone 1 (commonly known as the annual update). At the same time, the development version code from Threshold to Redstone, equivalent to the previous Win7 to Win8.

Under Redstone, Microsoft plans to make four ladder updates to achieve a complete iteration, which is updated on August 2, 2016, April 11, 2017 (commonly known as Creator Update), 2017 September (Fall Creator Update) and early 2018 (to be confirmed).

So, when you Tucao today's Windows 10 is not easy to use, in fact, is not in Tucao 2 years ago that Windows 10, but in Tucao until early next year before the complete development of the past, the naming should be called Windows 11 & rdquo; new system (Redstone full version).


Windows 10 has a long life cycle so that an average of each version of Windows 10 is maintained for 2 years. And Windows 10 itself is a number of Win10 version of the superposition of the continuation

This change in the development cycle, it is clear that in order to adapt to the needs of the Internet era of rapid response.

To smart assistant (small Na), for example, Microsoft Windows 10 released the first two years ago, this is not a standard operating system configuration. But now, in addition to each mobile phone operating system contains a voice assistant, even the latest version of the Mac also integrates Siri, natural language to interact in the next few years will become increasingly important.

Although most users think that "I need the system is very simple, that is, on the line" rdquo ;. But the continuous update model has long been recognized in the mobile market. In simple terms, the benefits of this continuous development can refer to the millet on the miUI successful philosophy of the summary:

Keep up with market trends, allowing users to fully participate in research and development, improve the efficiency of hair distribution, to solve the old version of the user does not update the division of the problem, to the user always bring freshness.

Similar to MIUI such a year a big update, regular (monthly or weekly) to point the pace of small update is not millet inventions. A long time ago, the desktop use of the highest version of a Linux version of Ubuntu to update every six months to upgrade a large version of the way.

So, what is the problem with Win10?

In short, frequent updates do not constitute & ldquo; BUG more "the root cause.

The problem seems to be out of the complexity of the Windows system and its internal development process, it seems still not from the past a few years released a version of "ralph lauren pas cher;

The Windows operating system is one of the most complex software projects that ordinary personal users can access.

According to Microsoft has published data show that Windows 98 has 15 million lines of code, Windows XP has 35 million lines of code, Windows Vista has 50 million lines of code, Windows 7 has 50 million lines of code.


Microsoft has not yet announced the amount of code after Windows 7, but according to some technical staff speculation that the amount of Windows 10 code may have been hundreds of millions.

At the same time, in the developer, Windows 7 era developers have exceeded 1,000 people, divided into 23 groups. Which does not include OneLive, XBox and other peripheral functions and the development of Office suite and work.

In the past, Windows development period is far more than ordinary people's imagination, shortly after the release of Windows XP in 2000, Microsoft began to start Winodows 7 research and development work (code-named Blackcomb). Originally, Windows 7 is scheduled for sale in 2003, but due to the huge workload caused a number of bounced. In order not to interrupted at the sales level, Microsoft had to develop part of the characteristics of Windows 7 removed in 2006 released the "semi-finished products" Vista.

In the end, the official version of Windows 7 to October 2009 began selling.

Most users in the eyes of the "best use of Windows" is from the literal sense of "years of grinding sword" to create the product & mdash; & mdash; in today's Internet, cloud technology in power, the user needs to week update Times are impossible to develop length.

If Microsoft still keep polished Windows 7 speed to develop the next generation of Windows, then the next generation of Windows release that day is a "out of the system".


Microsoft want to cut this thing Windows, ten years ago began to think. But until the emergence of Win10 really have the power to do so.

And Windows so huge, complex, one-time release of the project can be divided into blocks, according to the function, frequently updated projects, the need for the entire project is very fine modular dismantling.

In terms of words, it is necessary to ensure that any one of the functions or elements is changed, and that there is no significant impact on other functions and mechanisms, and that these effects are clearly visible.

Although Windows started doing system-level modular design very early, it was compared to Android, which was originally native to mobile and fully open source and distributed Linux. Winodws system is still a lot of "pull the hair and move the body" design.

Early in order to deal with antitrust review, Microsoft will be the official browser Internet Exploer removed from the system components into a "can be uninstalled" and "can be disabled" and the application spent many years, and ultimately the results of the show or & ldquo ; Pseudo-uninstall & rdquo; (only in the user interface does not show).

These designs have been used for troubleshooting and monitoring for a long time in a large version of previous updates that have been completed for many years and will not be exposed. And into the "new quarterly scrolling new features" will appear "new features" and "old features" conflict, to solve the old BUG derived new BUG problem.

There are a lot of people think that "I do not need Windows to have so much functionality" in order to deny Windows into the rolling development of the rationality.

But this ignores Windows itself is a full stack technology solutions, Windows itself in addition to adapt to the text workers, creative workers, scientists, game users, business people, financial users, but also shoulder the subway gates, ATM machines, advertising screens, railway dispatching systems and other special environment.

Global use of Windows version of the operating system as the number of terminals may have exceeded the global population, and although the version is different but the overall difference is not large. This strategy can make Windows in any demand to become a "safe" and the choice of, and this versatility is precisely the Windows in the world to be the key to popular.

Although it is so much, but no matter what kind of scenes Windows uses, to meet what kind of user. Stability, are the basic guarantee to achieve the demand. Therefore, all of these are not the user can tolerate Windows 10 to continue with the "hard" and the reason.

However, Windows 10 is still young, although it has been released for 2 years. But if you start counting from the first impression in April 2014, it's not half of the discomfort of Vista from birth to the present.

Microsoft is also trying to adjust the pace of development of Windows 10, Windows Insider preview plan after the official update of Windows 10 BUG and the crash has been reduced a lot. Traditional software giants are trying to learn to develop a super system at the speed of the Internet age, albeit slowly but not hopeless.

Perhaps, in April next year, Redstone 4 version of Windows 10 release, Microsoft can make this system more mature.

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