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Holding the land far more than 2000 acres of cool has been to the transition crossroads?

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"Are rumors that the company's business will not change, everything is normal." "August 3, cool CEO Liu Jiangfeng on the phone in the" China Times "reporter said. Liu Jiangfeng denied that Cool is the future of overseas business to maintain the original model unchanged, but the domestic business will focus on the transformation of real estate business news. And these days, about his helm of the old mobile phone manufacturers cool rumors of the transition is continuing fermentation.

Behind the pass-through, Cool's mobile phone business suffered severe competition losses, land is seen as its most valuable asset. And the major shareholder of music as the financial crisis, but also for the future of Cool added more uncertainty.

Cool transformation of real estate?

Cool negated the transformation of real estate, but it is sure that the ongoing restructuring of assets.

Cool group stakeholders in denying the transformation of real estate at the same time, the "China Times" reporter responded that Cool has been actively seeking new opportunities and development, is currently preparing the reorganization of assets related matters.

And the face of music as if to sell cool questions, Liu Jiangfeng also "Huaxia Times" reporter said: "Lok is to sell their own business, with Cool no relationship. Cool is there some business reorganization, but the specific how to talk about do not know. "This means that the cool reorganization is not led by Liu Jiangfeng team.

There is news that music has been with Evergrande, Country Garden and many other real estate companies to negotiate the sale of land, melt is likely to access disk. But the news was not confirmed by the parties. There are familiar with the cool of the industry on the "China Times" reporter said that the views of major shareholders and other shareholders have not yet been unified.

Cool 2016 semi-annual report shows that music as holding Cool 28.87% stake, Guo Deying family shares held by 9.23%, in addition to HSBC Trust also holds Cool 9.24% stake.

Cool high-level has also been a huge adjustment. It is reported that Liu Jiangfeng has submitted a resignation to the Cool Board of Directors, but it is not clear whether the board of directors approved. But on August 4, Liu Jiangfeng on the "China Times" reporter responded that are rumors that he works all normal, no change.

Liu Jiangfeng has been helpless cool one year. August 15, 2016, Cool released the announcement that the original president of Huawei Liu Jiangfeng glory as cool CEO. He had set for the cool "5 years three a" target, that is, within 5 years Cool sold billions of dollars, cool mobile phone back to the industry first, Cool Group market value of over 100 billion.

But the outside world hopes to turn the tide did not appear.

On May 31, 2017, Cool released unaudited 2016 results. Revenue for the period was approximately HK $ 7.994 billion, down 45.5% year-on-year. But also the loss of HK $ 4.229 billion during the year, which is Cool for the first time in six years the annual loss. Cool profit for the same period last year 2.276 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Cool's market value and share price are also falling. To music as announced on June 17, 2016 as a reference, now 0.72 Hong Kong dollar stock price has been shrinking 1.53 Hong Kong dollars, a year, Cool market value has shrunk more than five percent.

Cool new machine research and development also stalled. Cool had previously explained the reasons for the decrease in sales, mainly due to the local smart phone market recession and competition, and the Group only in the second half of 2016 launched a new smart phone products, and has been focused on cleaning up inventory. In May this year, Cool also broke with the Chinese school school enrollment of 300 fresh students collective termination.

Hold the value of the land

"China Cool &" represents the glory of Cool. But over-reliance on operators and the transition to its left behind. Statistics from the IDC show that Cool from the second quarter of 2015 is no longer the world's top ten smart phone assembly business. Liu Jiangfeng has said that cool shipments in 2016 about 15 million units, this figure is 2015 mobile phone shipments of 40%.

Music as the entry was considered to bring cool turn. But the major shareholders music as the assets have been frozen, their mobile phone business has been shut down. Cool had sustenance of music as the market hope, but now this hope is already lost.

In fact, the financial pressure of major shareholders has affected the attitude of financial institutions to Cool. July 27, Cool was sued by banks to repay 80 million yuan in advance loans. The loan period is August 15. In July, the easy side of the Fund announced that Cool will be in accordance with the price of 0.11 Hong Kong dollars per share valuation, compared to HK $ 0.72 before the suspension, Cool's valuation was shrunk by 85%.

Music as how to deal with cool as the focus of attention. The first mobile phone industry research institute president Sun Yan Biao that cool fundamentals, it can be for the price and sell. Thin dead camels than Ma, liquidation of assets and many.

Compared to the loss of mobile phone business, with the appreciation of the space of the land is considered cool is currently the largest bargaining chip. According to "China Times" reporter incomplete statistics, Cool in Shenzhen Nanshan high-tech industrial park in the North area has more than 30,000 square meters of cool information port, cool in Dongguan Songshan Lake Tianan Yun Valley production base covers an area of ​​more than 100,000 square Meter. As a reference, Konka Nanshan old factory area before the transformation is considered worth tens of billions. In addition, Cool is still planning high-tech zones in Xi'an covers an area of ​​87,000 square meters of Yulong Communications Changan Industrial Park project a. In 2016, Cool also with Hong Jia technology planning investment 20 billion yuan in Guangdong Heyuan construction of agricultural ecological park project, the development area of ​​1800 acres. Only a few points of view, after conversion far more than 2000 acres.

But the music as the hands of the cool shares to find the disk is not easy. Sun Yan Biao told reporters: "Now the mobile phone market into homogenization, mobile phone brand demands increasingly high." Unless there are new entrants, like the original 360, music as in the brand, supply chain and even R & D, contacts and other aspects of the purchase of cool demand. But Huawei, OPPO, vivo these phones left little chance of new entrants. & Rdquo;

The cool transformation of the ultimate problem facing the domestic mobile phone business is also how to do?

After four years in the ranks of Cool Jiang Jiangfeng, Cool Group sold 80% of the shares of Cool Mobile to RMB 272 million to Shenzhen Super Multidimensional Technology Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Super Multidimensional Technology Co., Ltd. became the largest shareholder of ivvi. The deal needs to be mentioned because the old team of cool mobile phones almost all turned to ivvi, including the previously responsible for cool product development and supply chain of the original cool president Li Bin.

Sun Yan Biao that the key to the cool transformation is the original cool old team has gone, how to run the mobile phone business is not clear. "Back to the big shareholder or the two shareholders in the direction. Music as the negative news too much, as a major shareholder of Cool, must have a position. "He said.

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